This laser is FRICKEN HUGE!!! - Trotec Speedy 400

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Thanks to Trotec for sponsoring this video! Contact them for a free laser demo and more information about their laser engravers at
Laser engraving machines aren't anything new but when you've got something this premium it makes us a wee bit interested as it's not just speedy, it's really powerful. Also, we use it to make memes.
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ShortCircuit Mese fa
Some clarification: I DO use laser glasses AND have an enclosure on my laser -- I called them sunglasses in the moment is all. The eye issue I note may or may not be related, according to my ophthalmologist. -Colin
Eric Simpson
Eric Simpson Mese fa
@PsychoLucario - this is a accurate. The toxic risk is when a lens shatters.
Eric Simpson
Eric Simpson Mese fa
@Eric E - coming from a guy that has access to a 9kW Amada fiber laser, you’d be right about losing limbs and being killed by it being basically unlikely. However, muppet hobbyists are blinded every year with that attitude. Pets, people, etc. need to be extremely cautious with a machine that isn’t fully enclosed and interlocked. Your retinas can be smoked on a 500mW laser in a tenth of a second. This machine is 40x that powerful. Long story short - it doesn’t have much power compared to an industrial laser but instant blindness, even from an errant reflection, is absolutely a credible threat.
PsychoLucario Mese fa
@Skyhausmann the outer case for the laser sources should be cleaned of toxic materials, so him touching it should be fine
AO Mese fa
@Reaper Operator me too. I almost missed this entirely.
Captain Eddie
Captain Eddie Mese fa
For people that never use a laser cutter before, danger is not the laser shooting directly into your eye, it's the bright spark when the laser is burning the material, it's more visible when the laser is constantly on and cutting a material slowly.
Rizki Farhan
Rizki Farhan 18 giorni fa
Yeah cool machine. But for what purpose??
Stephen Amundson
Stephen Amundson 23 giorni fa
As always, all the shit I never knew I wanted for all the stuff I never thought I'd want to use it for.
Shubham Bhendarkar
Shubham Bhendarkar 29 giorni fa
Colin is good on camera, good job dude. Hoping that we have the next part of the table pc soon.
Terryss Mese fa
ReefMimic Mese fa
That’s what she said
Justin Rowan
Justin Rowan Mese fa
Man... here I am in my garage with a 100W Chinese machine drooling over over stuff I'll never be able to afford.
hognof Mese fa
QC - My landlord lmao
mx1701 Mese fa
We want Linus!
Lucas Kraus
Lucas Kraus Mese fa
Custom modding channel?
Andrew Mese fa
That's faster than my inkjet printer.
tutacat Mese fa
Sounds a tiny bit like a william osman video
Hex Mese fa
I was just watching this video I realised that a cosmetic trial piece of the LTT waterblock for the desk pc was lying inside
Eli Kennedy
Eli Kennedy Mese fa
This was an AWESOME short circuit episode!
神山早崎 Mese fa
So when are they going to water cool it?
Bobcat665 Mese fa
Custom etched CPU heat spreaders!!!
Ben Zuckier
Ben Zuckier Mese fa
* brags about acceleration * * talks about speed * Hmm
Tiago Belo
Tiago Belo Mese fa
You know what, I like Colin, explained things well, knows perfectly what he's doing and doesn't mind sharing the stories of where that knowledge comes from.
Dark Meme10
Dark Meme10 Mese fa
No nobody is going to talk about that extra X on 8:55 lol
Justin B.
Justin B. Mese fa
Grown men wearing hats with flat brims and stickers on them makes me so angry
Lividmatter Mese fa
We have one of those in our highschool.
Pihrana Mese fa
Really enjoyed this video. Not that I don't enjoy the others, but........ You get what I mean....
Rémi Héneault
Rémi Héneault Mese fa
LTT is full of *really* talented people. Colin and Alex are so versatile in engineering and machining, it's impressive.
gameflux Mese fa
Cool !
Vice Presi
Vice Presi Mese fa
Just to be clear For a co2 laser clear acrylic is fine for blocking the radiation. The co2 or rf lasers are very short wave lengths, that's why they can cut clear materials. These wave lengths are blocked just fine by acrylic. The fiber laser requires special glass/acrylic. Not just some rando yellow acrylic. Trotec is using the correct acrylic there. Fiber lasers are long wave length and will pass through normal acrylic. At work we mark part numbers with fiber lasers that go a lot faster than this and are quite a bit more powerful. They use actual glass that is specially tinted to block the reflection of the fiber lasers.
mrbunnylamakins Mese fa
I would love to see a group project using that beast. Even Board Etching.
