This is HUGE!!! - VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar

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L C 23 ore fa
His reviews are not that great, he spent 89% of the video blabbing about nonsense while opening the box and he didn't even go into detail about how it sounds, weather its a good deal, he didn't even mention a price or compare it to another product, I actually wanted to hear his opinion, he gets to experience all this tech and wont even relay proper information. Linus is getting lazy, maybe he should just quit youtube if he no longer has the energy to push out a decent review anymore
Vincent Tan
Vincent Tan Giorno fa
do you guys cringe when he places the box onto the table with the TY sitting on its stand? if the box hits the TV a little. the TV falls backwards to the ground. everytime when i see him holding something of change direction of the item, i was cringing if he would drop them.
Okunrin Meta
Okunrin Meta 15 giorni fa
What’s the point of this video? It’s just a paid advert. 🙄
hunter pitcher
hunter pitcher Mese fa
ps5 has atmos for bitstream
hung hung
hung hung Mese fa
Btw where the sound scoop?
Jango Bango
Jango Bango Mese fa
Sometimes Linus shows his true dummy dumb
NatsuUchiha Mese fa
Now all i need is my PS5! Am i right? lol
joshua simpson
joshua simpson Mese fa
Lol wtf, a 6 min video review and all I got out of that was ps5 doesn't have Atmos but Xbox does... Everything you said I could have got just from looking at it. Man I love you stuff but that was a shit review. How does the sub sound, how does the Atmos sound watching a movie? You spent more time opening the box you ape 🤣🤦‍♂️ if they paid you for that I'm in the WRONG line of work lol
mrfrosty3 Mese fa
Seeing a thing physically move in response to me pressing a button makes me happy. If that thing makes an impressive whirring sound as it moves, I require it.
Stephen Krauss
Stephen Krauss Mese fa
What if you dont need the satellite speakers?
Daniel Kun
Daniel Kun Mese fa
That's what she said
liambowers666 Mese fa
Whats up with the sound on this vid?
Skywalker8510 Mese fa
I’m just a ape. - Linus Sebastian
JanTube Mese fa
"Still optical"? There is nothing bad with optical!
PretentiousCat Mese fa
"Might be time to get that desk pad finally" >Sold out, all sizes. Oh, okay.
Warren Mese fa
How are you going to test speakers that fire up to bounce off of the ceiling and give you that surround feeling in a giant warehouse? Seriously. Pretty lame review guys!
justSTUMBLEDupon Mese fa
This must cost 1 billion dollars (or 3 bitcoin)
Mark James
Mark James Mese fa
I'm starting to hate sponsored videos, you are not even giving impressions anymore, just showcasing the stuff like its ad, a 6 minutes ad. I understand you need these sponsors to make a living but at least give us something to work with.
Counterpoint Crossplatformer
Counterpoint Crossplatformer Mese fa
Fired upstairs is like the opposite of what I want to achieve
Chris H
Chris H Mese fa
So you stand 1ft away from the sound bar? Play a game that isn't surround sound, and I'm sure that room isn't the best for the situation either. Not a audio expert here but this sure looks like an awful job of reviewing the quality of Dolby Atmos and speaker quality, or maybe it's just a how to unbox.
LukeLane1984 2 mesi fa
Linus just pulls that expensive soundbar out of the packaging like it's a $1 broomstick and then continues to swing it around as such. I mean, it's not like he's ever dropped anything before.
ROHAN RAHMAN 2 mesi fa
They don’t give a battery replacement and trying to convince people that we are just protecting the environment. The more problem in environment is the increasing number of dump mobile phones because the phone has poor battery life and the batteries are not easy to replace. If they already decided not to give a charger but at least should give an extra battery instead of charger… Thank you, From: Rohan Rahman
Rek Dem
Rek Dem 2 mesi fa
Sounds dull as hell
Randall Lind
Randall Lind 2 mesi fa
Can you do a real review for beginners? I am thinking of getting this to replace a stereo. Do I plug my Nivida Shield and Blu-Ray player into the TV or soundbar? Only two devices I have.
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000 2 mesi fa
a comment to support the channel
NOT LAY JENO 2 mesi fa
you told us NOTHING about the sound quality... and there was no review of the included software... you guys even trying anymore???
MeTube Galvez
MeTube Galvez 2 mesi fa
this overview was not good. i hope you do a full review with dolby atmos content and films
cubey 2 mesi fa
I thought you were holding a shotgun
Mortcog 2 mesi fa
Linus you forgot to comment on the quality of the sound? or really anything about it that a user would care to know. . . so i guess this was just a commercial then?
Bryan C
Bryan C 2 mesi fa
that was barely a review.
Steven Jacobs
Steven Jacobs 2 mesi fa
Wow I think I could take Linus on Forza...
