Is this Leica camera worth $5000??? - SL2-S

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Leica is really well known in the camera world and their cameras aren't cheap, but there's a magical reason why that's hard to explain...
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Check out the lightly edited or raw pictures taken from the Leica SL2-S at
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Giulio P. Cacciari
Giulio P. Cacciari 2 giorni fa
How is the battery life? Thanks
卂尺ㄒ匚ㄖ尺乇 3 giorni fa
The sound of the battery popping out sounds like the ping of an Model M. Love it!
helthuismartin 3 giorni fa
3 years ago i was in the Leica factory for mine 50e birthday and they included a Leica musea inside the factury.I got a VIP tour through trough the factory and it was absoluty stunning.
Takuan 4 giorni fa
I used to ridicule Leica until I actually shot with one and experienced the haptics and image quality. There was no way back for me. I have long forgotten the money I've paid for it.
Stephen Hibbs
Stephen Hibbs 4 giorni fa
For the price i would have a Sony A1
Markus Haugg
Markus Haugg 8 giorni fa
I dreamed that I had just ordered a SL ... I was so horrified that I woke up to cancel the order !
E. Rosas
E. Rosas 8 giorni fa
No Way!!!
Beerenmüsli 8 giorni fa
Also, the answer to the video title is YES, it is worth 5000$
Aaron Goddard
Aaron Goddard 10 giorni fa
I fail to see how anyone would consider buying this. I'm sure it is very nice and all, but you're looking at a 100% premium (at least) just for the brand. For less than half the price you can get better tech, image quality, and lenses from Canon, Nikon, or Sony. Over $250 dollars for a battery? The battery in my Tundra didn't cost that much.
ashwin sujith
ashwin sujith 12 giorni fa
So if a camera manufacture does not concetrate on being cutting edge in tech and still comands a high price, then it is definitely just meant for bragging rights. " camera is just a tool and not the art "
Beerenmüsli 12 giorni fa
I believe Leica is after the best fotographies and the best user exeperience, not the newest gimmick.
Nelson Club
Nelson Club 13 giorni fa
Perspective: As a pro shooter I run 3 Hass H6D100c's 2 X1D50cII's and a 907X - insurance value £90k - tools for job. I looked seriously at Leica because they have better weather sealing - regardless of the cost of CS lenses for the Leica I chose Hass as it better fits my work - if my work was different I may well have spent the same on a different set of tools and they may well have had a Leica or a Phase One badge on them. As Pros we don't care what the badge on the front is - a friend of mine shoots architecture - something I don't do - and he spent £60k+ on one camera - the Phase One XT. The reason I posted is that most YT'rs seem to think the only people who buy these cameras are either dentists, architects or own a yacht or two. They exploit the cost over the performance in their content compelling amateur/enthusiasts unworthy if they cannot afford it. This is wrong. The machine does not take the picture the photographer does. Finally the perspective bit - the best picture I ever took was not only a mistake but was taken on a £50:00 Zenith 11 with a roll of 'holiday film' in Paris. 2 Cats yawning simultaneously.
Fredrik Svärd
Fredrik Svärd 13 giorni fa
Yes ofc it is, same with hasselblad. Would suck if everything was designed for low-mid-budget consumers.
Beerenmüsli 13 giorni fa
WOW, even the foto of the fucking wall looks amazing. The Fotos of Madison look even better than that.
Solus Quinto
Solus Quinto 13 giorni fa
Why would somebody buy a Leica? There are two types actually. #1 You love the craftsmanship of Leica cameras and the different shooting experience. OR #2 Because you can afford them which 98% of the rest of the world can‘t and you want to show it. That‘s all. There is absolutely nothing what a Leica camera can do that an entry level DSLR/DSLM can‘t or cannot do much better and faster. I would go further and say that a Leica M is the only Leica that is worth its price. It is an completely different experience to shoot a Rangefinder camera. You love it or hate it. But if you love it you can buy any Leica M from the M8 onwards (or even earlier if you love analog photography) and you‘ll have the same amount of fun and you‘ll get beautiful pictures (you don‘t have to care about MP counts). And the best thing about it is, used M8‘s/M9‘s are more affordable and you don‘t lose money because they keep their prices (unless you mess them up). If I can afford an Leica M again ... I wouldn‘t hesitate to buy one. And no, Fuji‘s X-Pro and X100 series is not similar to shoot with. They are beautiful, look similar, are fun and I still own an X-Pro 1 but they don‘t come close to the Leica M experience.
young_bobo 13 giorni fa
Leica SL is really nice, the SL lenses are large compare to old M and R manual focus lenses. The quality is there, and there are always used. Imagine if a SL 50 or 75 mm Noctlux, that will be a big prime lens.
