Xbox Wireless Headset: First Impressions

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The Xbox Wireless Headset is just $100, and it's something that we needed to see what you get for that price point from Microsoft itself.
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beegmonky 15 ore fa
Can you do a full video in the gru voice please
I don’t like wind.
I don’t like wind. 2 giorni fa
If your wanting a headset that has a good sounding mic. Do not get this!
Mohamed Sankoumba Fadiga
Mohamed Sankoumba Fadiga 3 giorni fa
3:06 Linux, You are the only reviewer that I've seen mentionning this feature. Thx!
Eric Colomes
Eric Colomes 3 giorni fa
Can it pair to the Xbox and Laptop/PC at the same time?
Erik 6 giorni fa
Is there any way to disable the Xbox from turning on whenever you turn on the headphones? Sometimes I just want to use these through my PC without having the Xbox on.
Fra Nero
Fra Nero 7 giorni fa
Congratulations on being one of the ONLY.
Gábor F
Gábor F 7 giorni fa
Is there any dongle in the box to use with a desktop pc?
Cristopher Martinez
Cristopher Martinez 8 giorni fa
Where did you get that controller? I have the XSX, but I haven't seen anything on the MS website to modify or purchase that controller? Pretty cool controller!
Snow Blade
Snow Blade 8 giorni fa
Okay? So it plays music. Xbots love music but don't have any games to use it on.
Boston quad
Boston quad 8 giorni fa
I love my headset
Jeremy Jackson
Jeremy Jackson 8 giorni fa
Brother blew a wet one 0:28. At least he apologized before hand! 🤣
Nicolas Medina
Nicolas Medina 8 giorni fa
How are they to play competitive in PC? Is there any low latency mode for PC?
Behind The Wheel
Behind The Wheel 9 giorni fa
Sounds like gru
Camsters_Cool 9 giorni fa
7:47 I’m an audio snob to literally have the senheiser hd 600
aiden r6
aiden r6 10 giorni fa
So should I get this or stick with my astro a40
AMS Melbourne
AMS Melbourne 11 giorni fa
In AUD its 149.95 dollars just pointing it out to the people buying it in Australia
Just a random person
Just a random person 12 giorni fa
JumpingAxe33 12 giorni fa
How does it compare to a $30 headset? That’s what I’ve got
Shamar Gillings
Shamar Gillings 13 giorni fa
I’m stuck between getting these and blackshark Razer headsets what do you guys think?
Adam Knight
Adam Knight 13 giorni fa
My mate just brought it and it sounds like he's talking under water 😂
That_lonely _kid
That_lonely _kid 14 giorni fa
Idk I have an arctis 3 don’t know if I should change
Alexander Martinez
Alexander Martinez 14 giorni fa
do they work with xbox one?
Michel Jackowell
Michel Jackowell 14 giorni fa
So did Steve Carell actually do the voiceover for that Gru part?
Kzer 2019
Kzer 2019 15 giorni fa
They literally showed these off a week after I had already bought a new headset :/
Fabio Mora
Fabio Mora 15 giorni fa
Linus, i have 5 bucks, i can buy your controller, DM me to discuss shipping and all that
whyalwaysme11 15 giorni fa
Anyone else having an issue of in game play sound not working on the headset when using quick resume?
Joe stauber
Joe stauber 15 giorni fa
I have a bunch of ppl telling me this headset is better than the turtle beach 700 gen 2 (which I have) but I will try the xbox headset tonight and find out myself 🙂
steelnation 12 giorni fa
@Joe stauber ok thank you I'll just stick with the 700 gen 2.
Joe stauber
Joe stauber 12 giorni fa
@steelnation I think they are pretty equal, the only issue I had with the xbox headset was it not catching my voice sometimes I had to speak a little louder than normal
steelnation 12 giorni fa
So which one is better? I also have the stealth 700 gen 2. please reply
RevanSID 16 giorni fa
Nice gadget, but horrible headphones. Positioning is terrible and its totally garbage for music listening. I like features like double connection and interface for setting sound level separately for team and game, but I just refund it for sound and discomfort in using on my head.. Nice try Microsoft, lets go for one more lap please
Yvon Cui
Yvon Cui 16 giorni fa
pure gold headset and pure gold controller when?
krispwnsu 16 giorni fa
He isn't wearing gloves...
Elliot Leigh
Elliot Leigh 17 giorni fa
It’s honestly a fake review. I’ve purchased this headset and I’ve gone back to my old wired one. It’s just the mute on/ mute off feature. What he is saying isn’t true so he is probably getting paid of by Microsoft . Whilst listing to this video I put my headset on still can hear the video...
Ralphie Ralph
Ralphie Ralph 17 giorni fa
I've seen two reviews within like 6 impression is do NOT get them..
