I WISH you could buy this at MSRP - AORUS Radeon RX 6800 XT Master Type C

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Big thanks to AORUS for sponsoring this video! Check out the AORUS Radeon RX 6800 XT Master Type C, as well as their motherboards on Amazon and Newegg.
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Buy AORUS AMD Motherboards:
On Newegg: geni.us/wpwT
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On BestBuy: geni.us/IPFiz
Inventory on video cards is tough to come by, but hey, at least we're getting some big performance boosts this year. Hopefully, you can get your hands on this soon at MSRP!
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RetroCarton 3 giorni fa
Has anybody got this card? I need help updating the firmware of the LCD :( Because my LCD literally does not respond to any command from RGBFusion.
Akshay N
Akshay N 5 giorni fa
I have rx 6800 aorus master and I set it to a gif. Every time I turn it it back on it resets to chibbi time and I have to open rgb fusion to get it shown on the screen. Is there any way to fix this?
samir jan faqiri
samir jan faqiri 6 giorni fa
If they can't speak English properly, what makes you think they can fix there software?
SuperNova 8 giorni fa
Just got this one today.. Thanks memory Express Ottawa
crexiCSGO 16 giorni fa
I HAVE THIS CARD. It's a Monster compared to my Vega 64 I had before.
SuperNova 8 giorni fa
I mine with it..
Lemar Briones
Lemar Briones 17 giorni fa
Anyone know how to disable rgb light for this gpu?
SuperNova 8 giorni fa
Not in Linux mining.. It stays on. On Windows aorus software download it
Adam Ossowicz
Adam Ossowicz 18 giorni fa
Don't mess with Anthony, he will always shut you down 😂 absolute legend.
Crisp Rat
Crisp Rat 25 giorni fa
Ah yes, top of the line *OUT OF STOCK*
Jatin Gupta ZkFRYRqFvb
Jatin Gupta ZkFRYRqFvb 25 giorni fa
You really looking for problems with a 6800XT in CSGO? .. Man that game runs bongs with a 1050 😂
Zoey Goss
Zoey Goss 28 giorni fa
I have this in my set up and it's a beast but boy does it get hot Hahah
Charles Rush
Charles Rush 28 giorni fa
That display just means you have to install more boatware which will run in the background.
fahlikz 29 giorni fa
Who else just clicked to see a vid with Anthony?
D1visor Mese fa
*hears Chibi time mode* "Where is that from aga..." *S4 Leagues flashbacks*
Help Mizo
Help Mizo Mese fa
You my man deliver a better review than linus hes a mess loud speaker
Iron Man
Iron Man 28 giorni fa
For real though lol
Greg Polkinghorne
Greg Polkinghorne Mese fa
I'm curious to know if the shortage has hurt your views at LTT? I've pretty much stopped watching all reviews, as there's just no point when none of it's available at reasonable prices.
CoffeebeardTV Mese fa
I feel these review channels are just bragging rather than reviewing
N47H4NI3L Aus
N47H4NI3L Aus Mese fa
Look at the sag on that bad boy!
atud1 Mese fa
Is it me or is that card sagging like a mf?
SuperNova 8 giorni fa
Yes will snapp eventually. Better to leave it out of pc with pci-e gen 4 cable
nathan mead
nathan mead Mese fa
It probably is, because it is heavy.
Zephyn M
Zephyn M Mese fa
I wish I could buy it at MSRP. I actually been wanting to upgrade while moving back to AMD.
Ruppie Mese fa
4 year warranty...well you will need that! Who knows if you will get a new GPU ever again.
Dassem Ultor
Dassem Ultor Mese fa
I like Anthony. Anthony makes me feel happy.
StaySic4Ever Mese fa
It's a very good card
Spartacus Mese fa
We need Anthony all the time. All Anthony, all the time!
Eric Gerwatowski
Eric Gerwatowski Mese fa
2:40 Best LTT peal yet
Bawse Grande
Bawse Grande Mese fa
i want this for my build ALSO Anthony could be a hand model
Lil_Peek Mese fa
gpu sag lol
R D Mese fa
Why is there a mustache over his forehead?
william webb
william webb Mese fa
He pronounced it "Jif" therefore i disliked the vid.
Mo A
Mo A Mese fa
There is this guy at where I work who got the Asus Tuf Radeon RX 6800. He got it for $980 plus tax and shipping etc., from Asus Store. Is it a good deal? I told him it is, but this other guy saying no bla bla bla this and that, but it's from Asus Store MSRP from Asus, Asus pricing. Is it worth it?
