They fit an NVIDIA 3080 in THIS!!! - XMG Pro 17

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26 giorni fa

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NVIDIA's 3080 is a hot commodity, and it's a big video card. XMG + Clevo managed to fit it into a small compact gaming laptop, and well, it makes things a bit interesting.
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2011Kestrel 5 ore fa
I swear I heard this laptop’s fans running hard throughout this vid. The sound was so noticeable that I thought it was coming from my laptop at first.
Wekki Meif
Wekki Meif 3 giorni fa
What is the point of adding RTX 3080 in laptop and only giving it around 100 wats at best? When normally the card is meant to use 300 - 400+ wats depending of gpu clock speeds.
DifferentView 8 giorni fa
I can't stand this crab song anymore :x
Kanan Adilzada
Kanan Adilzada 15 giorni fa
*max q design
danwat1234 18 giorni fa
Don't use liquid metal thermal paste! Wears out! Use a good non-conductive non-drying one like mx-4 rated for a 7 years longevity..
danwat1234 18 giorni fa
Oh my god! Only six fins per fan to cool it!!???
John Doe
John Doe 18 giorni fa
Aren't these just re-badged clevos?
Dusk 19 giorni fa
Uh, no. No, they didn't. The mobile 3080 is too cut down to count imo.
Jon Allen
Jon Allen 19 giorni fa
or that number is for the Motherboard RAM installed.
Jon Allen
Jon Allen 19 giorni fa
i am 6 minutes into the video and I see the GPU has 32 GB of VRAM.... ? ?
Ckhomphzxs Paul
Ckhomphzxs Paul 20 giorni fa
You captured my heart, you're really cute guy🤩, you're very attractive,🌡️🥵
Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!! 20 giorni fa
end it si gooon spuf ... cripi... pow not pipi pow ... lol minig and ader things. yealiqude mwt corosiv !!!! poink . neaaa
Boden Ständig
Boden Ständig 20 giorni fa
You certainly do want crisp text when doing office work or surfing the web, so the resolution can never be high enough. You'll have to up the scaling, of course.
Korbinian Knestel
Korbinian Knestel 21 giorno fa
German Keyboard is the best
Just NJaG
Just NJaG 21 giorno fa
Robert Clark
Robert Clark 21 giorno fa
17" is perfect size. 1440p sounds just like whati need and at 17" it would be great. Full kb and the track pad is its about as good as it gets except it is missing a Bluray drive/writer.
Maquette Music
Maquette Music 21 giorno fa
XMG is the best value for money and strongest laptop you can get honestly. Have the fusion and its a monster.
Osama Almnini
Osama Almnini 22 giorni fa
bkground musc 2 loud
Elvir Nuhanovic
Elvir Nuhanovic 22 giorni fa
...i think it is choking when sitting on a mausmatt. Since it is a 17 inch I think most people would have it somewhere on a desk not moving much and equipped with a stand to get have a better cooling. I would have liked to see if it makes a difference if you have it on a stand and then compare the temps.
Mayank Saxena
Mayank Saxena 22 giorni fa
Hilty 22 giorni fa
I almost unfollowed, then I seen Sunshine Village! LTT group has me for another decade!
Dany Bejera
Dany Bejera 22 giorni fa
i own a xmg apex and it is great for gaming and for engineering just a bit loud. score on cinabench are amazing much beater then a alianware for half the price and 4TB...
HANUNIJA 22 giorni fa
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Cakey Bakey
Cakey Bakey 22 giorni fa
Is this good for gaming?
iau 22 giorni fa
All those people shitting on the low wattage 3070s and 3080s, I guess this is what you guys want 😂
whiteandnerdytuba 22 giorni fa
3060 performance for 3080 pricing. Awesome
BurntFaceMan 22 giorni fa
17inch screen "wow its so huge, its a massive screen". Nope its a 17inch screen. Thats about it, it's 17 inches, and is neither bigger nor smaller than 17inch. So that's kinda an odd statement
Edensuko V
Edensuko V 22 giorni fa
Damn those fans are loud.
Frenz Ulstor
Frenz Ulstor 22 giorni fa
Try terraforming in valheim and we can see the cpu temps rise
Foxden 22 giorni fa
wow, those fans, sounds like my razer
D. C.
D. C. 22 giorni fa
I guess this is proof the reactions are unrehearsed?
Alexandru Stefan Miron
Alexandru Stefan Miron 22 giorni fa
You are blocking the left hand side vent with the power cable.
Anant S.
