The most POWERFUL laptop we have unboxed!!! - XMG Neo

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AMD & NVIDIA laptops are pretty much all the rage for the performance and value, well at least value on the AMD side. The XMG NEO is shaping up to be extremely powerful but is it a laptop you'd actually want to use?
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ryan199gamer 6 ore fa
Tongfang is probably crying in its bedroom because Clevo got all the credit for his good work.
Maxi 7 ore fa
11:13 I mean gamers don't need speakers. they use a headset to scream racial slurs at literal infants
Maxi 7 ore fa
Worst thing about German keyboards is if you are a programmer. Round brackets? shift+8/9. Square brackets? AltGr+8/9 (or Ctrl+Shift+8/9, same thing). Curly brackets? AltGr+7/0. but we have umlaute directly accessible without modifiers. Also, many games bind something to square brackets, so you always have to guess which of the umlaute actually does the thing you want in the game...
Marc B
Marc B 8 ore fa
Deutsches Staatsgebiet
Marco Guada
Marco Guada 20 ore fa
Good job clevo 👍🏻 Anyway about the layout I tried US layout keyboard once.. and I never turned back :D Coding is easier because all the ( [ { are very accessibile also you can do uppercase letter like È Á Ú without having to learn all the tedius ALT+0201 etc.. I just get angry when I use my country layout which is IT buuuuuut.... luckly for us XMG let you choose keyboard layout during purchase so I will get finally a fucking laptop with a US International ISO layout yuhuuuu 🥳🥳
Alvira Rahman
Alvira Rahman 2 giorni fa
Gamers don’t really need their screen to be that color accurate. Come on. 90% or above sRGB is fine for them.
Game Tech
Game Tech 7 giorni fa
Anyone reading: do not buy the ergochair - they have no customer support, they can keep your order for months and promise to ship soon, but they never do. Overall a rip-off: overpriced rebranded Chinese chair, that you can get much cheaper elsewhere. I am glad I was able to get a refund and buy a different chair.
Mika Gepardi
Mika Gepardi 7 giorni fa
On the shopsite you can change the layout of the keyboard and also select the charger outlett.
M. S.
M. S. 7 giorni fa
The keyboard matches my region if you're looking for somebody to take good care of it...
A.J. Gallegos
A.J. Gallegos 11 giorni fa
How do you get it in the US?
Alexander Welborn
Alexander Welborn 14 giorni fa
It can be what ya want it ta be :D
E.C-object 19 giorni fa
Where can I buy this? Cannot find it on Newegg
Dan Cox Daily
Dan Cox Daily 21 giorno fa
this guys one of my fav. Rocking the teton grav research shirt may have edged into number 1. cheers guys love all the content.
Jes Ascanius Thusgaard
Jes Ascanius Thusgaard 21 giorno fa
Remember it wont run 120hz on the tv as it is not hdmi 2.1 due to the fact that it is AMD and the switchable graphics wont do 120hz, for full hdmi 2.1 you have to select gigabyte, f.eks. the 15G YC with intel processor. I therefor laugh big time at this, most powerfull laptop, but cant even run hdmi 2.1, so where is the fun then in that? If you cant even hook it up to any big screen at high resolution and fps at the same time. I would not touch anything nvidia RTX based if i can not hook it up properly to my hdmi 2.1 tv so i can have high resolution and high fps at the same time. So it is a bad product that needs more development, unlike the gigabyte laptops that are fully hdmi 2.1 capable
Benjamin Chen
Benjamin Chen 23 giorni fa
Continuously calling a tongfang a clevo annoys me. Also, this is available as the eluktronics mech 15 g3 iirc
Долгополов Северин
Долгополов Северин 23 giorni fa
Hello, I am looking for a laptop with the best cooling system based on rtx 3070 or 3080. Low GPU and CPU temperature is very important to me. Could you suggest me some model?
