This Monitor is AWESOME!!! - Acer Predator X34 GS

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The Acer Predator X34 gaming monitor line is a popular pick for performance and price. The newest one has modest improvements at a $900 price tag; while still pricey, it offers a lot of value.
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ShortCircuit Mese fa
Note: Whoops! We got so blown away by all the other features of the monitor we forgot to mention it's a 3440 x 1440 Resolution
QuickPwn _
QuickPwn _ 22 giorni fa
how do i remove the stand to put the vesa mount please help me
Shadowarez Mese fa
@James Potter this is a CAD Channel don't ever expect CAD pricing it'll always forever in USD unless explicitly stated it's not.
Audrey F
Audrey F Mese fa
@EVOLICIOUS it has terrible color accuracy
ricky v
ricky v Mese fa
It’s all good. Wasn’t the old model also this resolution?
Murky Mese fa
Aleks 3 ore fa
now if you realy *n*l about your equipment 01:16 xD
Jonny 3 giorni fa
I just got mine from Amazon, Does this support vesa mount of 100x100?
KillaJake99 3 giorni fa
Links don't work to purchase this. Is it unavailable or...?
Maex Maestermann
Maex Maestermann 4 giorni fa
Would the Acer Halio 300 Predator laptop be able to feed this screen (4k)?
Michael Pychel
Michael Pychel 6 giorni fa
*gets gaming monitor* *runs benchmarks instead of actually playing games* ....I'd rather see some actual gameplay lmao js
Sikk Pineal Productions
Sikk Pineal Productions 8 giorni fa
I hate when I am shopping for something and want a review and all you guys review are things I will probably never be able to afford.... ugh
Michael Eroyan
Michael Eroyan 9 giorni fa
I love my X34.
Lemon 9 giorni fa
Would be nice if this was actually selling for MSRP of $899. currently around $1300
Lemon 9 giorni fa
@Alex Mueller the video has it listed at 899 usd
Alex Mueller
Alex Mueller 9 giorni fa
That's USD msrp
Twin Turbo
Twin Turbo 13 giorni fa
The thing I hate about ultrawide is that it's also utrashort.
Internet Supervillain
Internet Supervillain 14 giorni fa
How about the full review?
Dmitry C
Dmitry C 16 giorni fa
This or also new x38p? Who has experience with both? How is it on ghosting side while running oc'd.
ReefMimic 17 giorni fa
Sounds like plastic hollow shit
bigj1able 20 giorni fa
Does anyone know whats the best curved monitor
Dave May
Dave May 23 giorni fa
Did this panel have any of the known red to green tint problems on light backgrounds (warm on the left, cool on the right)? Or how was colour uniformity? Since LG makes the panel and has these issues.
Ryche 23 giorni fa
I bought one based on this video when it dropped, from the only vendor that was taking orders at MSRP, B&H, and I love it! It's as good as you made me hope it was!
Marcus Funk
Marcus Funk 27 giorni fa
Well MSRP might be 900 USD - but from the one place that sells it in Denmark, it goes for around 1603 USD (10.000 DKK). Still hella expensive
Xandis 37
Xandis 37 27 giorni fa
Just picked up the 32in version of this monitor. Money well spent.
charlene aguirre
charlene aguirre Mese fa
The observant wholesaler globally snatch because salad formerly refuse until a numberless coin. omniscient, defeated catsup
Spectre Scythe
Spectre Scythe Mese fa
When will this be back in stock
Orbital H
Orbital H Mese fa
Okay but STILL no HDMI 2.1
Travis Van Couvering
Travis Van Couvering Mese fa
Watched until I heard hdmi 2.0
Grant S
Grant S Mese fa
When does this monitor actually release? It only seems to be available in Australia.
Vikinghammer87 Mese fa
Yeah I got real lucky last week. Doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere at the moment which is odd but the Microcenter near me had one in stock. I had to drive an hour to get there but it was worth it. Love this monitor
starwatcher73 Mese fa
my PS5 is arriving this week, desperate in need of a monitor to work in HD and play in 4K... any hint?
mike p
mike p Mese fa
I love the way GSbmiipphuzx rolls off the tongue.
Vikinghammer87 Mese fa
Use a television.
Lucas Newlove
Lucas Newlove Mese fa
PLEASE!! review the CG552k
Instinctive Firearm Reviews
Instinctive Firearm Reviews Mese fa
Can't find this monitor anywhere in Canada 😢
Basslime Rex
Basslime Rex Mese fa
It actually says it costs $1699 on the Acer website though...
fabio deho
fabio deho Mese fa
Slightly better lg 34gp950g
Carlos Z
Carlos Z Mese fa
and its out of stock...
