Unboxing the LIGHTEST gaming mouse in the world! - Zaunkoenig M1K

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17 giorni fa

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Zaunkoenig's M1K gaming mouse claims to be the world's lightest mouse at 23 grams by being made out of carbon fiber, but is it any good? David needs to know.
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tubs 3 ore fa
Only reason I’m considering a mouse shape like this is because I hybrid finger tip/claw. If you can get used to finger tip only, it’s great for micro adjustments but big sweeping motions, I need a bit more substance for claw
StaySic4Ever 18 ore fa
Cool concept and all, but, I really wish we'd have a carbon fiber version of some great shaped mice though.
Darko Bonovil
Darko Bonovil Giorno fa
Sauking ?!? Idiot it's zaunkönig . You sad pig king 😂
NinjaGamerUSA Giorno fa
Light mice are mostly used in shooters for precision, but I'm used to using a heavy mouse, so when I'm playing a game and the gun stops instantly it actually throws me off. I'm subconsciously adjusting my movements for that little bit of extra travel you get with heavier mice, so I end up stopping too early. So paying that much for an ultralight mouse, no thanks.
Jack Calico
Jack Calico 2 giorni fa
imagine a slightly heavier version of this mouse w side buttons + scroll wheel + 2.4GHz wireless connectivity... oof
Overwatch 2 giorni fa
Next iteration: A glove with a sensor in the palm for X/Y movement and tactile buttons in the fingertips. (Put your hand on your desk like it has a mouse in it. and pretend to move it around and click. That's what I mean.) AAAaaaaaand now I know what I'm making for my project this semester. BTW, I'm calling it 'ghost' or maybe 'phantom'. Or some other similar term that isn't ALREADY in use, because I already know that most of the good names are going to be taken...
Platy 3 giorni fa
FPS players rn 🥵😩😩🥵🥵😩😩🏃‍♀️
mx2004mx 3 giorni fa
what?? logitech Software working? one out of 5 times it doesn't see my g29
DELTACX10 4 giorni fa
Welcome to the most impractical mouse.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 5 giorni fa
I've been following this project for over a year now, and it's specifically designed for starcraft iirc. Not FPS games, thus no mouse wheel.
PARTH PATEL 5 giorni fa
You jump with the scroll wheel duh!
Tobias Leininger
Tobias Leininger 5 giorni fa
2000s: You get weights to put in your gaming mouse to make it heavy 2021: Lightest mouse is best !!!
SlySly 6 giorni fa
loose some weight on your hands now ;-)
A bunny that will chew on your cables
A bunny that will chew on your cables 6 giorni fa
It looks so uncomfortable...
m6a6t6t 6 giorni fa
i just looked the price of the new m2k ....... 355$ usd. def not worth the price of a nice mech kb and new mouse.
pls don't ban me again you libtards
pls don't ban me again you libtards 6 giorni fa
why not just add a couple grams and make the shell larger
DoctorX17 6 giorni fa
Personally I don’t get these super light mice racing towards 0g... I have a Logitech G602, which is 130g with two batteries, and it feels really light to me...
Maximo 6 giorni fa
can't bhop without scroll wheel, also browsing webpages I use that the scroll wheel, this thing is stupid
JustShay 6 giorni fa
I wouldn't say it's targeted for FPS gamers, cause if it is then they've well missed the mark. The scroll wheel is perfect for games that require switching distances, or selecting weapons if you have issue with the number keys, or even bhopping in certain games. Not having side buttons is also a deal breaker as those are usually mapped to important secondary actions. Lastly the body shape, I can't expect people to use that mouse for more than 2 hours max. A good mouse should compliment your palm, not force you into a particular grip. Granted I have smaller hands, but I would imagine that it's still not comfortable for people like me, let alone those with far larger palms. To me it looks like a mouse that was so hell bent of "shaking up tradition" that it sacrificed everything needed in a decent mouse. But hey, at least it's light right?
zen strata
zen strata 6 giorni fa
Why didn't they fill it with helium? They could have put a bladder in there and filled it with helium to make it lighter. Sounds like they cheaped out :p
mrLeL 187
mrLeL 187 7 giorni fa
zaunkönig is german and actually means "fence king"
Steeze God
Steeze God 8 giorni fa
If they sell a 26gram with left side buttons, instant buy, waiting for M3K, but the M2K having 8Khz makes me down to buy it... *Sighs*
?????? 8 giorni fa
And then there's me that would only use the mx master mouses
Timon Kuschke
Timon Kuschke 8 giorni fa
I like the fact, that this mouse is like 10 times lighter than my rat 9 and I still want it heavier
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 8 giorni fa
When you play turtle sense you probably won't notice a thing.
kkonsti 9 giorni fa
Sauking? Zaunkoenig, or Zaunkönig literally translates to fence king, and is one of, if not the smallest and lightest bird in Germany. Hence the light mouse being called the same.