W Clark
W Clark 2 mesi fa
I know Linus is a big international hit, but I still think it's funny that Vizio is advertising with a Canadian when they very unceremoniously abandoned the Canadian market a year ago.
Filip Sz
Filip Sz 2 mesi fa
This looks good but Vizio doesn't sell in Canada so kinda like it doesn't really exist
RemizZ 2 mesi fa
A little useless to test speakers that are meant to bounce off the ceiling in a room with literally no ceiling... come on guys.
Dr. John Barron
Dr. John Barron 2 mesi fa
You didnt even test a movie?
Clay3613 2 mesi fa
Linus, Dolby Atmos is supported on Blu-ray and UHD playback.
Mister H.
Mister H. 2 mesi fa
Show affordable surround sound or cheap setups, not 1,000 ones.
ImTheRealJake 2 mesi fa
thank for telling us absolutely nothing?
Ka11zer 2 mesi fa
Still waiting for linus to finish that first race in forza
Max G
Max G 2 mesi fa
Gosh this video is TRASH
mike wilson
mike wilson 2 mesi fa
wtf was that, stupidly i thought it was gonna be a review not an unboxing!
Chris Loew
Chris Loew 2 mesi fa
I want seperate sound pods with 4in speakers minimum, these tiny speakers do not cut it.
MyAcer20 2 mesi fa
6 minute unskipable random add wtf
Listerine Bottle
Listerine Bottle 2 mesi fa
6:05 dude the car
luca 2 mesi fa
the intro is what she never said
Murad Malik - 8838D
Murad Malik - 8838D 2 mesi fa
is linus ever gonna finish the fh4 tutorial?
Alex Macken
Alex Macken 2 mesi fa
Linus I you don't like bass try the skullcandy crusher evo you will hate it yet love it at the same time
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker 2 mesi fa
Go ham inventory guys and start tagging every single item in his office down to the individual pens
Bad Drivers of NW Montana
Bad Drivers of NW Montana 2 mesi fa
$1000 USD for a soundbar WTF. I can get a Dolby atmos receiver and full set of speakers for that price and have what I'm sure would be much better full on surround sound.
gameflux 2 mesi fa
Cool !
Polite Cat
Polite Cat 2 mesi fa
....that's what she said
Muhammed Enes Ünal
Muhammed Enes Ünal 2 mesi fa
While watching the video, I totally forgot that this channel is ShortCircuit.
SwT_ 2 mesi fa
That is HUGE!!!
Chuck Baker
Chuck Baker 2 mesi fa
What's the average price , a round about price. What a dumb video . Don't know why people can't put in a general round about price. Like under a 100 bucks or under 300 or something to that effect. Guess that would involve thinking though. Hipster with his beanie, just another lame. LoL
shinyori 2 mesi fa
Hey Linus, What would you recommend? Sonosc ARC + Sub Gen 3, or Vizio Elevate?
Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips 2 mesi fa
A lot of VIZO sponsored content lately.
Amir Mohammad Rezaee
Amir Mohammad Rezaee 2 mesi fa
That’s what she said.
Ved Aryan
Ved Aryan 2 mesi fa
That's what she didn't say
Omar Ismail
Omar Ismail 2 mesi fa
Just watched it yesterday why is it back again in my notifications
Wolfen 2 mesi fa
"Thanks for sponsoring this Vizio" - missed chance Linus! :)
HarBoterMan 2 mesi fa
that's what she said.
Sam 2 mesi fa
Vizio actually Making Decent Products. WTF is going on with 2021...
DEEBS l 2 mesi fa
I got both series x and Ps5. Also got my sons two series s
TechnicalCakeMix 2 mesi fa
Which is taller - the box or Linus?
TheWhiteWolf 2 mesi fa
It's about as big as linus's ego
G M 2 mesi fa
Vizio is, IMO, one of the most underrated electronics companies out there. They make very good TV’s at a good price. Nothing to challenge OLED, but for the price they are generally fantastic. And then there’s these sound bars. I’ve had two models now, and both have blown me away with the sound stage and quality for extremely affordable prices. I have a few years old 35” 5.1 that comes with the wireless sub and satellite speakers. For a medium sized living room it does an amazing job. $150 at Wal Mart. I have my old 2.1 Vizio bar in my PC room, used as PC speakers. Sounds better than most 2.1 PC speaker setup. I highly recommend one of the Vizio sound bars if you’re on a budget. They are such an great value. I still remember the first movie I watched on my 5.1 system. It was “First Man”, a movie about the Apollo moon program. I had the sound turned up quite a bit when the rocket launched and it was amazing. I could FEEL it like I was on the rocket itself. That’s the moment I realized what an incredible value those Vizio sound bars are. Usually you have to shell out a decent chunk of change to get bass like that or that quality of sound. They aren’t the best, of course. But for around $150 I’d not even consider any of those cheap theatre-in-a-box setups. In fact. I say go with an affordable Vizio sound bar or go for broke and get some serious equipment and speakers. There isn’t a huge in-between IMO but the prices sure are.