Elijah D
Elijah D Mese fa
Anthony does a great job of breaking down technical details into very relatable language for a broad audience. Enjoying these circuits
Paul Kjoss
Paul Kjoss Mese fa
Anthony is the man for reviews - he takes his time - ergo - one gets time to appreciate the product Anthony is to the tech community what the Dali Lama is to the, um... his, community... :P
"These things are just stuck to me" - Anthony to his "fan" bois
Christoffer Holmstedt
Christoffer Holmstedt Mese fa
i have this card, im happy with it so far. upgraded from a 2070 super
Yeeton Mese fa
Dammit i thought i was gonna see a RX 680 but still no I still can’t buy a rx 240 cheap :(
JAW Media
JAW Media Mese fa
the cooler should say GTX. my RTX 2060 from gigabyte did. i made a video about it. its grand
Kemoi Même
Kemoi Même Mese fa
Nvidia sucks, AMD sucks, and any YT reviewers promoting these 2 company who have eyes only for rich people, cryptominers and scalpers should get thumbs down and even more unsubscriptions from youtube viewers.
Joe Mese fa
Those Ethereum guys need to get proof of stake happening ASAP so we can experience that sweet sweet flood of gaming boards hitting eBay like a tsunami flooding Fukushima. Make it happen Vitalik.
Wilson Tam
Wilson Tam Mese fa
Anthony needs a podcast reading whatever material is available to him.
Gio Mag
Gio Mag Mese fa
0:24 clitorally? or is it just my dirty mind?
Hendrik Schepkens
Hendrik Schepkens Mese fa
Unplugging a cpu fan wont harm anything with the heatsing on it. it will just slowly ramp up in temp and slow the clocks.
David Cazes
David Cazes Mese fa
If it's sponsored, it's a commercial...a 10 minute commercial.
Juan P
Juan P Mese fa
it's like the a perfect gamer, fat and smart
Maask Mese fa
i had fan problems on every aorus card i ever owned... never again... f** aorus ... Asus(ROG) Msi & Evga are good
steve armett
steve armett Mese fa
I managed to get this card just after Xmas before the price hike !!! Very lucky 👌 it's a mint card !!!
Yuri Zak
Yuri Zak Mese fa
Do you talk with devices??? Scream on it??? .... I'm too... :(((
Coldfusionstorm Gaming
Coldfusionstorm Gaming Mese fa
Anthony smiled in this video. :Everybody Loved that
Tha Vic
Tha Vic Mese fa
We need more ANTHONY videos please !
Goldn Shadow
Goldn Shadow Mese fa
Pls do a real review on it in terms of temps oc tests and benchmarks
Omar Enrique Otero Duarte
Omar Enrique Otero Duarte Mese fa
Its that plastic? Are u sure? I will double and triple check to see if its paper!
Andir Mese fa
Sigh... displays on coolers so I can remove yet more stuff when adding a water block ...
m m
m m Mese fa
oooh sell clothes with microfiber cuffs :-)
m m
m m Mese fa
is "xt" like nvidia's "ti" (so, better than the base no suffix version?)
DamnDarryn Mese fa
Nimbull Mese fa
The more I see video reviews about graphics cards that make Duke Nuke'm Forever look like a quick release the more I'm thinking it's better to just go with Intel graphics since that is at least in the chip/boards most time.
FTW Tech
FTW Tech Mese fa
U pronounced ‘AORUS’ wrong
Don Dolan
Don Dolan Mese fa
More Marketing for an unattainable Graphics Card, or you can pay an arm & a leg for it! You should stop schilling this vacuous merchendise no one can purchase, unless you're willing to pay several times the MSRP!
Jay MacPherson
Jay MacPherson Mese fa
Anthony, your presentations keep getting better and better. Your humility, authenticity, and tongue-in-cheek humor is a draw for me. [I wish others would behave thusly, which is doable while also retaining personal style (a word keeps popping into my conscious...starts w an L...)].
Kylar McNeal
Kylar McNeal Mese fa
Holding out for this graphics card to compliment my X570 Aorus Master
granola Times
granola Times Mese fa
Follows amazom link, sees 1050ti for 320$ on amazon.....
Naturalhighz Mese fa
the LCD would be nice if it actually worked. I had to go in and fiddle with it every start up on my 3070 and the enthusiast mode just didn't work at all. So happy I was able to RMA the card for a different reason. worst software I've ever worked with.
Chayse T
Chayse T Mese fa
this line, the aorus line, for the 6800xt is the one im holding out for. kinda tough
Mgamerz Mese fa
The background music on this video is very distracting.
Jake Wright
Jake Wright Mese fa
I have the 6900xt, fyi you need to OC your cpu big-time to make it run well unless you have the latest CPU. The 3900 is not even good enough.
