dbrand is ASKING to get sued.... - PS5 DarkPlates

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Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring today's video! Check out the PS5 DARKPLATES at dbrand.com/shortlinus
dbrand decided to make the Sony PS5 side plates instead of making skins... I hope they know what they are doing. Also, I hope they pay me soon...
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kSpades Giorno fa
This calls that thing ugly one more time we gon rush his skinny ass
Peter Nouwen
Peter Nouwen 7 giorni fa
Sorry Linus (and DBrand)... I think the DIY Perks Playstation 5 still better. This one’s just black, that one’s métal! 😍
Nate 8 giorni fa
they're not ugly. also have you seen the vid where the guy rebuilds the extorier from brass? edit: i understand it now, sony hasn't payed him enough to praise the design. like they shit on the nvidia founders edition leak on the wan show and said "i hope that is not the design and it is too much out of the box" and once the product was ready they were all praising it also on the wan show
Ras Claaticus
Ras Claaticus 9 giorni fa
Next time turn it on so we can see how it looks lit up.
KangNo Chanel
KangNo Chanel 10 giorni fa
Hello Vidio oke love❤️❤️❤️❤️from Indonesia👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Abby Sunrise
Abby Sunrise 11 giorni fa
For those who are not on twitter, dbrand actually sent them a bag of money. No joke.
Navneet Vikash Saw
Navneet Vikash Saw 12 giorni fa
Go ahead, Sue us
Heavy0331 12 giorni fa
So all you care about is money? Got it.
Al-Ameen Ahmed
Al-Ameen Ahmed 12 giorni fa
Bag of money... Are you there?😢❓
Garrett K
Garrett K 12 giorni fa
The payment for this was wonderful.
Jesus 17 giorni fa
1 year later ps5 black for 600
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 19 giorni fa
How are they asking to get sued.
SnipeYouOut4Fun 19 giorni fa
Nailed it nobody cares to hear your opinion that you think the PS5 is ugly have you looked in the mirror lately...😂🤣🤪 Jk but seriously the PS5 IS SEXY AS F&$#!
Heavy0331 12 giorni fa
@SnipeYouOut4Fun thing is, I dont have a PS5 anyway, but I just wish that if they *had* to make it white, just release one black as well. But yes. dbrand is likely the closest we will get for now
SnipeYouOut4Fun 12 giorni fa
@Heavy0331 yo you can go and get plates for them from anywhere from 30 to 50 bucks now and make it any color you want I myself agree with you and I bought the black plates from dbrand there's also a plethora of vinyl coverings you can get which also look great!
Heavy0331 12 giorni fa
I prefer the black actually. Ever since Sony made the PS2 black, I have never bought a system unless it comes in black. So until Sony makes a black one, I am NOT BUYING A PS5
Jathrizzle 20 giorni fa
Please don't slide stuff around of mouspads. My ears are bleeding.
Slow_Slow 20 giorni fa
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed 20 giorni fa
Need this for my PS5 DIgital
Sergio Roche
Sergio Roche 24 giorni fa
Anyone who’s seen the website for this product already knows what Linus is beginning to comprehend
Aidan Chappelle
Aidan Chappelle 25 giorni fa
Does Linus run every tech channel on ITpost or something? Feel like I see him everywhere
Psykokud 25 giorni fa
Did Linus notice the message in the middle of the drive side plate?
November Production
November Production 26 giorni fa
Linus holds no punch’s when he isn’t paid
Demeter Tomasina
Demeter Tomasina 26 giorni fa
The fabulous retailer unequivocally challenge because pyjama surprisingly fix onto a loose vise. magnificent, yummy october
SpiroSZN 26 giorni fa
Dbrand is such a funny sponsor xD
jean Navarrete
jean Navarrete 26 giorni fa
Compare it against the aliexpress version
Andrew M
Andrew M 26 giorni fa
Me realizing he started putting the sticker on backwards and cut it out
Smoked Paprika
Smoked Paprika 26 giorni fa
just give him THE BAG OF MONEY!
Максим Басс
Максим Басс 27 giorni fa
Asking.... Alexandria
Arthur Lisboa
Arthur Lisboa 28 giorni fa
dbrand is making ps5 looks like the perfect XBOX SERIES X.
Omega Alpha
Omega Alpha 28 giorni fa
Before opening the package: Dbrand is a great company😃😃😃 After opening the package and confirm no money: Dbrand went out of business!!!😤😤😤
Matt Horner
Matt Horner Mese fa
I am looking forward to nabbing one especially after all the bugs are sorted but holy christ they are a monstrosity to look at
Experienced Primate
Experienced Primate Mese fa
lol looks even more massive now
Golem2040 Mese fa
Quella di Giampytek è meglio
Getsemani Vega
Getsemani Vega Mese fa
Hobbo beard
Luke 2954
Luke 2954 Mese fa
Just copped a PS5 on Thursday, are the dark plates really worth it?