DutchEllie 9 giorni fa
I don't understand the hype with light mice. Truly I don't like them at all even. I bought a lighter mouse than I had before once my old needed replacement and I didn't like it more, even though it was better in every way (except it was a logitech and got double clicking within a week). I returned that and bought a chonker of a ROG Chakram and will use that until its dead
Finn Schmutte
Finn Schmutte 10 giorni fa
As a big (therefore heavy) mouse guy, I absolutely don't approve. Many buttons, wireless function and big time comfort are a must. Asus Rog Spatha ist the way to go, although Roccat Tying does get an honorable mention. no one asked but here you go lol
Mike Tesseris
Mike Tesseris 10 giorni fa
Did this man just say the m1k is a claw grip mouse??? At least make some research before giving away false information, it says everywhere on their site its made for fingertip grip
Fonk Badonk
Fonk Badonk 10 giorni fa
The German Z is a hard sound, a bit like "ts". Btw: The Zaunkönig is a really tiny and light weight bird endemic to Germany (and other countries in Europe). In English it is called the much less poetic "Eurasian wren".
Jon Ket
Jon Ket 10 giorni fa
Its not Sauking, its Zaunkönig!!!
Toni Ivanov
Toni Ivanov 10 giorni fa
About the no scroll but need a third button and also the scroll is nice in menus and sutff - My first gaming mouse that I won at a school competition was the A4Tech X7 XL-740K. It had a small button kind of between the scroll and left mouse button (its better than it sounds) which by default was a triple LMB click for shooters, but ofc it had software for remapping. I LOVED THAT BUTTON. I play dota and map three of my inventory slots to my mouse - two to the two sidebuttons and one to that little button. Since that mouse broke (right click started not responding, I still have it tho :D) and I wanted something higher-end I moved on to other models that of course didnt have said button so I started using the scroll click.. Its fine, but generally on 99% of mice its kind of hard to click and also requires a bigger repositioning of my finger. Not sure why that button never became a thing and even A4Tech (aka Bloody for the ones that arent aware) themselves stopped implementing it.
christian larsen
christian larsen 10 giorni fa
"I select weapons using the numbers" yeah, we all do, but where do u jump? Scroll up ffs, we need scroll wheel
Toni Ivanov
Toni Ivanov 10 giorni fa
I'd honestly prefer anything over that, idc how good the sensor, switches or whatever are, I wouldnt be able to handle that in any way, no chance
Mike 11 giorni fa
Who actually cares about the lightens of a mouse, though?
Kanishka Chakraborty
Kanishka Chakraborty 11 giorni fa
Lmao no scroll wheel? What a joke.
pyro computing
pyro computing 11 giorni fa
Big white piece of paper on back of monitor (360hz, 1080p) just incase you forget which monitor is your £1300 360hz monitor
prototype 11 giorni fa
a lot of people dont understand that they aren't the main demographic for this mouse. top tier aim players/pros are the people that this mouse is targeted at. specifically, those who play with fingertip grip. it doesn't matter if the majority of people think this mouse is a gimmick. it's like calling a Formula 1 car a gimmick because you can't daily drive it.
LeXeL 11 giorni fa
whats up with all the hype about extremely lightweight mice? i use my G502 with all weights and for me it could even be a bit heavier and with just the weights removed i have a hard time even hitting a damn desktop shortcut, so dont get my started on hitting anything in an fps is it just me that hates lightweight mice or is it the fact that i use my arms for more than moving a mouse and turning a servo assisted steering wheel all day? without pretty much any weight on the mouse i have a hard time doing any mouse movents while hitting what i want with a heavier mouse
Xathos 11 giorni fa
Looks like pure, unusable garbage. -Why get rid of usable side buttons? -Why get rid of the scroll wheel when you can just turn it off? -Why still have a cord when wireless mice technology makes it functionally the same latency? -It's MASSIVELY overpriced for VERY little features.
Orhan ZOR
Orhan ZOR 12 giorni fa
1:35 thats the shitiest opinion as a gamer
John-alan Short
John-alan Short 12 giorni fa
Just something I realized just now. Why is this ShortCircuit video almost 10 mins long. I was under the impression they were supposed to be around 5min or less. If I’m wrong that’s fine, I’m just confused by seeing multiple videos that are kind of longer.