Nacho Man Randy Sandwich
Nacho Man Randy Sandwich 23 giorni fa
This laptop has gone from a late March availability to early April and now mid May. The price has jumped up by 350 euro from the time of announcement until now before launch. I really wanted to get the XMG Neo this year but their early 2021 model that was announced is really disappointing and not entirely their fault. I was hoping for both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards options but both the Nvidia and AMD desktop options for 2021 have been really disappointing. RTX 3070 with only 8GB ram and the 6700xt is just a joke . if they release a model with a 3070 with 12GB that's not retardedly overpriced but XMG is not currently looking like the bargain that it used to. Also the mic and speakers on this years model are mediocre best. Really unimpressed by this years XMG Neo and this is the laptop that I've been waiting almost years to buy. My current laptop is probably not going to last much longer and I thought I'd be rocking a XMG Neo 17 by now but come Sept of this year I will need a replacement. If I'm going to spend 2000+ euros on a laptop XMG better pick up their game or I'm going to look elsewhere
Ellie G
Ellie G 24 giorni fa
Damn alex still makes me uncomfortable watching him hosting. damn that guy is cringy.
ForeverZero 24 giorni fa
1:29 I was about to scream, until I remember it wasn't Linus
Austin Joseph
Austin Joseph 27 giorni fa
Why you guys won't play GPU intensive games? RDR2?
JayDope 29 giorni fa
Where can I buy this laptop and or where should I buy it from
Anthony Barker
Anthony Barker Mese fa
I guess growing up in rural America my views are skewed... But I still hold that the I/O of any laptop 15" or bigger tops out at "decent" or less unless it has a built-in optical drive. The number of times I was traveling and thought "hey that's a cool new movie/game, I think I'll get that" shortly followed by "crap, I didn't pack my stupid USB optical drive" happened more times than I would really like. There are still many parts of the world where streaming just isn't a reality. What I would give for a 2021 refresh of the old Sony Vaio VPCZ 11, 13" laptop with i7, Nvidia GT130, and an optical drive. Now it's all "look at my new 17-inch laptop... It only has 1 USBC port... But they made it .5mm thinner :0"
William Pyle
William Pyle Mese fa
Just another review of a unavailable product. You should start reviewing real world products, instead of just showing us crap that only you rich, spoiled, elite's get to play with.
Chris Schmid
Chris Schmid Mese fa
Qwertz is the best keyboard language
Gundulmu Gaming
Gundulmu Gaming Mese fa
5:27 colossal Titan
TimeForHype Mese fa
Looks great, sounds like a jet engine. Can't ctrl Z with ease
TokenOtaku Mese fa
That rocketship is trying to lift off.
Lefteris Efremidis
Lefteris Efremidis Mese fa
I think that Alex, you should change your "little sarcastic laughter" attitude in any thing that you dont find "cool"..its just getting a little...rediculous, maybe? A few seconds of seriousness, during a presentation, does not hurt ...once in for thought!
Chris Kamper
Chris Kamper Mese fa
I'm from Austria and this is the keyboard layout we use here as well. :-) And thats the laptop I want to get, I've already registered for the XMG newsletter regarding availability.
Terryss Mese fa
"The most powerful laptop in the world": also not a desktop Ryzen cpu, not an MxM rtx 3080 :/
Kevin Dela Cruz
Kevin Dela Cruz Mese fa
anyone know when these models or the 17 will be available to the public? I'm planning on buying something this weekend, but I'd be more willing to wait to obtain a laptop that is backed by a company that says "we don't care if you max out your machine with our software, because we know it'll be okay" instead of manufacturers that say stuff like "don't do this or else lel, but we will let you anyways because we don't care"
Call me Olo
Call me Olo Mese fa
You don't need 16 GBs on your video card and it's a market trick man
afro disiac
afro disiac Mese fa
I'd just buy a keyboard I can usb to the laptop tbh. I don't want to use the keys to the laptop :) is that weird?
Eric Jones
Eric Jones Mese fa
They don’t even ship to the US that should have been stated in the video. Lame.