Anant S. 22 giorni fa
WvnDesign 23 giorni fa
Lockinhind danger
Lockinhind danger 23 giorni fa
Tuned by soundblaster **music starts blasting with ghetto sound quality.**
FructoseComa 23 giorni fa
i have an oooold xmg i bought because they sponsored the league of legends LCS a long time ago (gtx675m). it hasnt died yet!
Tom Haerinck
Tom Haerinck 23 giorni fa
3070 vs 3080
Sapioit 23 giorni fa
3070 vs 3080
Chris 23 giorni fa
Where's Dawid and his gaming benchmarks??? That's all I hear in the background :D
NeroKoso 23 giorni fa
Nope. They didn't.
Phillip Morrison
Phillip Morrison 23 giorni fa
300hz in a laptop with a 3080? If it had a better trackpad and keyboard I would be all over that
B007 23 giorni fa
Wow, this is a perfect replacement for my fireplace.
Tyler Swidler
Tyler Swidler 23 giorni fa
I’m so used to Jay’s ifixit ads this feels wrong
TNT_Michael 23 giorni fa
Und mall wieder ist das VATTERLAND in einem SC Video!!
Bip Bop
Bip Bop 23 giorni fa
I wish it wasn't just the 2 buttons, but the 3 buttons. 3 finger tap for middle mouse click just isn't reliable like physical buttons. Lots of "clickable" trackpads are too easy to break or come not seated correctly from the factory. However, I expect a more mainstream viewpoint from LTT where function and K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) is valued less. By expect, I mean I find it educational in the less rational aspects of general humanity.
Seán O'Nilbud
Seán O'Nilbud 23 giorni fa
Horrific audio fail.
mja mo
mja mo 23 giorni fa
Background music was so annoying couldn’t go past one minute 😐
ALT0137 23 giorni fa
Why the 8 bit color? :/
Avalon2040 23 giorni fa
Actually the 3070 vs 3080 laptop would be great - Wife is in the market this year for a new laptop
gameflux 23 giorni fa
Cool !
Ludus Artifex
Ludus Artifex 23 giorni fa
Da ein QWERTZ Format verbaut ist, ist dieser Kommentarbereich ab nun Eigentum der Bundesrebublick Deutschland (GmbH).
SprayArtist 23 giorni fa
It's it bad in not interested in any of these since they haven't moved onto arm based processors????
KerrangR 24 giorni fa
I always feel like this dude is trying so hard to make his voice sound deep thats why he doesnt open his mouth and speaks through his teeth
randomclips1511 24 giorni fa
two things: use a ryzen 5600x and open up the hardware for user undervolting and this thing COULD actually be a success
Hofdorithor 24 giorni fa
yes 3070 vs 3080
Sergei Alejandro
Sergei Alejandro 24 giorni fa
save your money and buy a pc in a couple of months, laptops are just not for gaming.
andy bak
andy bak 24 giorni fa
If the 3080 laptop isn't good the miners have a shelf for it to sit on... and it's gone
Quinton Lawman
Quinton Lawman 24 giorni fa
That mouse mat has to hold heat more than the surface of your table. I don't know how much of a difference it makes, but it's probably not nothing. :-)
crash test dummy
crash test dummy 24 giorni fa
you forgot to put the 3080 in quotation marks
XMG 24 giorni fa
Hello ShortCircuit fans, XMG is here live from Taiwan and Germany - ask us anything! :-) Some feedback on the review units: the keyboard wobblyness might be indeed due to being a pre-production sample. The tooling of the chassis itself is pretty solid (it's already in its 2nd generation), but the keyboard was a new SKU because we switched from single-zone backlight to per-key RGB. Normally, the keyboard of XMG PRO series get pretty good reviews out of mass production. It's not quite on Lenovo Thinkpad level, but it normally should provide a consistent experience thanks to the good key travel despite the slim body. Meanwhile, have my upvote for the full comparison of RTX 3070 vs. RTX 3080. You might also find out that while the temps in 'Performance' mode do approach the respective temp targets (over 90°C for Intel, exactly 87°C for NVIDIA), the system shouldn't really thermal throttle too much unless you're in a pure 100% synthetic stress test (such as Furmark+Prime). If anyone is interested, on the sample with RTX 3080 we had 4025 Points in Cinebench R20 Multi and 8475 Points in Unigine Superposition 4K Optimized before we sent them to LMG. :-) Cheers! // Tom
XMG 22 giorni fa
@Frenz Ulstor No, but there are other BTO resellers in SEA such as AftershockPC and Illegear. // Tom
Frenz Ulstor
Frenz Ulstor 22 giorni fa
Do you guys sell your stuff in SEA?