Deividas Laukionis
Deividas Laukionis 12 giorni fa
Don't get the need for mouse which is as light as a feather... I have razer deathadder essential and when gaming FPS games I hate it. Slightest touch gets it going. For general use it is good but still prefer something heavier...
Mr GRiM 12 giorni fa
Looks like dog shit
Sam Porter Bridges
Sam Porter Bridges 12 giorni fa
I hate your thumb nail
James Palermo
James Palermo 12 giorni fa
If a G-Pro is too heavy, honestly you're kinda at the point where you should probably work out a little.
Hexabot 12 giorni fa
Is it actually that uncommon to have scroll wheel as jump in fps games? No shot i would buy this mouse
Jody Marty
Jody Marty 12 giorni fa
I dont understand the point in a super light mouse. A regular everyday mouse is light enough. Is your arm getting swore from the giant mouse you normally struggle to push around. I just dont get it. Get the mouse you want and hit the gym.
TK Comfortable
TK Comfortable 12 giorni fa
...Did Linus gloss over this script before it was published? I feel like he'd just look at this whole thing sideways and not approve it.
Tony Zhu
Tony Zhu 12 giorni fa
Strategic Planning with the Map… Requires zooming in and out. Or variable zoom binoculars?
Juan Pablo Munoz
Juan Pablo Munoz 12 giorni fa
I remember buying mice with weights on them to make them heavier. It’s all a gimmick if the year
B B 12 giorni fa
My hand cramps already from looking at it
Something Different
Something Different 12 giorni fa
I love when my internet access is private, thanks Jerry and Short Circuit.
R3L0AD 12 giorni fa
Playing a rhythm games like osu is a woosh on that mouse
Null 12 giorni fa
this man just said that he doesn't use the scroll wheel
rodrigo m
rodrigo m 12 giorni fa
looks like one of the worst mice ever
Mephisto 13 giorni fa
I don't get it... What's the appeal of a mouse that is ultra light and sacrifices important features? I'm perfectly fine with my G903 and it's weight. This mouse seems ironically enough more of a burden than a heavier mouse. I wouldn't even want it if it was gifted to me and they charge 250€ for it? Seriously?
Eugene Paolo Gonzales
Eugene Paolo Gonzales 13 giorni fa
scroll for jump? who's with me?
MrAkboomer 13 giorni fa
Meanwhile, they also offer a version with a (ceramic) mouse wheel and a USB polling rate of 8,000 hertz via USB 2.0 Hi-Speed: Zaunkoenig M2K
3Rton 13 giorni fa
Scroll wheel, sure, but no middle mouse button? That doesn't even qualify as a mouse anymore in my view.
scorcher117 13 giorni fa
I understand that this is a niche product but I would have loved a secondary opinion by one of the people who isn't as obsessed with Mice and being light just to see how ridiculous they think it is.
Prich038 13 giorni fa
I'm sorry but if you think an FPS mouse just needs 2 buttons and that's it, you are so wrong lol
George U
George U 13 giorni fa
You forgot the one that is lighter than air.
dhruv meena
dhruv meena 13 giorni fa
man, i think you dont know how to switch with scroll wheel and thats why you think its bad its elixer for some and poison for some dont be so rude on scroll wheel lmao
HEMMA Rwaか 13 giorni fa
IQ Commando and Ash R4C that says a lot about you
Pierce Sutton
Pierce Sutton 13 giorni fa
But I'm a movement player
Nicholas Sander
Nicholas Sander 13 giorni fa
G PRO ultralight = G PRO superlight + carbon fiber body and cutout bottom
cyphre 13 giorni fa
No scroll wheel? Basically not even for gaming. Cute mouse for 'executive' travel though. You just can't be missing core features that ALL GAMES have mapped. Maybe if you only play CS:GO, sure. For everything else, scrolling and pressing the scroll wheel are kind of an essential feature.
Skillfully Executed
Skillfully Executed 13 giorni fa
This guy clearly don't b-hop.
James Pierson
James Pierson 13 giorni fa
I don’t think I’d ever buy a mouse without the scroll wheel and side buttons.
Branko Kovac
Branko Kovac 13 giorni fa
If you're not jumping with scroll wheel you're a scrub
justNeonNAX 13 giorni fa
Wrong rts is the target audience fps just kinda worked out for some people "you are gonna be clawing this mouse" big oefs all round, in short its a fingertip mouse of course claw is gonna feel bad since it's made only for fingertip. edit: I can spell as well as David reviewed this mouse
Silluete 13 giorni fa
Honest question. are carbon fiber that more lighter than plastic?