Nick K
Nick K Mese fa
Why is it so difficult to buy a monitor right now? THERE'S NOTHING IN STOCK ANYWHERE
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming Mese fa
Will you ever have a short circuit animation like that of LTT?
Alex zax
Alex zax Mese fa
any true gamer won't buy this shitty panels.
alfprieto Mese fa
curved screen? no thank you
Jay De leon
Jay De leon Mese fa
Wow!!! friend now that's a monitor how much will it cost me to have this marvelous monitor?
Steven Dummitt
Steven Dummitt Mese fa
Is it also good for console gaming? I have a PS4, and I want to upgrade my monitor for a better experience.
BIackSkillX Mese fa
What aber the Acer X34 S ? It has 3440x1440 at 200 hz with a native G-sync module !
Comrade Gaming
Comrade Gaming Mese fa
there isnt a child size right?
StinkyPete_01 Mese fa
Thanks for the video, I just picked one up today at MicroCenter!
Chase O'Hara
Chase O'Hara Mese fa
...might be the ugliest monitor stand I've ever seen
Shadowarez Mese fa
Didn't the 2017 model cost $2500 usd?
Mathias Pacheco
Mathias Pacheco Mese fa
i have amd, is it good if i buy this monitor?
Alen Bernardis
Alen Bernardis Mese fa
has problems with amd and freesync, no issues on nvidia
Frank Heimes
Frank Heimes Mese fa
Be prepared to trash it within two years. Acer has started to put panels in their monitors whose voltage regulators burn through very rapidly!
Emir Emirhan
Emir Emirhan Mese fa
X34 user here; I wouldn't update.
John Johnson
John Johnson Mese fa
Umm...$899 retail, $1199 Amazon...
David Mese fa
Micro Center
Dan Burns
Dan Burns Mese fa
When does this come out? The links don’t actually bring you to purchase
Ryche 23 giorni fa
B&H just shipped mine
Ben Ben
Ben Ben Mese fa
That's not how the curvature and distance from eyes is measured. You don't use the monitor with your face in it, right? Don't speak shit for the sake of speaking. Stupid indeed.
trapical Mese fa
James is so much more peppy and sarcastic than usual, I love it!
simlife445 Mese fa
would love to see a 250-350 nits monior( both my current setup till the new ones out in 2 months) one is the main a xb270hu he recommended years ago) setup vs a 1000 or 600 or all... linus is the 3% of tech items and "meh" a 600nits one recently.... but that is much higher then most of the world and higher then this 550 that is "awesome" idk what to think... i guess just say to myself if bought a brand new car don't compare to linuses Lamborghini ???? idk
yourself88xbl Mese fa
Ltt group just throws their shit around 🤣
zikzein Mese fa
6 YEARS and they still cant put a decent speakers on their monitors? smh
iSeek4 Edmund
iSeek4 Edmund Mese fa
I can even listen to Linus voice thru your X34 and again thru my X34A speakers!
Josh Martin
Josh Martin Mese fa
What episode was that from where Linus was going to peel the plastic off the bottom of the camera? At 1:25
Dominik Duchac
Dominik Duchac Mese fa
Two weeks ago I bought 27" LG 27GN950-B and I almost had a heart attack when I saw this video. Since you didn´t mention the resolution I had to google it and that´s when I was relieved. Because once you go 4K, there is no going back to QHD. Btw, best purchase I´ve made in years with that LG monitor.
David C
David C Mese fa
Let us know when you review a monitor thats 4k 120hz w/hdmi 2.1.
Weston Byerly
Weston Byerly Mese fa
I have this monitor but for some reason when i try to load MW it starts looking for the correct input for it to be in like it lost connection, so i was wondering if this monitor has to be updated or anything like the drivers?
Peter Honess
Peter Honess Mese fa
Core button sound like there cheap
David Mese fa
Thanks bois, just ordered one! 85 watt PD really sealed the deal!
Roland Szabo
Roland Szabo Mese fa
I have the x34p version of this monitor which is 1 gen older than this. I got it as a amazon returns deal for 470 CAD. Little over a year ago. If anyone plans to get this monitor as a youtube watching monitor or watch movies on it while not gaming... skip this monitor right away the video quality is so bad on it. That i actually set up lenovo smart display under it. But it is very nice for gaming. If anyone is wondering the monitor has been very reliable. I dont have any problems with it. I like the minor improvements. Like the 2 side usb on the side. Plus type c power support. Im suprised they couldnt fix the headphone holder gimmick that james attaches to it. Every time you lift your headset off it. It falls off.
Sonny Mese fa
..... “which is good”- I’m getting Martha Stewart vibes haha
Fee Mese fa
“Gamer lines”
Paul Laddie
Paul Laddie Mese fa
I've got the Predator Z35, biggest box ever!
How can I get the monitor Acer Predator X34 GS?