XMG 23 giorni fa
@MB V Where do you use these laptops? On Mercury in raw sunlight? :D No no, I hear you! Our brightest panels are at the moment the 4K panels, both in XMG PRO 15 and PRO 17. They go well beyond 400 nits. // Tom
MB V 23 giorni fa
I like your stuff and had a XMG C504. Only reason why I currentlly do not use an XMG is display brightness. If you would bring a XMG Core / Neo with a 240hz HDR400/600 screen you could take my money. Service, support, customizability, etc. is great at XMG but I just can't handle dark screens below 400 Nits in a Notebook.
Øystein 24 giorni fa
Yeah... I also bet the temp goes down atleast 10-20°C or more by just putting on better thermal paste. That has atleast happened on every laptop I have done it on
CAO Designworks
CAO Designworks 24 giorni fa
I've only ever used a 17in. laptop and/ or an 18in. laptop when HP offered one.). And I always thought that was the normal size people purchased until videos like this, where they make a deal out of the screen size.
Felix Belanger
Felix Belanger 24 giorni fa
lol... who the heck thought it was a good idea to have Creative "tune" the sound on that laptop
Felix Belanger
Felix Belanger 23 giorni fa
@XMG absolutely right, I've just had horrible personal experience with Creative in the past which is why my comment was so harsh... THX are better but certainly not perfect either. Thank you for taking the time to reply
XMG 24 giorni fa
Creative adds a software to tweak the speakers further and to add some base. It's not a very user-friendly product strategy to be honest - but it's what we have right now. It seems like both THX and Creative are pushing OEMs hard with this weird vendor-lock in software "experience". We want good speakers out of the box. Granted, they sound a little better when not blasted to full volume. Anyway, games, music and movies are better enjoyed with headphones anyway, no matter how good your speakers might be. // Tom
cina geransayeh
cina geransayeh 24 giorni fa
the guy who comes up with RUNNING PERSON as a refresh rate Sign in HRTZ is a genius
The1RandomFool 24 giorni fa
Hey, more laptops for miners! They'll be happy.
Иво Василев
Иво Василев 24 giorni fa
A gaming laptop is not an office laptop. It's in the name :D. However, this is a very nice 'Gaming' laptop! I do prefer AMD for now.
coolpotatoe 724
coolpotatoe 724 24 giorni fa
10:35 i dont think that is the dell xps 17
SamCovert 24 giorni fa
Putting liquid metal onto silicon that unlike the ps5 has multiple barriers of protection, and unlike the ps5, is constantly being carried and jossled around probably in a bag. 👌
yamspaine 24 giorni fa
It has buttons! but the keyboard is gimmicky and bad... so probably can't buy.. would go for one that has mouse buttons, good keyboard (no buckling without actuating the key press) and 1440p is the way to go...
yamspaine 23 giorni fa
I got an ego in typing class... so I don't type in the classical way. I position a finger over as many keys as possible and make a short movement... some keys towards the bottom do take longer... but I've had laptops and typed dvorak and with a russian keyboard.. and sometimes when I use a laptop while I am laying in bed my hands are positioned with my wrists towards the left and right, and and my pinkies by the numbers, and pointers by the space...
XMG 23 giorni fa
@yamspaine I usually hit my keys mostly in the middle. A good website to measure the consistency of input is monkeytype(dot)com - I found is recently through a friend. The arguably better keyboards are found in our XMG FUSION and XMG NEO line-up with opto-mechanical switches. They are much more satisfying to type on and have lower latency overall. // Tom
yamspaine 23 giorni fa
@XMG Thanks! I really really care about keyboard being able to take a stroke on a corner, and not giving false buckling... i am a light typist, and some gaming laptops at the microsoft store were labeled as having really good keyboards, but were indicating the key had been pressed with no signal being sent to the computer.
XMG 24 giorni fa
Keyboard is usually better in mass production. // Tom
Kismias 24 giorni fa
Its not a 3080.
Gordon Beck
Gordon Beck 24 giorni fa
Man those fans are loud
Jose Andre Ieuan R. Capulong IV
Jose Andre Ieuan R. Capulong IV 24 giorni fa
can i have the spare one?
Gurshair 24 giorni fa
Abhishikth Vutukuri
Abhishikth Vutukuri 24 giorni fa
3070 vs 3080
Akash Ashokan
Akash Ashokan 24 giorni fa
Evocati Ranch
Evocati Ranch 24 giorni fa
I have this laptop with the 3070 from Sager. This thing kicks ass, blows through Cyberpunk like it isnt even there. Super happy with it.