Tesseract95 13 giorni fa
5:57 yeah great for windows 3.1
Ankit Meena
Ankit Meena 13 giorni fa
A gaming mouse don't even need left and right click also.
stageselect 13 giorni fa
who remembers buying mice that the whole selling feature was the EXTRA weights??
Michael Ormiston
Michael Ormiston 13 giorni fa
Please anyone else. I'd even watch Dennis
originalninjapirate 13 giorni fa
not having side buttons is a bad thing for fps reloading with mouse hand is a huge advantage
Shane D
Shane D 13 giorni fa
The new finalmouse coming out will be the new king.
Bryan Z
Bryan Z 13 giorni fa
No one in their right mind would claw that thing! Finger tip would be the only usable grip.
Mr. Vybson
Mr. Vybson 13 giorni fa
The scroll wheel isn't necessary in games where there's no bhopping. You can switch weapons using keys on your keyboard. I'm aware that they've released a new version with a scroll wheel. Which is cool. The size makes sense, if you're playing with a somewhat low sensitivity, then there's a very high chance that you use either a claw/fingertip grip and only use like 1/2 - 1/3 of your mouse. The price is a bit steep, but it's a carbon fibre prototype mouse, what do these people really expect. I think it's a great idea. Innovation is always cool. If I was a Quake Champions pro or whatever, then I could definitely see myself giving this a try.
Nino Santana
Nino Santana 13 giorni fa
They should just do a 35-40g weight mouse and make it full size. It would still be the lightest mouse and would probably feel better
GSKY 13 giorni fa
No scroll wheel is a major L.... they could have put a scroll wheel and it would still be the world's lightest mouse. Thats what happens when u think your meme idea is worth more than a functional product.
Nino Santana
Nino Santana 13 giorni fa
Looks uncomfortably small. I’m to used to the side buttons and scroll wheel. Especially since I mostly play apex legends I use my side buttons for nades and my ultimate ability. And my scroll wheel is used to jump so I can b hop
Rohit Murthy
Rohit Murthy 13 giorni fa
Zaun-Koenig-segg I can see the inspiration 😂😂
moltenbullet 14 giorni fa
Here's an idea, why not attach a sensor to the middle finger or palm, and then two buttons to the index and ring fingers? No mice, just your hand moving across the mat.
Nihat Eliyev
Nihat Eliyev 14 giorni fa
Rainbow Six Siege fans be like: no ability brrrrr
Kristijan Antolovic
Kristijan Antolovic 14 giorni fa
Whats the craze about ultralight mice?
That Other Guy
That Other Guy 14 giorni fa
4:55 just curious, is that a OnePlus 6?
Jaime 14 giorni fa
Noise cheeses grater 🤔
HEAD OR GUT 14 giorni fa
The middle button is PTT and zoom in/out
Kimi 14 giorni fa
Modding this with the Photon Wire would be the icing
Limp Wibbler
Limp Wibbler 14 giorni fa
I also Play Mostly FPS games and to me the MOST IMPRTANT feature is buttons. I do not use mouse wheel button, in fact I hate how clunky that is I literally break that button when I buy a new mouse. I like my weapons on my mouse, talk, and sprint as well. 1,2,3,4,5 minimum 5 keys. In R6 siege I use abilities too so it comes to 6 for that game since I move sprint to shift. So my dream mouse is basically a Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse Breeding with a Razer Nada 7 key hexagonal pattern.
Andrea Vultaggio
Andrea Vultaggio 14 giorni fa
But is it a mouse though?
Ian Bijvoet
Ian Bijvoet 14 giorni fa
Laughs in g502
Zachmighty 14 giorni fa
It's expensive because carbon fiber is expensive. Which good quality is $50/sq ft. There is also waste that is taken into consideration for the cost in the end product. Carbon fiber has a decently high waste percentage. That's partially why it's more expensive than the Logitech
tell u nope
tell u nope 14 giorni fa
CS bunnyhop = Impossible So No Thx
INTR1NSIC RULES 14 giorni fa
Only real cracked gamers use scroll wheel for jump
Matthew C
Matthew C 14 giorni fa
osu mouse players will be pleased
John-Paul Wallcraft
John-Paul Wallcraft 14 giorni fa
What’s happened to Linus, is it an allergic reaction?
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