Giovanni P.
Giovanni P. Mese fa
The real question is how does a mirror work? Really..?
UkGamingNation Mese fa
Im really enjoying these type of vids. I really want LTT as a whole to do more videos focusing on the manufacturing/fabrication of builds.
sxybasturd Mese fa
Approx price? And how well on glass?
Thomas Kervran
Thomas Kervran Mese fa
Am I the only one that can't concentrate with that deeply catchy music in the background ? It feels like the casey k frey and DVBBS GOMF feat. BRIDGE music and I can't stop but grooving
EssenceofPureFlavor Mese fa
Brian Jackman
Brian Jackman Mese fa
Keeping your optics clean... See movie Real Genius
Marko Kamp
Marko Kamp Mese fa
I can confirm, those things actually do catch on fire.
Jared Huch
Jared Huch Mese fa
It makes me sad that this video didn't perform as well as other ShortCircuit content b/c it was one of my favorites. I really enjoyed the more technical run through. Also, watching people geek out over something they legitimately love is super entertaining to me. More Colin on camera, please!
ansonx10 Mese fa
Colin's sibilance at like 6kHz is painful.
Soniclab Mese fa
Wow colin... that is soooo fast. omg
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Mese fa
This is like the most factual guy on LTT. It’s nice though. Like watching a video interpretation of a pop up science book.
Dirt Rocket
Dirt Rocket Mese fa
For such an advanced chunk of tech, it somehow still looks like it was designed and produced in 1986.
Nicholas Mozdzier
Nicholas Mozdzier Mese fa
Seemed like Collin was a little out of his depth with this one. The explanations were mostly pointless. If you want to make a video explaining more in depth how the laser works, that's great, or expect the audience to know how the laser works already, that's fine too I guess. But this mix is just a waste of time. If you aren't gonna be able to adequately explain it, just spend more time making cool things with it instead. In general it seems like you guys are losing your touch a bit with what the audience is expected to know. It's a good thing James was there, he seems to be more in tune with what the audience knows.
Stu Poole
Stu Poole Mese fa
That is NOT how you use lens cleaning tissue!
Ryan Mattison
Ryan Mattison Mese fa
Love seeing something related to my occupation. I mostly run waterjet machines, but also do laser etching/cutting, CAD, and other fabrication.
proton recuva
proton recuva Mese fa
JV Garric20
JV Garric20 Mese fa
Etch several hours of aluminum followed by several hours of stainless steel, let me know how that goes.
linglin92 Mese fa
it's interesting to see comic sans LTTSTORE.COM in 3:22
jack00scarecrow Mese fa
would it be faster if the object was scanned and place in the machine in landscape orientation, so the laser would have longer passes and less back and forth?
Močnik Royale
Močnik Royale Mese fa
Sawta Mese fa
This is so frigging cool! Man, I know it's going to hurt to see how much these things are, but I have got to know.
Grrizz Mese fa
Blaze Mese fa
Dickbutt in 2021...
Rafael S
Rafael S Mese fa
Am I the only one who did the rewind gesture like 15 times at the very beginning of the video? 🤔
Danny Corona
Danny Corona Mese fa
With that machine being able to do circuit boards, I'm hoping there will be cool projects coming and people could order the boards through services. I wonder if a partnership with Adafruit should be considered.
John Crabtree
John Crabtree Mese fa
"This is a dickbutt" Look man, if we needed to be told that then we're on the wrong channel.
Megalomon Mese fa
Thumbs up for the Dickbutt.
Paul Plöchl
Paul Plöchl Mese fa
Trotec is a Company from Austria, my Homeland
Jindra Vysocký
Jindra Vysocký Mese fa
End card: Quality control - My landlord 😂😂
Astro143_ Mese fa
I love the workshop videos! More plz
plamshaw Mese fa
me just thinking of @styropyro during this
Prism Glider
Prism Glider Mese fa
Dang that title change though, it's a shame youtubers have to try so many different things to see what sticks
Jasper Vandenameele
Jasper Vandenameele Mese fa
Wow that hat is ugly
Trotek 1
Trotek 1 Mese fa
00:20 No problem
Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett Mese fa
This is such ultimate tech, I'm glad you guys made a video about it and introduced us to this sweet device. Maybe I'll have to get a prosumer version and begin experimenting!
whe 3ls
whe 3ls Mese fa
Trotec lasers are awesome. I have 2 speedy 300's at my work.
Samira Peri
Samira Peri Mese fa
Sharks with FRIGGING LAZORZ on their heads!