Master Baiter
Master Baiter 17 giorni fa
How is the sound volume and bass compared to Hyper X Cloud 2??????
Kirk's Hope
Kirk's Hope 18 giorni fa
I like the look of some of those shoes, but $135-155? Idk bro. That’s like 28-31 bjs downtown worth of sneaker. Normally I only like spending 9-12 bjs on a shoe. Tell them to cut their 99000% mark up down to like 200% and I’d buy a pair and give you a tip in equal value to what you’d receive for me buying them
SikMindedGaming 18 giorni fa
Wish I had bought this headset instead if my Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2...
Mikel Bass
Mikel Bass 18 giorni fa
I'm having issues with audio constantly popping on this headset when using it with the Xbox USB adapter on my windows 10 PC. I am also having issues with the Bluetooth cutting out when listing to audio with this head set on my iPhone (I know my iPhone bluetooth is working fine, tested it with 8 other speakers/headsets). I RMA'd my first pair, and the replacement pair is doing the same thing; any thoughts?
That Giraffe You Might Know
That Giraffe You Might Know 18 giorni fa
On amazon its damn 160 dollars
Kick Starter
Kick Starter 18 giorni fa
good job
Jay Chilzer
Jay Chilzer 18 giorni fa
Linus as Gru is something I didnt know I needed.
Heighho M
Heighho M 19 giorni fa
Can anyone tell me if the ears are supposed to be a little loose, because mine is?
Can u shave your beart?
the underground empire
the underground empire 19 giorni fa
Xbox and pc are the future of gaming
Adam Holloway
Adam Holloway 19 giorni fa
Dolby Atmos app makes the audio much better, try it out for the full review
anthworn mccullough
anthworn mccullough 19 giorni fa
Can someone please tell me how to buy the headset from xbox website instead of having to do it on my console
Mel Alvarez
Mel Alvarez 19 giorni fa
Bought them They suck ass
Jose 19 giorni fa
Forget these and get the HyperX Cloud 2.
DKizzy 19 giorni fa
Gotta update those BT drivers on your laptop Linus
sanda386 19 giorni fa
What about the leathery cover on the cups and the headband. That's my biggest concern about them. That they'll peel off really soon. So many bad experiences with those materials.
John Hunt
John Hunt 19 giorni fa
One question... Is there any other way to connect wireless headphones to the Xbox?
John Hunt
John Hunt 19 giorni fa
* with a mic
Sam Galloway
Sam Galloway 19 giorni fa
how many channels does linus have tf?
Billy Jean
Billy Jean 20 giorni fa
I bought it and tried it and after a few games I put it back in the 📦
Lordsasja 20 giorni fa
Mic monitoring fail
nyte 20 giorni fa
I might be messing up something but I'm very disappointed. I connect it to pc and it sounds terrible. So much lag. Bluetooth on asus rog x570 egaming. I downloaded xbox accessories and updated. Am I missing something? Sounds are lagging on warzone.
Patrick Felipe
Patrick Felipe 20 giorni fa
Headset keeps disconnecting!!!
EMY on switch
EMY on switch 20 giorni fa
Does it work for PC
iloik 20 giorni fa
If you have Bluetooth, yes it works +phones
John E RocKeTZ
John E RocKeTZ 21 giorno fa
Wondering if there is an option for a 3.5mm like the Sonys Pulse 3D if u want a direct connection to controller? Thanks.
Itslunknown24 21 giorno fa
You can literally change the audio settings in the controller app including the bass
Malo Otua
Malo Otua 21 giorno fa
Never mind the fact that we can't even buy an Xbox anyways
Chess 19 giorni fa
Had mine for months. Git gud.
DEATH 21 giorno fa
He looks like he didnt even wanna do this review. Next time just give it away
Leo Castrillo
Leo Castrillo 21 giorno fa
How did he lock the headphones like that? So that they don't readjust accidentally
Nicholas Benjamin
Nicholas Benjamin 21 giorno fa
The bass issue is in Forza not the headphones, I’ve tried multiple sound bars with subs and anything above idle has basically zero bass
utubeballbag 21 giorno fa
The main reason I want this is because of the Dolby Atmos integration which he didn't mention.
RaptorSixOne 21 giorno fa
You can use Dolby Atmos with the TB Ear Force Stealth 600 Gen 2, also $99 (I have). Just have to pay a few bucks for the Dolby download, while these give you a 6 month free trial.
Marcus Butler
Marcus Butler 21 giorno fa
Who knew Steve carrel was in the building 🤔
Takumi Saito
Takumi Saito 21 giorno fa
I've never bought headphones over 99$, lol that's a deal.