GAMING FEVER 13 giorni fa
I wanna see you included in other videos (other than camera videos)
YachtClubTV 14 giorni fa
New title: $5,000 worth of 🗑
Cry of the Prophet
Cry of the Prophet 14 giorni fa
I have this camera and quite a few lenses, there is a reason for shooting leica, its about the best image you can squeeze out of a digital camera.. An honestly its the lenses
Lars Wara
Lars Wara 14 giorni fa
The Leica Look.....?????
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming 15 giorni fa
Wait what about red? Isn't that the most expensive camera company
Spearmint Menthe
Spearmint Menthe 15 giorni fa
You don’t know Leica at all.
チンカコウ 15 giorni fa
repackaged panasonic s1 with a panasonic designed lens
zerashy 16 giorni fa
Cameras are neat.
ITZSIRVINCENT 17 giorni fa
Anyone here interested in Leica SL2-S VERSUS Sony A1 Showdown here? I am totally curious about color science between the two and its value! Is it me or is it too much to ask?
HueNost 18 giorni fa
It's a Leica, so no.
doomguy 18 giorni fa
I just love the modern high tech with old school _everything_ package about Leica cameras. She's a real beauty. And as a German, it kinda makes me a little proud that this is still a German company that still makes great stuff. Even though I could never afford to spend 5 grand on a camera let alone another 5 grand on the lens, I think I'd really go for her.
Honey 19 giorni fa
🧡 🧡 🧡
Gewglesux 20 giorni fa
Same price as the Batteries to my "Q twins" Totally silly.
Augusto 20 giorni fa
still waiting for the photo course series with brandon and linux with antony, a new channel for each would be fitting.
xu charles
xu charles 22 giorni fa
All leica cameras are made by panasonic expect the m series. If you want something cheaper, panasonic s series share almost the same hardware as this one.
Juan Ignacio Aschura
Juan Ignacio Aschura 22 giorni fa
Stop for a moment to appreciate that this is the SECOND mirrorless camera by Leica. They really nailed it, and their only expertise was range-finder stuff.
Altair4611 22 giorni fa
So they're the Apple of the camera industry
Plank WithANailIn
Plank WithANailIn 23 giorni fa
Sensor is made by Sony and is the same sensor as Sony a7 III which is less than half the price. It's like the most important feature of the camera and you didn't mention it at all.
Sahil 23 giorni fa
Looks fucking mint
Johan Axelsson
Johan Axelsson 23 giorni fa
Laika? Leica ffs. It matters.
KillingTheMost 23 giorni fa
stupid to compare 2 lenses when they're not even for the same type of camera. Leica is 2.8 SLR lens and Canon is f/4 DSLR lens.
Samarth Singbal
Samarth Singbal 24 giorni fa
For looking at the real beauty of those shots you will need to switch to 2160p , and after that the photos look godlike
Felix Belanger
Felix Belanger 24 giorni fa
10:00 Yeah looks really flat with almost no dynamic range, like there's an IG filter on all of them... But then again if you're shooting RAW that doesn't really matter and it's your job to give them your style
Felix Belanger
Felix Belanger 24 giorni fa
1:45 Uhhh... Did you get confused there Brandon? Pretty sure that Canon L lens is for full frame too!?
gameflux 24 giorni fa
Cool !
shzamm patapon
shzamm patapon 24 giorni fa
awwww, i thought you would put raw files in it
olajide paris
olajide paris 24 giorni fa
Lol What kind of narcissist put his picture on scales?