Kiril Dimitrov
Kiril Dimitrov Mese fa
Good job Colin. More Colin on camera please
David Schaftenaar
David Schaftenaar Mese fa
2028: In other news today, chip-manufacturer TSMC has once again lost market share to it's Canadian competitor LTT.
James Rounding
James Rounding Mese fa
We had a supplier that did some laser work for us. The tolerance they can hold with those machines is amazing. We were cutting 2 inch long slots with a width of between .008” and .011” in 316 rectangular tubing. The only problem with them is the heat affected zone kind of like a welder or plasma. Because of that our work piece turned into a banana the first time we cut it.
Romeo Kaljurand
Romeo Kaljurand Mese fa
love your vids
krayZz94 Mese fa
And its not cheap 😅😅😅
Tyler Epler
Tyler Epler Mese fa
bruh imma need yall to hit the 0 key on the numpad quite a few times and laugh your ass off
Georg F
Georg F Mese fa
7:13 Are these standard wire colors for canada? They are like this in Germany. Where is this machine built? Edit: For those interrested: Blue is neutral, brown is hot, yellow/green is safety ground. Safety ground is kept isolated from neutral to allow for a GFCI to work.
K40 Keller
K40 Keller Mese fa
Wow, what a great Machine!
Peter Müller
Peter Müller Mese fa
Great video!
Tomislav Cinac
Tomislav Cinac Mese fa
After seeing all the equipment you guys have and use - I chose to believe all the amateurism we see in videos which include using them is just planned for "comedic" effect. I hope...
OprahsKankles Mese fa
The permissible farm hopefully mix because plough arthroscopically juggle but a zany rise. unkempt, symptomatic pansy
Gage Schlagel
Gage Schlagel Mese fa
My wife has the same lunchbox!! Not sure why he’s wearing it on his head though🤔
PsychoLucario Mese fa
More Lasers More Better US Military: Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!
Thunder Technology Media
Thunder Technology Media Mese fa
that what she said
BoosT Mese fa
yooo i have never sen this guy be a host before, whats his name again? i have onlt seen him in the background
Ben M
Ben M Mese fa
A what? This is gross. Not very Christian. I thought this was a wholesome channel. Thumbs down.
Nick Roosevelt
Nick Roosevelt Mese fa
It's not a "loading" bar, it's a progress bar.
Karan Shah
Karan Shah Mese fa
This is so cool too watch.
Brett Mese fa
Sounds like wrong tool for the job, a cnc router could the water reservoir in 1/20th of the time for 1/50th of the cost
Dorian Sanders
Dorian Sanders Mese fa
Haha niche ave reference
ala jibril
ala jibril Mese fa
Supersix231 Mese fa
Please limit his video hosting. Good content, horrible hositng.]
N R Mese fa
so cool.
Cameron Tacklind
Cameron Tacklind Mese fa
Don't spend too much time etching PCBs on a laser. There are plenty of very fast and inexpensive services that are plenty fast. In the California Bay Area, I can send ~$120 to fab on Saturday night and have boards in hand on Tuesday.
Cavallo Mese fa
I got a glowforge add before this video lol
Dhiram Buch
Dhiram Buch Mese fa
They changed thumbnail because people ain't watching it, So now it's a clickbait 😂
Smart Potato
Smart Potato Mese fa
Chungusyi.. I like it.
iplanttrees8875 Mese fa
Corntact?! Uncle Bumblefuck would be proud.
Nobock Mese fa
i use a similar machine and yes it's amazing !
Cesar Alvarez
Cesar Alvarez Mese fa
This was a full review! And I love it I hope in the future I can have this machine
Brian Phillips
Brian Phillips Mese fa
You desperately need to get a galvo driven fiber laser. Speed is much faster and way smaller. sidenote: the IPG fiber source in this Trotec is pretty trash, the spot size is big and dirty
ShowXTech Mese fa
Since you already know that it is a diode laser the correct name would be loser, light oscillation by stimulated emission of radiation Diode lasers can also reach high powers, in the visible spectrum, professional showlasers can deliver up to 50w or more
Zaki Aoi
Zaki Aoi Mese fa
we can't afford this.
Alexandru Munteanu
Alexandru Munteanu Mese fa
Ugh Audioengine A5? They should be like dinosaurs.Exctinct!
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries Mese fa
I think the original thumbnail was better.
IRazerI Ghost
IRazerI Ghost Mese fa
Nice video love the variety of videos on here
midoribushi Mese fa
this is pretty freaking awesome, and Colin's presentation was both calm and entertaining not to mention easy to follow. Bring him on for more of this type of content! Plus, more lasers are always better!
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