I'm so comfortable!!! - ACER Predator OSIM Gaming Chair

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Gaming chairs, are they really comfortable? OSIM a large massage chair company popular around the world worked with Acer Predator to make something unique to keep you relaxed if you get knocked out early in the round.
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Gustavo Pereira
Gustavo Pereira Giorno fa
He just put the Brazilian anthem to play. Good taste
Alexander Welborn
Alexander Welborn Giorno fa
Ok I believe these two could legitimately accidentally get pregnant
Jabu Giorno fa
"I cannot find the hole" "Where is the hole, i cannot find the hole" "Why is this so hard" "You just push... just bang it" "I cannot screw more" "I found the hole, insertion is complete" "Just stop moving around, stop moving around too much" Linus couldnt have written this script any better than these 2 just winging it.
Jabu Giorno fa
Need a new series of just dennis and madison. I would watch every last episode of that.
shrek Lord
shrek Lord Giorno fa
More Dennis!!!!!
This is Error404
This is Error404 2 giorni fa
the edit bro its insane
Mateus Berger
Mateus Berger 2 giorni fa
Why Brazil's national anthem are playing?
Navdeep Singh
Navdeep Singh 3 giorni fa
Dennis need to get laid, and not with Linus and Yuvan..
Giaco Mo
Giaco Mo 3 giorni fa
Jian Yang is really good at unboxing
Lymer 3 giorni fa
Hmm, yes, tricky choice - but I think I'm gonna have to stick with me £15 kitchen table chair, and save the rest of the budget so that I can pay my next few months of rent...
Shlok Savjani
Shlok Savjani 4 giorni fa
Dennis should host a rog reboot Would be lit
Jorge Chau
Jorge Chau 4 giorni fa
More Dennis videos please!!
m varez
m varez 4 giorni fa
i nearly spat my water when i saw the price. WHAT.
Ricardo Ribeiro
Ricardo Ribeiro 4 giorni fa
"All the way back, and let's play some music" - PROCEEDS TO PLAY BRAZIL'S NATIONAL ANTHEM LOL I'm dying
Awesome Man
Awesome Man 6 giorni fa
make denis the chair reviewer he is better oh and get him a bunch of massageing things to review
Bruno Hespanhol
Bruno Hespanhol 6 giorni fa
The music he played is Brasil National anthem
Bardo Espinosa
Bardo Espinosa 6 giorni fa
9:00 was he in the hospital or something?
Curox X
Curox X 6 giorni fa
Dennis and Madison is definitely the best duo i’ve seen from LMG, need more of this
Bernardo Zirpoli
Bernardo Zirpoli 9 giorni fa
whats up with the brazilian anthem?
eggy 9 giorni fa
gonna be 1000% honest here; i was a little worried about dennis hosting a video because of his thick accent, but he actually did a fantastic job here! dennis is hilarious, keep it up! :D
Sam k
Sam k 9 giorni fa
ok we need dennis in all videos from now on
Aashay Nandoskar
Aashay Nandoskar 10 giorni fa
Now just imagine Dennis and Madison building a pc under Linus' guidance. Oh the chaos!!!!
Frixwar 11 giorni fa
I'm buying this.
Robert Binkowski
Robert Binkowski 15 giorni fa
Listen to it with no Video. It sounds very inappropriate 😂
Mohammad Afride
Mohammad Afride 15 giorni fa
I demand a chair review war
Frank R. Haugen
Frank R. Haugen 16 giorni fa
Did they get her on purpose to get all the "dirty joles"? :-P
Owen Yin
Owen Yin 16 giorni fa
this is the most chaotic energy I’ve ever seen in any video on any LTT channel, I think, and I’m all for it
Chris Collins
Chris Collins 17 giorni fa
Okay, these two have better chemistry than I thought. Two people learning and having fun. Awesome.