Sam Sherratt
Sam Sherratt 25 giorni fa
Does anyone know if Brandon has like a Udemy or similar series? I’ve recently treated myself to a Fuji X-T20 and my skills don’t do it justice but Brandon strikes me as a good teacher and host
Brian Davies
Brian Davies 25 giorni fa
A tilting screen would be nice (I don't like flip-out screens), but I think it would spoil the aesthetics of what is a beautiful camera.
ky y
ky y 26 giorni fa
I hope one day I will have one of those cameras
Stephanie Mhango
Stephanie Mhango 26 giorni fa
so...does honey work for leica stores???
Samiul Islam
Samiul Islam 26 giorni fa
just get a R5 man!
Jorge L. Franco A.
Jorge L. Franco A. 26 giorni fa
The Links to buy the camera are exchanged with each other, Verry expensive camera lol xD
Madarchod Bhosdike
Madarchod Bhosdike 27 giorni fa
Who is this ping pong guy?
Connor Cook
Connor Cook 27 giorni fa
Is it just me, or does everyone at LMG seem very photogenic? Like almost every picture taken (in the videos featuring cameras), everyone consistently looks great (and not because of the quality cameras, lol)!
Citaro SR
Citaro SR 27 giorni fa
What about zooming in far like into planes?
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs 27 giorni fa
I was thinking about John. Why doesn't he appear on camera anymore? I looked at the LMG staff directory, he's still on. Is he not comfortable with it? He was very funny and calm, I loved his voice.
Conmea Alex
Conmea Alex 28 giorni fa
The equable mark similarly develop because keyboard resultantly talk down a unknown vulture. godly, painstaking beret
James Pålsson
James Pålsson 28 giorni fa
At least take some decent pictures with it for the review
rsurish377 28 giorni fa
How bout you review something we might actually buy lol
Davethegamer 28 giorni fa
Pie 28 giorni fa
Yes, this camera seems amazing, but lil' shout out for Brandon because he can use it to get real good damn pics.
jjjhhhmmmxxx26 28 giorni fa
At our hospital we tried Leica surgical cameras, and trying to get parts for it are so expensive we only bought one unit lol
LeonidasGFX 28 giorni fa
The real reason ppl buy Leica is because of Leica's history. It's something they think is really special (especially for customers from places like e.g. Dubai that literally didn't exist when Leica started).
juliangst 28 giorni fa
Looks really affordable; When I had a photography school project there was a ~13 year old girl with a 15K€ Leica
Benjamin Lobet
Benjamin Lobet 28 giorni fa
"I've never used anything harder to focus" *Laughs in 85 f/1.2*
Juanyeizi 29 giorni fa
I really like this smart Dennis, I'd like to see him more often
Basic Tutorials for everyone
Basic Tutorials for everyone 29 giorni fa
I want to know the story behind the knife thats not allowed
mohawksniper79 29 giorni fa
Definitely would of had the strap on that camera if it cost that much. Common sense goes a long way. Great video though.🤠👍
ThatKeffordGuy 29 giorni fa
Well-made ✅ Expensive ✅ Cool features ✅ Prioritise user experience ✅ Isn’t always as cutting edge ✅ Proprietary tech ✅ Hold value over time ✅ So where are all the trolls from Apple videos normally commenting “but I could get X for that money” 🤷🏼‍♂️
ThatKeffordGuy 29 giorni fa
I’m not even a photographer but watching this made me want one. Maybe I’m a level 7 suggestible 😱 The photos have an almost muted and pastel quality which is really nice. Not overly vibrant or contrasted, just sort of pale yet colourful.
Alexander Zweifel
Alexander Zweifel 29 giorni fa
This camera looks like a "fashion model" sister of the S1H 😅
Jürgen Kühner
Jürgen Kühner 29 giorni fa
HAHA The Leica M10 jsut lost 40 percent of its value, like 4000 $, yeah you just lost 4 grand
Biscuit 1
Biscuit 1 29 giorni fa
Answer: Rich
ocink 229
ocink 229 29 giorni fa
08:05 love this one
Studio McCutch
Studio McCutch 29 giorni fa
I hate you ;) #jellies
Andrew 29 giorni fa
Could you make a video on your leica m10?