Robert Vantine
Robert Vantine 24 giorni fa
Just curious, but is there a full video of that music Alex checked the speakers with?
Ryan STYX 24 giorni fa
I have a request with the Gigabyte Aero 17 4k HDR RTX 3080 review please, I know it's very expensive but I curious if it compare with the zephyrus, thank you.
DoxYDox DeLamanca
DoxYDox DeLamanca 24 giorni fa
Those are the type of mistakes that Apple doesn't make. Just saying.
Nathan theUnwise
Nathan theUnwise 24 giorni fa
Clevo as in clever and its from space x! Lol jk
kgonepostl 24 giorni fa
Ryzen or gtfo.
Jonah Yates
Jonah Yates 24 giorni fa
I love to see this! Always love to dream :)
Jonah Yates
Jonah Yates 24 giorni fa
A 17"? Perfect.
Anthony Thacker
Anthony Thacker 24 giorni fa
I'm surprised they give you a software drivers disc but the laptop doesn't include a disc drive.
XMG 24 giorni fa
But we've always done that!! // Tom
Pavlos Pavlou
Pavlos Pavlou 24 giorni fa
@ShortCircuit It has very Bad Quality Material also the Thermal Cooling Design is Really Bad. The Sound Quality is also Bad. The Price is OverCost. Its a Total Failure for me. :(
ReactiveTech 24 giorni fa
Wait... I thought there was Thunderbolt on AMD laptops now... I swear I've seen it.
Benjamin Hasselgren-Hallén
Benjamin Hasselgren-Hallén 24 giorni fa
Don’t put liquid metal on copper.
Pixie Pie
Pixie Pie 24 giorni fa
I wanna see laptop version of 3080 vs 3070 please
F.B.I. 24 giorni fa
32 GB vram wot
nvarras7 24 giorni fa
I've always had great luck with clevo laptops. They aren't sexy but built well and never overheat. I've returned 3 dell in 1 month.
Benjamin Batchelor
Benjamin Batchelor 24 giorni fa
Sean Con
Sean Con 24 giorni fa
Re concise : German Humor. You know the story about writing an essay on Elephants by nationality? The german published a 47 volume compendium after 7 years : titled : A concise introduction to the study of the physiology of the Ear of an Elephant.
Not You Again
Not You Again 24 giorni fa
XMG is way over priced for what you get. They have nice stuff and all that, but I think once I break the $2000 mark I expect very VERY nice stuff, like the best there is on the market at the time nice stuff, but that isn't what they do. Again, their stuff is nice, but you have to be willing to just throw away like $500 or so for it and you may end up with a German or other keyboard lmfao irl! But something from MSI or ASUS, or maybe even dell but they are a hit/miss company these days IMHO. Not something I would even consider because I am a cheap skate and I would rather spend several hours looking up specs and prices to find who offers the best product for the least amount of money. Bot one rich person got rich by going with the "money is not an issue" approach, but once they are amount the 1% they change that to whatever gets me what I want the fastest because I can't spend all of this before I die strategy, but not all of the 1% ers do that lol!!
Hey, Folks!
Hey, Folks! 24 giorni fa
My jaw dropped on that liquid metal preview section.
OB1-Computers 24 giorni fa
alex on camera has come such a long way hes so confident now
Jahlil Okafor
Jahlil Okafor 24 giorni fa
Ah yes, the Nvidia 3080
Gaboru Gaboru
Gaboru Gaboru 24 giorni fa
I have a old asus rog,the screen is 20inch
Johann Antunes
Johann Antunes 24 giorni fa
I don't undestand just why laptop GPUs aren't named completely different from the desktop ones. Yeah the actual GPU chip can be the same - or at least based on the same - as the desktop one, but the product is completely different. Surelly there would still be comparisons of the highest end mobile vs desktop, but they would not be carrying the same name, so it would be way less confusing (if at all) and we wouldn't have to call something with performance on par with a 3060Ti, a 3080 [MaxPQSuperLapHeaterBoi].
Tweedle 24 giorni fa
OMG!! WHAT WAS THAT LOUD ASS BOOM @ 4:34 !!!!????!!!!??? It scared to POO out of me!!!
GamerZ Logic
GamerZ Logic 24 giorni fa
*Idk why we keep titling these as if we're taking a full desktop GPU SHROUD included and chucking it into a laptop...Haven't they been putting desktop dyes for years now? Over the first few months, temps just skyrocket and your once acceptable laptop starts outputting air like an F-35 Raptor. Yes, I am burned.*
lorrygoth 24 giorni fa
Nifty overlay.
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