Sanidhya Patel
Sanidhya Patel 17 giorni fa
The editors randomly adding Dennis' "GAMING" slomo made this video 1000x better
Nick Sparrow Studios
Nick Sparrow Studios 17 giorni fa
You what else is big? *My NODE MODULES*
Medalion 17 giorni fa
Mirsad Redzovic
Mirsad Redzovic 18 giorni fa
I fancy Madison. There. I said it.
ass man
ass man 20 giorni fa
what desk is that in the background I want it
Koobluh 21 giorno fa
This was unexpectedly hilarious - nice work whoever edited it!
Walti Schelly
Walti Schelly 21 giorno fa
And they said people with glasses are smart..
rjc0234 21 giorno fa
innuendo bingo.
Yukon Willeh
Yukon Willeh 21 giorno fa
someone could take the audio from this and do ... funny things with it
Yvon Cui
Yvon Cui 22 giorni fa
three seconds in. I'm gone.
R Lopez
R Lopez 22 giorni fa
Short Circuit means nothing to me now, unless Dennis is hosting. The only honest reviews come from him, all others are essentially libel.
W.D. Stevens
W.D. Stevens 22 giorni fa
I never thought I'd see a video that would rival the How to Hide Your Porn video for raw sexual innuendo.
Anonymous 23 giorni fa
TalanSouthway 23 giorni fa
Dennis? DenNICE! Love it, insertion of enjoyment into my person is complete
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson 23 giorni fa
Dennis Tech Tips
Raymond Reddington
Raymond Reddington 23 giorni fa
That kinda sounded like a show for adults, if you know what I mean. 😂 But weird and nasty one. lol
Gal Grünfeld
Gal Grünfeld 24 giorni fa
The amount of innuendo is this video is incredible.
Bodhi Yonzon
Bodhi Yonzon 25 giorni fa
dennis should do regular massage reviews. lol
Henrique Misael
Henrique Misael 25 giorni fa
Why did he put the Brazilian National Anthem to play in the chair speakers?
LightningXG 25 giorni fa
That intro was outta pocket and so was 4:28 and 4:44
Fippity Flopper
Fippity Flopper 25 giorni fa
I like how the company double down on this gentleman’s love for comfort! 💕♥️💗💖💞
Karaf 26 giorni fa
Didn't get half of what he said xD
Stryker Nine
Stryker Nine 26 giorni fa
3:50; and here we have two members of the homo sapien family having their first encounter with tools. In a few years their proficiency wth basic tools may give them a leg up in this evlolutionary race.
Mr. Mad Lad
Mr. Mad Lad 26 giorni fa
"Hole, Tight, Find the Hole, slide it in, I found the hole, I'm coming in, Insertion complete, Manscape" My vocabulary is increasing.
SnowCYYCling 26 giorni fa
Hey M.Dogg is pretty cool
jjolmyun 26 giorni fa
Lucas Cecatto
Lucas Cecatto 27 giorni fa
Rocket Moose
Rocket Moose 27 giorni fa
drw dry
drw dry 27 giorni fa
Yes! Do it! The M-chair-man denis! Mcm denis! Will watch and like every time. Make sure to pair with madison for more funny hole line.
Nick Frost
Nick Frost 27 giorni fa
Imagine Dennis and Madison together helping Linus doing something. I need to see that video now.
Brayan Tessaro
Brayan Tessaro 27 giorni fa
Out of nowhere ** Brazil's national anthem starts at 6:55 **
Muhammad Jimmy Ramadhan
Muhammad Jimmy Ramadhan 27 giorni fa
go denisss take over the chanel😂
Bottleflask 27 giorni fa
7:50 its on sale for a duzen dollars!