The gaming master
The gaming master 22 giorni fa
Why does he sound like gru off despicable me
Carlos Soria
Carlos Soria 22 giorni fa
AAAND it works with your phone? Im sold
Charles Beckler
Charles Beckler 22 giorni fa
No gloves?
gus ramirez
gus ramirez 22 giorni fa
Unsubscribe just because you’re making fun of xbox.
fuuzzzy 22 giorni fa
I’ll wait for normal customers to review this, review sounds super biased
Slipsp ce
Slipsp ce 22 giorni fa
Box is way too big. I'll stick with my Hyperx flight's. Charge em once a week and literally never turn em off.
Kyle Daily
Kyle Daily 22 giorni fa
No mic quality test, or did I miss it?
氷Janko 22 giorni fa
linus? is that you?
Brian VanScoyk
Brian VanScoyk 22 giorni fa
So many features and little things just blatantly ignored. One brief mention of special audio that feels like it deserves a bigger conversation was weird
Sp3EdStR 23 giorni fa
Linus you really sound like Gru!! … you should do an entire show using the Gru voice 😄
Alvey Pratt
Alvey Pratt 23 giorni fa
Where can I buy this?
Cameron Piorek
Cameron Piorek 23 giorni fa
I cannot get discord on pc to pick up the microphone!!!! It’s working on other apps but not discord
Tristen Brown
Tristen Brown 23 giorni fa
Take a shot every time Linus says “CON-neck-tivity”
Jesus Christus
Jesus Christus 23 giorni fa
So the sound is not the best for 100 bucks no suprise. But i think on this price its pretty good allrounder. Would prefer turtle beach stealth 700 gen 2 for 50 bucks more
nizakat iqbal
nizakat iqbal 23 giorni fa
kon nek tivity
Shawn Buckingham
Shawn Buckingham 23 giorni fa
For $99 you can buy a Philips Fidelio X2 Best pair of headphones I own. Yes, it doesn't have a microphone, but I have no friends, so...
CallBall139 23 giorni fa
The steelseries 9x is so much better
Top Noodle
Top Noodle 23 giorni fa
Whats the best headphones you can get as sound matters just as much as visuals if not more.
Thomas Caswell
Thomas Caswell 23 giorni fa
Are those lukes Geo Dude Rigs rocks on the desk?
Duhl Click
Duhl Click 23 giorni fa
Then what headset do you recommend
gameflux 23 giorni fa
Cool !
Rampage 24 giorni fa
No one expected them to be good
Praxss 24 giorni fa
Can I use this with ps5?
The Hunter
The Hunter 24 giorni fa
Damn . Was hoping for a measure of difference on how much you like between this and the PS5s Pulse 3D wireless headset.
Kernelpickle 24 giorni fa
It’d be nice if the offered a more expensive model with upgraded drivers and a better mic. They could probably make something fairly decent for another $20, and amazing for another $50. Ahh well, it’s a nice product for the price point, and I suppose if you’ve gotta buy several for all the gamers in your house, then it’s a pretty sweet deal.
Skillz4Killz 3k
Skillz4Killz 3k 24 giorni fa
What happened to having to wear gloves huh Lienus?!
XXXCanadianXXX 24 giorni fa
Okay so can somebody please tell me why it is that when I adjust the left ear cups audio between game and chat when I turn it all the way towards game, my party settings on my Xbox tells me to go to the device settings to change the audio? And when I do that I can’t hear any chat.
RottenProduce 24 giorni fa
Why don't you auction off the xbox controller for charity--like there's even a charity that focuses specifically on giving gaming stuff to kids in hospitals which might be a good choice. Or maybe something related to the environment?
Wandering Dutch
Wandering Dutch 24 giorni fa
and with audiophile grade headphones you use an EQ - or they sound flat as a pancake. you know this. so why not use the EQ correctly and review more in-depth? your better than this linux.
Wandering Dutch
Wandering Dutch 24 giorni fa
i mean remember to hold the sync button until it vocally tells you its trying to sync and likewise on the console.... then it syncs...
David Gonzalez Garcia
David Gonzalez Garcia 24 giorni fa
So.. You put bass boost +4, maybe in Forza Horizon is the reason for your dislike of the sound engine.
Ayaan Kazi
Ayaan Kazi 24 giorni fa
Or do I stuck with my razer threshers?
TheVirtualGuardian 25 giorni fa
Linus: *Spends a fortune on a gold controller* Also Linus: tHiS cOnTrOlLeR iS tErRiBle DOES ANYONE WANNA BUY IT
TheVirtualGuardian 25 giorni fa
Lets talk about the looks! They're just fine
Not Shadow
Not Shadow 25 giorni fa
9:10 yea they dont.... Meanwhile Apple Airpods: yea we just used DSP in our headphone and make it expensive so everybody gonna buy it
kardaani vägi
kardaani vägi 25 giorni fa
The crazy euphonium immunologically fold because surname considerably inform in a sad root. hospitable, zealous waitress
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