Lasse Vejrum
Lasse Vejrum Mese fa
Alex FFS pls discornnect the battery when you open op a laptop you know better
sirvemon Mese fa
I am a simple man. I see Madison, I click
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming Mese fa
Felipe E. Galindo
Felipe E. Galindo Mese fa
You guys should make a video on your inventory software
Apipoulaï Mese fa
4:59 Can we love Madison more?
Steve Miller
Steve Miller Mese fa
XMG NEO 17 XMG NEO 17 €3,336.00 incl. tax and excl. shipping 1 Availability in stock Delivery time plus 14-20 days
Steve Miller
Steve Miller Mese fa
Mechanical RGB keyboard | Silent | US/Arabic 101 (ISO) Didn'r you understand you can customize it lolol
Thomas Luggiero
Thomas Luggiero Mese fa
That 230Watt power supply is bullshit. It will overdraw more like 240-250Watts. In performance mode alone the eco 60Watt processor will draw up to 90Watts. Friggan take advantage of vapor chambers already.
Coury Swan
Coury Swan Mese fa
Are we at an airport? Damn this things goona lift off it's windy.. lolz.. but 80 + on gpu is goona make it ramp up that fan... Let's get a liquid cooling laptop dock
INSTRO Mese fa
How does the screen compare the the g15 screen ?
TRON D Mese fa
The speakers don't sound that bad- [Second laptop] I take that back, but let's be honest, 9/10 your using your own headphones
A IX Mese fa
Schnitzel laptop🇩🇪
M8 N8
M8 N8 Mese fa
This is probably best laptop of 2021(at least best buy), maybe Lenovo could do something with their Legion 5 (p) but I kinda feel they outsource their job to TongFang..
Medniex Mese fa
slight deja wu feel. Like I have heard most of the script of the review previously :D
Gnana Prakash
Gnana Prakash Mese fa
Wait how are you getting such high GPU usage on a 3080 even?!!
Nobody ?
Nobody ? Mese fa
Missing Linus in this video 😭😭
YouTube Kanal
YouTube Kanal Mese fa
I dont understand why e said he wouln't recommend this pc, it seeems everything he said was positive.
dy Mese fa
7:10 "Only" 500 gigabyte
dy Mese fa
Welcome to another episode of "Things that I cannot afford."
Sayan Chakraborty
Sayan Chakraborty Mese fa
Manufacturer: I gave you Ryzen 9 5900HX with RTX 3080 Max-P Short Circuit Team: Let's play fuckin' Valhem on it..!
L4D Mese fa
Msi ge76 is more powerful
Aleister Gein
Aleister Gein Mese fa
$3100 is going to be a tough sell. It does have some amazing components, but personally I'd save several hundred dollars and buy these components (or better) in a desktop configuration. The price is already significantly higher than what most people would pay for a laptop, and the type of person who would pay that much would expect a premium user experience. At this point, why not charge a few hundred dollars more and give the laptop a full aluminum chassis, a better keyboard, and speakers that aren't underwhelming?
J Z Mese fa
So if they cant do thunderboldt why not usb 4 it so it has the same speed?!
Austin Horne
Austin Horne Mese fa
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill Mese fa
I'd like to buy one but they don't even have prices in USD (or CAD) on their web site--only those weird Euro-things they use on that side of the pond.
Noodles Mese fa
Just don't buy stuff from our weird continent-thing then, problem solved. 👍
edvard0524 Mese fa
Is the 90+ degrees Celsius OK for the laptops? I get that laptops have more heat, but how much can you use the laptop if it's going to thermal throttle in an intense game?
Julian Cantarelli
Julian Cantarelli Mese fa
Your tshirt says TETON? That means "Big titie guy" in spanish.
Kai Sizzlink
Kai Sizzlink Mese fa
Yes more!
Conservative Skeptic
Conservative Skeptic Mese fa
Most powerful laptop? Nonsense. That's the XMG Apex 15 when configured with the 3950X.
Sihd Van Pacer
Sihd Van Pacer Mese fa
Es matcht meine Region!
S De Ruyter
S De Ruyter Mese fa
Disable CPU Boost, it's not needed for the AMD powerhouse. Your temps will drop by about 10c. It's a reg edit for disabling boost.