Caitlyn Horne
Caitlyn Horne 28 giorni fa
Dennis Chair Tips when
Maximums Decimus Meridius
Maximums Decimus Meridius 28 giorni fa
This episode was for a new series "Linus Sex Tips"
Larry Z
Larry Z 28 giorni fa
Sherry Armstrong
Sherry Armstrong 28 giorni fa
acer know need to make a flexable computer desk where can lay back in the chair and play
Paul Vail
Paul Vail 28 giorni fa
Immediately has to look up what 110kg is in all American pounds. (242 pounds)
Dead Dog
Dead Dog 29 giorni fa
no one: 300,000 people: Watching a chair unboxing even though they won't buy it
Dead Dog
Dead Dog 29 giorni fa
*G E M M E N G*
m1kepro 29 giorni fa
I wasn't gonna watch another video about a chair. I'm glad I watched it for the innuendo alone.
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 29 giorni fa
Dennis' English not only improved a whole lot, but he became epic reviewer too. The last video review i remember he did was the karaoke microphone one lol. Huge improvement. Dennis next chair reviewer.
Samuel Slavkovský
Samuel Slavkovský 29 giorni fa
My favorite hosts in one video! :
qhlau86 29 giorni fa
When are you guys going to review Secretlab chairs?
Brian Scheg
Brian Scheg 29 giorni fa
It's been a week without a dennis episode... Please create spin off with him
jtn2002 29 giorni fa
Madison and Dennis is just AMAZING!
dlang6487 29 giorni fa
More Madison and Dennis please!!!
OG Mese fa
It feels like Michael Scott wrote this episode
toastynotes Mese fa
5:19: "let's talk about something more important" Acer: :(
Red Mese fa
Massage chair, or an index *think*
Nikhil Pillai
Nikhil Pillai Mese fa
Oh my god Madison + Dennis is max chaos, I love it
Toni R.
Toni R. Mese fa
10/10 editing
Alex Wright
Alex Wright Mese fa
5:50 "I like massaging myself at home" You and me both...
Soviet Doge
Soviet Doge Mese fa
*_0:01_**_ that's what she said_*
Kevin Mohr
Kevin Mohr Mese fa
Steve is gonna rip this chair a new asshole.
The_Cosmo Mese fa
Dennis hosted his own video on his relative lonesome? Is this a first?
Medalion Mese fa
Dude's been improving his english enough to feel confident to host his own videos now
Jonatas Wesley Calixto Gonçalves
Jonatas Wesley Calixto Gonçalves Mese fa
I had never imagined to listen the Brazilian Nation Anthem in a Chair Review, hahaha
Anthony Chang
Anthony Chang Mese fa
Still buy sth useless lol
Kevin Idleman
Kevin Idleman Mese fa
Make sure to be yourself, Dennis!
Cris n Mary Fam
Cris n Mary Fam Mese fa
Im glad you guys picked her up. She fits in with the rest of you like shes been here the entire time. I dont think you could have possibly found a more perfect fit.
CDB Mese fa
Easily top 5 unusual places to find the brazilian anthem being played, even more so as "chill music".
TheDamnedRey Mese fa
Dennis: Did u find the hole? Im coming in... dude
M F Mese fa
Dennis always makes the show entertaining whenever he is on. Please let's see more of Dennis :)
Ian Visser
Ian Visser Mese fa
Dennis chair reviews
Ian Visser
Ian Visser Mese fa
110 kg is waaay too low for the target demographic. They should have supported up to 150kg
Ian Visser
Ian Visser Mese fa
The ass airbags are always awkward for massage chairs
Ian Visser
Ian Visser Mese fa
I prefer my full body massage chair, Put wheels on it and now its my desk chair
Goriza Mese fa
nice chair
Antônio Augusto
Antônio Augusto Mese fa
Brazillian National Anthem starts playing: Me: I Must answer, Always!
Sidharth Mese fa
I can't find the hole. Oh it's so tight in here. Just bang it. It's so hard. Insertion is complete. Just by listening the audio I felt like watching some roleplay video.
João Guilherme
João Guilherme Mese fa
Wait, why were Dennis listening to Brazil's National Anthem?
Dariusito Mese fa
That's... That's a lot of holes
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