Jack Mese fa
this is 1.2K? yikers
Jack Mese fa
Not in the US. Showing 1200 for me
David Mese fa
uhm, no it's 900
Solve Everything
Solve Everything Mese fa
cant rotate 360.. why not
Jordan Shiveley
Jordan Shiveley Mese fa
whats the best monitors for doing Adobe suite design work?
Bat Man
Bat Man Mese fa
i just bought 2xiiyama gb3461 for the same price as this :D
thenonexistinghero Mese fa
$900 for an HDR400 monitor that pretty much can't even do HDR? Why not get a Samsung Odyssey G7 or G9 instead?
7:19 well, 1900R means the curve has a radius of 1.9 Meter, right? So, if you sit 1.9 Meter away from the Monitor, then they're right. But that's quite a big viewing distance for a 34" ultrawide
Boiled Hot Dogs
Boiled Hot Dogs Mese fa
LL... the links they give link to the older model monitors.
FinalplayerRyu Mese fa
Whats the peeling clip from?
Santos Felix
Santos Felix Mese fa
What kind of mat/pad is that?
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000 Mese fa
a comment to support the channel
Edward Drachenberg Jr.
Edward Drachenberg Jr. Mese fa
sooo youtube is weird. you mentioned Freddy Prince jr and I get a suggestion to Shes all that music video with Freddy Prince jr hacky sacking lol
TheDiscardedFoot Mese fa
I'm only seeing $900 on one link. Perhaps I'm looking wrong.
Joshua Huang
Joshua Huang Mese fa
Yo Linus your captions at 1:17 are a bit off "Now if you're really anal"
DDOODD22223 Mese fa
Hey can someone help me out here? is this Monitor as well freesync compatible? Thanks for answers
David Mese fa
Coronas PepeHands
Chew Magna
Chew Magna Mese fa
They could probably shave another couple hundred off that if they didn't have such an aggressive design on the stand and back of it. That's a lot of tooling, and tooling is expensive.
Vertigo101 Mese fa
No ps5 120 :(
Gabriel A. C. Gama
Gabriel A. C. Gama Mese fa
Just seing the english subtitles and all of a sudden: "Now if you are really anal about keeping your equipment looking pristine..." 1:15 wtf hahahaha
Vujkan Mese fa
also price is very high too!!
OnePumpMan52 Mese fa
James "she's all that" Strieb
Thunder Kunt
Thunder Kunt Mese fa
Aced predator logo looks so damn ugly & stupid !
Doug Sholly
Doug Sholly Mese fa
What is the point of fancy styling on the back of a monitor? 99% of them will be up against a wall. I don't even know what the back of my monitor looks like.
Stonedbeef Mese fa
I don’t get why gaming gear always looks so cheap, even a Dell monitor for 200€ looks way better. I just wish there would be a Dell Monitor with these features.
unlimitedslash Mese fa
Im still waiting for a good 27" "gaming" TV with a good bunch of HDMI and DP, basically want/need a good tv that works as a TV for my consoles (PS2, Switch etc) and as a decent monitor for my PC, but everything i see with these kind of specs are basically mega TV's with huge sizes, i just need a something i can put on my desk and doesnt look like a whale in a turtle aquarium.
Mahin Mese fa
Feels like Hdmi 2.1 Monitors are taking forever.
Shaun Newell
Shaun Newell Mese fa
2:46 pointy ligs
alhot11 Mese fa
can you guys show us best UltraWide monitor with the resolution of 2560 x 1080 with all the shenanigan of new monitor because I only upgrade my Graphics card every 5 years so the 3440 x 1440 Resolution is bigger and need powerful GPU to get +100 fps on all new titles 2560 x 1080 is a sweet spot for my case ^_________^
david youlus
david youlus Mese fa
is it just me or there are random red&green spots on the video?
Jon Wavy
Jon Wavy Mese fa
x38 anyone?
gameflux Mese fa
Cool !
Mayur Suryavanshi
Mayur Suryavanshi Mese fa
Me closely trying to see the difference between hz ..... Me after realising that I am watching this video at 30fps : ☠️😂
Alexandru - Stefan Rotar
Alexandru - Stefan Rotar Mese fa
Looks like a nightmare to cable manage. No way of hiding the cables coming down from the lower part of the monitor
SaleriTV Mese fa
Hello, this mini led display ?
Chad Truesdell
Chad Truesdell Mese fa
Oh good it’s only 3 million dollars
Sergey Mese fa
can I have link to the test with moving white square on black background? Want to compare with my monitor
Destructor Blad
Destructor Blad Mese fa
Ok you can return this to Riley
disciprine Mese fa
Original monitor didn't have a swivel disk. But it also looked better. Overall this thing looks way too gamer
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