Jonathan Bataller
Jonathan Bataller Mese fa
watching this using headphones... nearing midnight... thought someone was inside my room... that sound at 2:54... creepy ^^
Tech Build
Tech Build Mese fa
Does the LCD screen on the graphics card use enough processing power(Even though little) of the GPU to affect its performance?
Yash Nene
Yash Nene Mese fa
Anthony is sooo relatable...
Corey Mese fa
The case is open, taking the temperatures with a grain of salt.
ShinDig Listener
ShinDig Listener Mese fa
omg i want a gif led screen display so bad like windows 98 backgrounds
Ekansh Dadheech
Ekansh Dadheech Mese fa
Hi , I am your biggest fan ,I have watch your all videos you are really great ,I am from india my name is ekansh, I want to built a pc for my online classes and some gaming but I don't have enough money ,can you help please I really want a pc please Plz reply. Thank you Ekansh dadheech
Twodancing Cretins
Twodancing Cretins Mese fa
You didn’t have 11 minutes to spare to upload a gif?
The Le
The Le Mese fa
you need weight loss
halim wahab
halim wahab Mese fa
in fact, I can't buy this card... it's available in my country but overpriced...
Thomas K
Thomas K Mese fa
I will check out nothing, i cannot get it anway. And i will not pay double the price.
Natasha McEwan
Natasha McEwan Mese fa
This begs the question, WHY do you not sell micro fibre cloths on LTT Store Dot Com?
Alex zax
Alex zax Mese fa
they send cards to be reviewed and by the time we get stock amd will release next gpu.. and no stock cause gpus will cost 10x msrp so they can leech on newegg rx580 for 1000$
Vinni Mata
Vinni Mata Mese fa
Gee I wish I could buy that desk mat at MSRP...
Intrer 1
Intrer 1 Mese fa
If this video wasn't sponsored they wouldn't have gotten that card
Lord Quilton
Lord Quilton Mese fa
Aagh, the sag! THE SAAAAAAAGG!!
KillZipZ Mese fa
" I mean the shroud is Plastic „
Jared Quick
Jared Quick Mese fa
As long as anthony is still available idc
purplegill10 Mese fa
Wow, LTT hired a panda this time around for their editor. (Check the end card)
Daniel McConville
Daniel McConville Mese fa
I own this but mine is dead out of box no idea how long RMA will take
tzBIGWORM Mese fa
Anyone happen to know the track playing in the background at the beginning of the video?
AB0L1SH3D Mese fa
cyberpunk will be completely polished and finished before these gpus ever become a reality. completely over it and will only buy stolen cards or will steal them myself with prebuilt scam. fuck em
Faizan 302
Faizan 302 Mese fa
Please give 🥺🥺 me a ryzen gaming pc for God sake 🙏🙏🙏 please you have the power of youtube money
George Indestructible
George Indestructible Mese fa
Another card that you need to remove the GPU shroud in order to get WAAAAY better temperatures just because companies can't design something efficient when it's so simply to do so. (or it's simply planned obsolescence related which is still bad!)
George Indestructible
George Indestructible Mese fa
Sponsored an already ultra overpriced product even before the stock prices thing happened that you also can't really find around, even more so without bargaining some of your internal organs for a few days of mind-based pleasure. Nice job Aorus. Thanks, just what i needed.
Cary Zinke
Cary Zinke Mese fa
Anthony, I just love you. We all do. More Anthony, please.
guild war
guild war Mese fa
I have more chance of wining the lottery than buying at MSRP
Len M.
Len M. Mese fa
They spelled “White Claw” wrong, because that’s probably what was being drank when designing “Wind Claw.” 😬
ABK_RaY Mese fa
antony ur the best
Luneward Mese fa
"Buy AORUS AMD Graphics Cards" Haha. Very funny, guys. You're comedians.
evan Reed
evan Reed Mese fa
I want, 8 must have card
I'm Andrea900
I'm Andrea900 Mese fa
Anthony ❤️
DatAviation Mese fa
the comment section when Anthony's on the show:
Dang Dude
Dang Dude Mese fa
The thumbnail did Anthony dirty
Andrej Osojnik
Andrej Osojnik Mese fa
Nice Good cooled Card... Got it for 950€ But Non XT :(
Vendasia x666x
Vendasia x666x Mese fa
Gaming this year sucks. Highest GPU shortage in a long time and prices are either 2x or 3x the original price. Guess I'm gonna start to use a bot, to buy me one GPU.
Muhitul Alam
Muhitul Alam Mese fa
wtf is that background music... kind of annoying
Tonicwine999 Mese fa
now that Linus.. is how you segway an ad!
Jimmy Genome
Jimmy Genome Mese fa
I want the 3060Ti Aorus Master....... if they ever restock. (they never will, they hate us all)
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