Nyx Hypnos
Nyx Hypnos 13 ore fa
The cars fine, just why make it a mustang, my only assumption is their trying to bandwagon on the mustang fame and they did this cause its created free marketing for ford
Vinay Kushwaha
Vinay Kushwaha 13 ore fa
more electric cars
Lucas Nugent
Lucas Nugent 13 ore fa
Nice job! Would love to see a Cadillac Super Cruise video.
Bill 13 ore fa
More electric is cool but it looks like a turd. They just slapped Mustang on it to try and give it some sort to brand familiarity to get it to sell. Everything about it says garbage to me. I don't know what they're thinking, but this thing is suffering an identity crisis.
mrbean15000 13 ore fa
i know it's short circuit, but a little bit of b roll for a car video would be nice
FcoFdz 13 ore fa
Drink every time he says "like" x_X
Dale Peters
Dale Peters 13 ore fa
Omg Ford, make the infotainment not look like you just superglued an ipad to the dash. At least make in in-set.
ssjMaximum22Goku 13 ore fa
These kick the shit out of all other wireless earbuds. The bass is real. I've had Sennheiser's, Jabra's, etc and they can't even compare. Yeah, there's no eq, but you don't need it, these always sound good. Sony always make 🔥🔥🔥 headphones and earbuds.
Daniel M
Daniel M 14 ore fa
I have never heard Alex’s east coast accent more then when he says caRR.
Poebat 14 ore fa
Would be nice if you had drive-by shots of the car for next time
Vinay Kushwaha
Vinay Kushwaha 14 ore fa
alex's favorite music
Andrew Willms
Andrew Willms 14 ore fa
more tech car review's with alex mainly just more alex
jsasaya 14 ore fa
Please cover the Brazilian 2016 Volkswagen Gol
Grumpy Old Gamer
Grumpy Old Gamer 14 ore fa
Car tech is good. Time for another new channel.
costafilh0 14 ore fa
All tech related cars, please!
A Z 14 ore fa
Speed bump can be worse at lower speed for certain sports car. I used to accelerate with my Minicooper S 2003 :D
Badr Ahridou
Badr Ahridou 14 ore fa
Great review ! Would love to see more cars and maybe even follow up videos if u get to drive the car for a week or so after the first impressions or maybe just one video after a week of driving it, depends on whether u get to keep it for a while or not. But yeah amazing vid , i think Alex was the perfect host too
costafilh0 14 ore fa
I wish car reviewers had those cameras and a Brandon clone!
Gareth 14 ore fa
Car reviews are nice
Jorge Estrada Contreras
Jorge Estrada Contreras 14 ore fa
Was Alex trying to do a Box-test?
Marlin Gaara
Marlin Gaara 14 ore fa
YES, do more of these please and you can have Linus review bikes (I'm sure I've seen him on one online)
TRIFLIX Films 14 ore fa
This is smaller, slower, more expensive than the Ford Edge sport. Who is this car for? It looks subjectively better than the Edge but still... pass until the GT is released.
Rodrigo Maero
Rodrigo Maero 14 ore fa
I wanna see the road when you’re driving
Loading Wait
Loading Wait 14 ore fa
Try skoda yeti. I might suite you.
Jinkguns 14 ore fa
Long term Model Y vs Mach E comparison! We demand it.
David Roth
David Roth 14 ore fa
More Alex please :)
invaderzimie 14 ore fa
Great video ! You need a front camera tho
Stephen Coles
Stephen Coles 14 ore fa
I would love to see more B roll shots of the vehicle itself. I was trying to see what the mustang really looked like and the camera kept changing and moving. As for which car, I would love to see a series on crossovers. (specifically the Mazda CX-5) Definitely enjoying the car review and with some refinement I see a lot of promise.
costafilh0 14 ore fa
Tech quirks and features... I like that!
K G 14 ore fa
They should have called it like a Focus. I mean, 4 doors and a hatchback. That's kind of too short to be a fastback. If they're going to call it a Mustang, at least make it look like a Mustang.
A Z 14 ore fa
Doesn't it looks like a jaguar suv cpy ?
TocyBlox 14 ore fa
Just today, I get a Email saying that I WON THIS ON THE ASUS RATE YOUR GEAR contest!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! First time winning a thing of this value.
Arnav Gupta
Arnav Gupta 14 ore fa
I mean he's no Doug Demuro
costafilh0 14 ore fa
What about tech quirks and features?
Jesus Robles
Jesus Robles 14 ore fa
Imagine the Shelby GT 500 EV?! Woah.
All Computing
All Computing 14 ore fa
Is this your car? Did you buy it or is it a Ford "rewiewer model"?
NimbusShip Studios
NimbusShip Studios 14 ore fa
Should review the Roadster when it comes out, would be pretty cool
Kyle Partridge
Kyle Partridge 14 ore fa
For something that (incorrectly) bears the mustang name, I would have liked to see some performance driving and testing.
Anthony Albrets
Anthony Albrets 14 ore fa
Alex Demuro
Brant Wedel
Brant Wedel 14 ore fa
in "theory" the door pops open strong enough to break the ice, so if it pops that far then you can pull like normal
costafilh0 14 ore fa
Ford better make a high performance option... That would make entry level options sell 10x better! Don't ask me why... Psychological stuff!
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 14 ore fa
Thats not a Mustang.... thats a crossover SUV
Bruno Dantas
Bruno Dantas 14 ore fa
Yes, do more videos like that Maybe test a VW ID3
TheaceF18 14 ore fa
I like the idea of tech based car reviews, more comparisons between each one would be good for the future.