ALERON _F 29 giorni fa
john feimster
john feimster 29 giorni fa
5,000?? That’s cheap for them. Heck that’s like giving it away at that price for them. I want their medium format camera that’s over 20 grand lol
MR RaM 29 giorni fa
m50 canon mark2
Dino Steiner
Dino Steiner 29 giorni fa
Like any Leica is overpriced. They are great but to expensive
R S Mese fa
Too bad that the SL2-S doesn’t have a tilt screen.
Kaisar Beta Bara
Kaisar Beta Bara Mese fa
hasselblad laugh in hidden 😁😁
Murphy Mese fa
Me a film shooter looking at the m3/mp can’t tell on the table
Brandon Kruger
Brandon Kruger Mese fa
Why did you make the images available for download, imagine all the weebs/simps making it their wallpaper. :D
4THECHIVO Streams Archive
4THECHIVO Streams Archive Mese fa
Start a new channel called "Linus Tech Tips Tutorials" (LTTT 🤣) and give guides and step by step walkthroughs of how to do various things. But not just a simple tutorial channel, but one that is more of a "behind the scenes" feel of LTT. I want detailed walkthroughs of how you plan videos, what equipment you use, how they interact and HOW you get them to interact, what stuff do you use for live streams? What are your video workflows and what software do you use to assist in the process? How can one can make their own workflows? Maybe make a "day and the life of" of each employee and show how and why they do what they do at LTT. I'm would watch the living crap out of that, because I know it would be filled with not only useful information for other youtubers who want to be a bit more professional, but also we get the "behind the scenes" personality and entertainment that each member of LTT beings. One of the best things about LTT is watching the antics of you guys just working together. The videos that almost feel a bit like Vlogs, but also are informative and interesting. Alright I'll stop rambling. But I think it would be a cool idea!
Marcos Volta
Marcos Volta Mese fa
short answer: hell no
Miguel Afonso
Miguel Afonso Mese fa
The bulkiness is a killer IMO...and the price...hello Sony Alpha 1
aksu gator
aksu gator Mese fa
Now is left for you to learn photography cause those portraits were below average
Dom V.
Dom V. Mese fa
overpriced panasonic, just get A1 :)
Justin Nani
Justin Nani Mese fa
What ring are you wearing?
The Mese fa
It's a A7R3 with different name and body Same as the Nikon Z7 😂😂😂
The 20 giorni fa
@xu charles same... Almost all cameras use Sony sensors
xu charles
xu charles 22 giorni fa
no, this is a modified panasonic s1h, since panasonic also use sony sensor.
The Illegitimate President
The Illegitimate President Mese fa
Even the batteries are a rip off.
Dan Gir
Dan Gir Mese fa
For the same Price You can buy gfx100s
Dan Gir
Dan Gir Mese fa
it's a Panasonic S1 and use a Sensor similar to Alpha 7 III whitout phase detection only contrast
fbeneditovm Mese fa
8:37 now we got some nice Madison wallpaper
Ronald Chow
Ronald Chow Mese fa
Why would someone Leica camera? Well, you see...
Jon V.
Jon V. Mese fa
I really like that Madison is getting so much screen time
Jordan Ford
Jordan Ford Mese fa
Please review the Q2
Just Another Day
Just Another Day Mese fa
Pretty elitist poopoo’ing an included branded strap.
James Latief
James Latief Mese fa
A smartphone camera isn't that much worse than this $10k camera. Leica's, RED camera and Supreme goods, it's only expensive because of the red logo.
tgl cam
tgl cam 14 giorni fa
pretty sure mirrorless and dslrs are far more capable than smartphones
lucaspttrsn Mese fa
quick answer to the title: no
kb1qzh Mese fa
Will you do all the medium format? (Hasselblad, Fuji, Leica,Pentax, Phase One)
Chaitanya Soni
Chaitanya Soni Mese fa
Fun fact, you can buy a car in India, new, for less than $5000. check - Maruti Suzuki Alto 800
venom5809 Mese fa
"Tell me you're a dentist without telling me you're a dentist" 😂
Gewglesux 20 giorni fa
I have a Q2 Q2M... neither Dr or Lawyer... just like my Cameras.
k benoit
k benoit Mese fa
surgeon at a local astro spot not even knowing how to use bulb mocking your 250k+ d700 and "crap sigma lens"
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