Eisa Malik
Eisa Malik 21 giorno fa
Dip your ps5 in tar
Pvshka 26 giorni fa
Basically depends on how much you want them. You could just get a black spray color and spray your white plates...
Zack Lothamer
Zack Lothamer Mese fa
I feel like Linus must be like close personal friends with the people at dbrand because of all the crazy back and forth silly things they do
Yicheng Liu
Yicheng Liu Mese fa
I like dbrand as they create so many offensive URLs for linus
Honest Reviews
Honest Reviews Mese fa
I'm getting my matte black faceplates and the triple black skin from dbrand in a couple of months! And yes they're still in business lol don't listen to Linus 😂
Savy Mese fa
Linus: there's no bag of money in the box dbrand: well no, there are dark plates and stickers
Striyd Mese fa
Dbrand more like Dbanned amirite ?
Rawgee Mese fa
Stupid Linus, you get free stuff and you complain you spoiled child 😂😂😂
Maddie 86
Maddie 86 Mese fa
that sony box sure looks like apple is sony turning into apple of the game consoles? or something it not that i dont like apple so dont get mad i have like 5 apple computers in my house lmao
TUUK2006 Mese fa
Another Ad.
tribopower Mese fa
Am I missing something ? I never heard of dbrand before is this a prank?
RealLyfeSucks Mese fa
Alternate title: *Sony is ASKING to get shut down due to illegal lawsuits...*
TheMacClayne Mese fa
79 $ ?!?!?! Fuck me !!
Shifted Creeper
Shifted Creeper Mese fa
the ps5 looks nice (original)
marta Lis
marta Lis Mese fa
Well i certainly feel surprised
lordelliott42 Mese fa
Is this a joke, maybe some kind of "edgy" marketing BS, or did they really just get you to make a video for the price of the product? Because if they were actually supposed to pay you, then this makes me go from someone who has strongly considered buying there stuff to never considering them for anything ever.
Pvshka 25 giorni fa
@lordelliott42 fair. Fair question, too - was the sponsorship really only in form of free plates, ooooor...?
lordelliott42 25 giorni fa
@Pvshka No worries then. I was half joking myself, but remember that your "tone of voice", in this case presumably a joking tone, is hard to impossible in convey in text. Sarcasm especially so.
Pvshka 25 giorni fa
@lordelliott42 jeez, it's a joke, don't take it so hard
lordelliott42 25 giorni fa
@Pvshka I'm not stupid. That is not what I was expecting. Linus has talked about this in more than this video. However, people do ship money in boxes (not saying it's a good idea). Check out Mork Rober's recent video on telephone scams. Also, sponsor might pay with this old technology you may not have heard of? You have to use it in person or send it by mail. It's called a paper check.
Pvshka 26 giorni fa
When have you ever seen a sponsor send cash in a box?
Chris Reyes
Chris Reyes Mese fa
Oh wow, that actually looks pretty good. Though I'd rather just pay the base price for a black PS5 than have to pay to mod one myself... if I could even find one at base price lmao But seriously, the white outer color is the only real reason I haven't even tried getting a PS5 or an Oculus Quest 2
K90 Mese fa
Black PS5's matter
The Official Weeb
The Official Weeb Mese fa
So did he ever get the money or nah?
Bob Mese fa
"go ahead, sue us" - Dbrand 2021
alexuu Mese fa
Very nice
Jager Mese fa
Dbrand still trying to pay Linus for the pyramid PC
NFSHeld Mese fa
All jokes aside, isn't there something like "aesthetic model" IP that a plastic cover like this violates? I'm not advocating it should exist, but I'm certain Sony made sure it's the only company to be allowed to manufacture such hideous console side plates.
Alex Densmore
Alex Densmore Mese fa
Am I the only one that likes how the ps5 looks. I have a white PS4 pro.
Pvshka 26 giorni fa
Looks like Seto Kaiba's trenchcoat. So yeah, pretty dope.
bill smith
bill smith Mese fa
I would buy that version. as I run blacked out everything.
mwint1982 Mese fa
Is this all misdirection for no coupon code?
Hurricane Jaxson
Hurricane Jaxson Mese fa
Oh my you are too funny! Nice looking dark plates aye.
Darthjake 05012
Darthjake 05012 Mese fa
Guy's, Playstation made the PS5 white so that you can differentiate it between your (most likely) black router.
Nathan Schutt
Nathan Schutt Mese fa
i love how dbrand hates linus and linus hates dbrand but they just make so much money together
Domini Mese fa
Linus you are NOT getting a bag of money!
Kostas S
Kostas S Mese fa
linus pink hat is ugly not ps5 white sheets :3
kenneth martin
kenneth martin Mese fa
Customizing your console "PRICELESS"
Steve Kay
Steve Kay Mese fa
pretty math though, ok finn......
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha Mese fa
All sony had to do was to give a black ps5. Every electrinic needs black.
Mark Hamilton
Mark Hamilton Mese fa
Cannot wait to jailbreak mine Sony just got me pissed of with the NO transfert PS5 saves data to external USB device so....FUCK THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!