David Lavoie
David Lavoie 14 ore fa
Hey guys loved the idea and video! Maybe tune down the music or not use super rockish ones during a monologe? It was a bit hard to hear Alex toward the end of the video. But keep up the great work!
Guillaume Joop
Guillaume Joop 14 ore fa
It's cool... But it's not a mustang ! I still don't know why they called it a mustang. Well I do know it's to cash in on the brand name, but I don't know how they could think it would ever work...
Chad 14 ore fa
Are door handles really not doing the job anymore. That button design looks like it solves a problem by creating dozens more
James C
James C 14 ore fa
Hummer EV Please
Othman Hawasly
Othman Hawasly 14 ore fa
Do more, please. One improvement would be using that POV camera in order to let us see through the driver's eyes. Thanks
Brinson M. McBride
Brinson M. McBride 14 ore fa
“What is loads of storage in my opinion we don’t have boxes to chuck in” Alex confirmed as a Straight Piper???
Gerard Kean
Gerard Kean 14 ore fa
"will be available in the GT version coming out this year" - so it's a crippled product to help sell the next one
wozzinator 14 ore fa
Ford’s first full electric vehicle was the Ford Focus Electric
Peter Wang
Peter Wang 14 ore fa
0:38 you can see the weather stripping attached to the underside of the frunk. Oversight by Alex?
Alistair Blaire
Alistair Blaire 14 ore fa
This seems like a car that Ford's marketing desperately wanted to call a Mustang but it clearly isn't one. They probably should have given it a new model name. Aside from that it still looks like a decent electric car.
Abraham 14 ore fa
Next one add a couple shoots from the outside car while it drives pass by
John 14 ore fa
Lane assist is not auto-pilot, it is far different, and definitely does require the driver to have their eyes on the road and their hands on the steering wheel. Lane assist is only an extra tool like ABS Steering, it is there to make keeping within your lane easier, just as the ABS Steering is there to make turning your steering wheel easier, neither are meant to do the job for you, only assist you. And even with Auto-pilot, I would still recommend any of my friends and family to still keep their eyes on the road, and sit in a position that would allow them quick access to the steering wheel and pedals, because with technology you just can never be sure when that unfortunate accident may happen that could have been avoided had a human been there to correct something quick enough. Speaking of Lane assist, if you have it turned on while driving on the highway/freeway, or on any two or multiple laned roads, then the Lane assist will work against you for the duration of your lane change unless you are using your blinkers, as without the blinkers turned on, the car's Lane assist will assume the driver - or the car - is doing something wrong and potentially dangerous, and therefore try to correct the "error" by pushing the car back into its lane. This means that the Lane assist could work against its intended purpose of adding an extra bit of security to your drive.
Cade Bolz
Cade Bolz 14 ore fa
I would love to see more car reviews on short circuit, but the mustang is a sport car and that is definitely not shaped like one.
Eric G
Eric G 14 ore fa
It’s nice that you get a door handle to get out of the car
QuickSilver 14 ore fa
I dunno, maybe it's me but I don't think you can call a 4 door sedan (or hatchback) a Mustang. Is it more practical? Sure, but since when have Mustangs ever been about practical?
TJ Selvey
TJ Selvey 14 ore fa
Yeah please do more, a first impressions like this and then a follow up like you mentioned to talk about the stuff that was still annoying and the new things you didn't notice before, both good and bad. It's nearly impossible to buy, but the Toyota Rav 4 prime would be a good one to cover!
Chrisley Lewis
Chrisley Lewis 14 ore fa
Lol apple is way better 🤣
RazeR8023 14 ore fa
Tonight on drop gear..........
Quantum Victor
Quantum Victor 14 ore fa
Fiesta ST gang
Zhicheng Guo
Zhicheng Guo 14 ore fa
Great work! Very Positive feedback for ya, keep doing more car reviews!
Guillaume Couture-Lévesque
Guillaume Couture-Lévesque 14 ore fa
So it's a worse Kia Niro, got it.
Wendel Torres
Wendel Torres 14 ore fa
Well, this video was a disaster
Richard M.
Richard M. 14 ore fa
Please review the electric Harley, but not with Linus.
MY MODDED GT350 14 ore fa
Great video man! I own a 753whp GT350. I have a vortex supercharger with a borla exhaust.
John 14 ore fa
I really wish reviewers would review things "out of the box" instead of adjusting or fixing things to their personal liking. To me, the base sounded too much, for instance, but not being familiar with equalizers (regardless of how limited it is), I can't tell whether the thing being all the way to the left is the cause for the base being way too loud, or if the base is just that loud by default.
Carl Sanderson
Carl Sanderson 14 ore fa
Maybe do a special episode for SuperFun where you do a review of all the LTT staff rides, including public transit if it is used. I can see a lot of potential for humour in that!
Siddharth 14 ore fa
High Phi
High Phi 14 ore fa
Top Gear LMG. Nice
Nonth Suriyan
Nonth Suriyan 14 ore fa
Any car maker can make better ev’s than Tesla’s.
Patchacuti 14 ore fa
Unbox therapy seems to like the oppo watch and it seems alright, maybe it was the android watch we were all waiting for
Johnny Nimble
Johnny Nimble 14 ore fa
Look. You are getting a Mac channel. You can eventually get a damn car channel. Plz. As to suggestions, just go watch Savage Geese. And yeah, this should put a ding in Tesla. Ford has about a century on them in manufacturing at scale.