Michael Wanyoike
Michael Wanyoike Mese fa
Looking forward to Eluktronics MAX-17 comparison
tehgman2 Mese fa
Is this runescape? It looks like peanuts.
SASenglish Mese fa
those temps are awful tho. especially on the GPU
I love 2 learn
I love 2 learn Mese fa
THX certification -> "Speakers are mediocre" 🤣 So how did they cert this? xD
Bryan Tay
Bryan Tay Mese fa
Wow..... the laptop is so loud, thought there was a server running in the background!
you guys need to review the razer huntsman V2 analog
D4rk34g7e Mese fa
Wow, I hate this guy
lustlosisbesser sowiso
lustlosisbesser sowiso Mese fa
If you don`t want this laptop ich kann es gut gebrauchen
gameflux Mese fa
Cool !
Someone Keadan
Someone Keadan Mese fa
The Asus g17 and zephyrus surpass this at sleeping with 5% betray not fully !!! What are taking about !!! Are you series ???
cancer fish
cancer fish Mese fa
Man. I wish laptop manufacturers that have good build quality actually cared about putting in the best hardware like they claim they do.. Ahem. *Alienware*
Abhi RRD
Abhi RRD Mese fa
A V Mese fa
This guy is intolerable
Nathanael Walton
Nathanael Walton Mese fa
No logo is so beautiful wow
Ananasdisaster Mese fa
Dort blame madison... i wanna see more from her
Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez Mese fa
Lame Looks like gateway version from Walmart
Mese fa
Ja diese Kommentarsektion gehört nun der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
rayzimmermin Mese fa
over 90 c on the CPU wow when dose scion melt again i would be freaking if i saw temps over 75 c
Brennen Cox
Brennen Cox Mese fa
3:27 Who cares if the bottom is plastic, you really never touch the bottom of your laptop anyways.
Stevan Djumic
Stevan Djumic Mese fa
Windows key and -/+ keys controls the magnifier.
eyomme1 Mese fa
I hate to be that guy but I like to call out the entire LMG. The amount of misinformations on your videos recently have been getting out of hand. I mean, if you're gonna make a review of something, at least make an effort to know the facts about that product instead of relying on making corrections during the editing of your videos. Look at how austin's crew corrects his mistakes on cam. You have maybe at least 5 people responsible in making a single video and none of them was able to correct what the presenter was saying during the shoot? I know you guys can do better than that
sunny steve
sunny steve Mese fa
FINALLY A TONGFANG LAPTOP Real geeks would understand why this is in caps. Edit: they are extremelt underrated, esp the cooling and price
infonator07 Mese fa
Hmmm, didn't he notice that this cooling system was not adequate when he game tested this laptop? The CPU went to 93 degree C and GPU ~87 degrees. That's considered hot...
magnificatorig Mese fa
Its not wrong, its ISO instead of ANSI. I cannot type on ANSI :D
Accessless Mese fa
iFixit kit did not explode upon opening... Unacceptable
TheWalkingCanadian Mese fa
I was hoping for threadripper
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer Mese fa
... Ti ... version XD
Chris Mese fa
I might have missed it, was there a price mentioned at all?
Snuff Radu
Snuff Radu Mese fa
I need that wallpaper.
Arbaaz Siddiqui
Arbaaz Siddiqui Mese fa
I don't know, man. this dude is so clumsy. i don't want to hate him but he's making me to.
Endangered Species
Endangered Species Mese fa
Max Pee? 😆 😂 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Bruno Fontoura
Bruno Fontoura Mese fa
Has brand new 3080 Laptop....plays Valheim for benchmark.....
Nimrod levy
Nimrod levy Mese fa
its stupid to say "the most powerful laptop we have ever unboxed" because as time go, there will always be "a most powerful laptop" so its kinda stupid.
John r
John r Mese fa
me hear the fans. my brain "I remember my poor g750 =( "
Luis Mese fa
Boooo we want anything just give the channel to Anthony
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