Failtheblank Mese fa
This whole video is a huge flex
Byron A
Byron A Mese fa
Lol this might be the last sponsor video you get from dbrand
slappyrats Mese fa
Why are you so mean to them lol, I mean at least hide it for behind the scenes😂👌? Totally joking though, it looks so much better!
Bill Geo
Bill Geo Mese fa
How much soy those things cost? More than a can of black spray paint I’d guess
Pvshka 26 giorni fa
80 bucks I think
CarterPlays Mese fa
2:30 Schools be like
MlgWattPlays Mese fa
I guess debrand was dbrand, PS5 looks like an xbox now.
Gonzalo Ponce
Gonzalo Ponce Mese fa
Momento Bruh
Momento Bruh Mese fa
Sony tryna take all the 3rd party plates down that everyone wants, but still won’t sell a dark ps5
pigtailsboy Mese fa
I do enjoy your somewhat domestic relationship you share with this company. I'm guessing they're ahead on the dissing though unless this shit talking invalidates the possible *bag of money* and it's unknown value. Hope they get to mess up Sony over this. If Sony wanted to offer or license a product that did this they should have been ahead of the curve and had it from the start. They must have heard how a portion of the audience was responding to it's appearance. Although I'd like to be up front that I don't think there's much wrong with what they made, it's just out of style with what is currently popular. Maybe some day we'll see products developed in the hard edged, metal facing that we see in SciFi media.
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller Mese fa
You need a better knife. I'm guessing that's one of them $20 Sypderco key chain knives. Maybe the Spyderco Dragonfly? QSP Penguin?
Kyle Mese fa
Am I the only one who doesn't go nuts about the colour black lol. I like the fact my PS5 is white. I think the PS5 looks sexy the way it is.
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith Mese fa
This dude is obnoxious
Antan Mese fa
Dont watch it then
ItsMeHere Mese fa
I would think that they would add a vent hole next to the intake because of how much that panel smothers it but guess not.
Calamity _
Calamity _ Mese fa
But does it include 2 of them just in case u f it up on the first time?
Brendan Schoen
Brendan Schoen Mese fa
I have the influence, you have the bags of money 😆😆
Alexander Galloway
Alexander Galloway Mese fa
funny sponsor spot lol
Leons Joseph
Leons Joseph Mese fa
Video compression on the black is weird
finallyanime Mese fa
Lol why I get the feeling he was serious about the bag of money
TurboSoggy Mese fa
“On my iPhone 12 Pro here” subtle flex
a car battery
a car battery Mese fa
linus sex tips
Boss Man
Boss Man Mese fa
Then again it all about money for you
PixoCore Mese fa
lol, did Dbrand remove the comment they made? *"Your 0$ cheque is in the mail."*
Mihnea Lazăr
Mihnea Lazăr 12 giorni fa
Lmao, maybe Linus actually got mad at them and they were like: ok let’s back off
Daniel Park
Daniel Park Mese fa
I think so, wonder why
FeedMeSalt Mese fa
Man the PS5 is so damn ugly, a sticker wont change the fact that its wearing a lab coat. ...and runs way to hot.. ...and performs worse then a 6 year old high end pc...
Moped Man
Moped Man Mese fa
Ps1 gray would be sick too
RadSIMP Mese fa
Kevin Campos
Kevin Campos Mese fa
DBrand is Love. DBrand is Life.
Jogi Mese fa
Dbrand hasn't delivered my Switch skins to this day. Been waiting since November 2020.
WatsNu2Day Mese fa
Buyer Beware! DBrand will NOT take refunds or returns! I bought a skin for my laptop believing that it would fit and it did not. DBrand will NOT take any returns if you take the skin off the 3M backing! Ridiculous! how else would you know if there are any fitment problems or issues? What if you find out there was a scratch on the skin AFTER you take the skin off the backing. My skin is in perfect condition as well and still they wont take a return. I have bought several skins before for several phones and this was my first time requesting for a return or refund. No Customer Service for a large company. Buyer beware!
Antan Mese fa
I think its on you for fucking up
WatsNu2Day Mese fa
​@DJ K This post will let people know that you dont care about customer service. I bought your product in honesty and item is not damaged. Why not take the return if you really care about what people think and say about your product? My post is the truth and not fabricated so deal with it. I can have an opinion and let people know what happened.
DJ K Mese fa
Spamming this on every video isn't going to make anyone give a shit that you ordered the wrong thing
Maverick128 Mese fa
I don't think "ugly" means what you think it means. My PS5 is gorgeous in white.
willse _
willse _ Mese fa
Good luck linus with buying a new phone after 2 years #applediesafter2
dstns Mese fa
I was hoping there would be a sock full of nickels in the box
Bradley Kang
Bradley Kang Mese fa
enregistreur Mese fa
Dbrand loves to get into sticky situations.
Yader B
Yader B Mese fa
Nah, I'll keep my white plates. No influence here, better luck next time.
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