Jason Singe
Jason Singe 2 mesi fa
Using speakers that bounce off the a studio with no ceiling.
metroidfan220 2 mesi fa
All that engineering and motorized parts that can break can't cost less than just adding 2 more speakers on top.
QuarrelALT 2 mesi fa
That's it??? He hardly explained the difference in sound, I want a full review!@!
Sanjay Nhisutu
Sanjay Nhisutu 2 mesi fa
GrandNebSmada 2 mesi fa
This channel is literally just LinusTechTips2 anymore. I like it!
LM 2 mesi fa
LM 2 mesi fa
Zachary Grove
Zachary Grove 2 mesi fa
what happened to the rest of the video? Where is the sound review from Linus? Linus: Hey guys look they rotate. ME: okay cool: Linus: thanks for watching. ME: um okay but how do they sound like with... I don't know maybe a movie or something?
C 137
C 137 2 mesi fa
"This is HUGE!!!" - not what she said. Also you don't need the remote, when all functions can be controlled with Vizio’s SmartCast app.
RdL 2 mesi fa
soundbarrs are garbage
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 2 mesi fa
That Northern Lights Desk Mat will probably have DTS-X and Dolby Atmos support by the time it's back in stock too.
Nikho Prasetyo Pratama
Nikho Prasetyo Pratama 2 mesi fa
You don't know it Linus, but you really need Label everything just like you need ECC RAM..
The Rolling Troll
The Rolling Troll 2 mesi fa
WAF? Come on LMG... This is not 1950.
Asad Khan
Asad Khan 2 mesi fa
Logan Paul is this you?
Mariner1712 2 mesi fa
That rotating mechanism is just begging to fail.
z7 Onix 7z
z7 Onix 7z 2 mesi fa
From the thumbnail, i thought he was holding a vacuum cleaner lol
numberoneappgames 2 mesi fa
Paper, Scissors. Respond with an answer first then look at what I chose. . . . . . . Scissors!
Lann 2 mesi fa
So, at the end, still dont know if that gimmicky top sounding shit actually means something or not. Great review, thanks.
Michael Baldwin
Michael Baldwin 2 mesi fa
yeh , think i'll stick with my 2008 vintage Kef 3005SE Eggs thanks ! If i want Atmos , i'll probably just buy another couple of eggs of ebays , point them upwards and add an Atmos Receiver like say the Marantz NR 1711.
Nukleon 2 mesi fa
Why the heck do things still have optical ports? Could they at least not update the darn protocol?
Kim Pedersen
Kim Pedersen 2 mesi fa
Calling the "label guys" stupid, may have unforseen consequenses... I would apologize... fast...
ravagetalon 2 mesi fa
Hey now. I still use Optical audio. Its less latent than HDMI eARC for audio.
Deeper Dive
Deeper Dive 2 mesi fa
Enough with the douchebag beanie and all the other LTT store merch. We already pay for ITpost Premium so that we don't see any more annoying ads.
Dimamon 2 mesi fa
Watching Linus handle expensive electronics gets my palms just as sweaty as when I watch those parkour guys climbing highrises.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 2 mesi fa
Sweatier than Eminem's hands his first time participating in a rap battle
zZiL341yRj736 2 mesi fa
Sonos Arc, 1 HDMI port piece of shit.
Spike 2 mesi fa
Dang it Linus, your Desk Pads are sold out...stop teasing me!!!!!
rwiersema 2 mesi fa
Top firing speakers.. Does that set even have a ceiling?
Ultimate Weeb
Ultimate Weeb 2 mesi fa
linus: there is no me in team also my dumb brain for 2 seconds: yes there is me in team is you spell it tame
RockabillyPinstriper 2 mesi fa
wouldnt you want to be more than 2' in front of the damn thing in order to see how that upward facing speaker system works and get a better impression for how it sounds in general?
Oliver Polden
Oliver Polden 2 mesi fa
Intentionally bouncing sound off walls and ceilings is underrated in my opinion. Rears seem too close? Just turn them backwards. I would intentionally get upward firing Atmos drivers if I have a standard height room. In ceiling ones just end up too close. Bouncing sound off a surface acts like a mirror so it seems as though the speaker is further away. Great for improving atmospheric sounds and decreasing the ability to pinpoint sounds from specific speakers.
Michael Goldberg
Michael Goldberg 2 mesi fa
thats what she said
Poddi Vo
Poddi Vo 2 mesi fa
Imagine promoting for a product that's not in stock
Captain Smith
Captain Smith 2 mesi fa
You just gotta fix your Bose 901's. They only sound good for six months, so people just don't care. You could hear call on plugs breathing during a car joyshower.
Jonnathan Juarez
Jonnathan Juarez 2 mesi fa
Linus should said therr is no "I on team"... #me
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