Sony RELEASED another camera??? - FX-3

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21 giorno fa

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Sony releases the FX-3 cinema camera, and it's very similar to the A7s III... so, who did they make this for?
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Karthig1987 Giorno fa
As usual love brandon reviews. Even if i will never buy anything that any camera channel reviews lol.
Gregory Lee Parks
Gregory Lee Parks 2 giorni fa
I'd like to see more camera content, including picture quality information. I am always unsure about purchasing cameras.
abe kline
abe kline 7 giorni fa
I was genuinely tempted to ship you guys a box of utility knives so you could stop being dumb with openers
Ylee 7 giorni fa
I'm here because Rambalac just bought an FX3 for his walks.....👍
Joe Walker
Joe Walker 7 giorni fa
If you're going to start using knives more regularly to open boxes on the channel, please at least set a good example and close or sheath the blade when it is not in use.
bWWd 9 giorni fa
he got better in front of the cam i see, no insecure snarky comments
Pradumna Saraf
Pradumna Saraf 11 giorni fa
06:13 - Brandon Drop Tips " Truly inspired by Linus sebestian. "
mc st
mc st 12 giorni fa
How can you rate zebras with this camera?
Breonnick 14 giorni fa
Oh man! FX-3 is the state of the art camera that every film maker must buy! The AS3 that you got last night!? Throw that antic in the garbage. This is the camera you must have to be a true film maker. So what it's lacking basic Cinema camera functions that every Cinema camera should have like shuttle angels. I should know I canceled 20 different camera preorders for this camera! _ Some tech bro 2021
Saab Gangstah
Saab Gangstah 15 giorni fa
Wtf just got a notification for a 5 day old video
Hubert Floyd
Hubert Floyd 15 giorni fa
really unless its making me money no way i am dropping 4k on a camera just to take pictures LOL
Benjamin Cohn
Benjamin Cohn 15 giorni fa
6:13 Linus has taught him well
PHARM1RECON 16 giorni fa
man just dropped that bad boy on linus forehead like its nothing
Chris 17 giorni fa
I think Sony needs to make a medium format camera
Kolja Nadj
Kolja Nadj 17 giorni fa
Man, this Brandon guy really knows his stuff.
UnBearified Bear
UnBearified Bear 17 giorni fa
Emphasis ON the wrong word
Rokid Media 2021
Rokid Media 2021 17 giorni fa
It's a good cam don't hate I get what sony is doing . the are Just filling all the holes😏😏
Kevin Campos
Kevin Campos 17 giorni fa
Brandon review the best under $500 for us mortals please.
GlueFactoryBJJ 17 giorni fa
Soooo... a 14 minute "unboxing"?!?
Nakamiro 17 giorni fa
Thanks for adding the weight in Kilograms to the video!
noomy 663
noomy 663 17 giorni fa
I guess releasing a wide variety of cameras may help them develop better image sensors for the new fields of business while collecting customer feedback.
Glacial Glass
Glacial Glass 17 giorni fa
This isn’t a photography channel!? Everything was covered so perfectly for not specializing in this 👌
Red XDragon
Red XDragon 17 giorni fa
Why did they capitalize release instead of another?
ianmalkaviac 17 giorni fa
Hey Brandon, do you think you could talk Linus into borrowing or renting a Fijinon Studio lens for you guys to do a video on like a UA80 or something? These Box lenses always seem so interesting to me.
Corey Vidal
Corey Vidal 18 giorni fa
ShortCircuit CAPITALIZED a random word???
Reece Williams
Reece Williams 9 giorni fa
Yeah I feel LIKE the emphasis should HAVE been on 'another'.
Chill Man
Chill Man 18 giorni fa
I really hope that one day the current clickbaity title and thumbnail trend dies in a fire. Im not knocking any creator that does it, I get that it kinda has to be done right now to stay competitive. It just looks like every title and thumbnail on youtube is made to target 14 year olds with ADHD and a room temperature IQ. I hope content creators are able to come up with something new, better, and less obnoxious is all.
Garrett Gillas
Garrett Gillas 18 giorni fa
I love these reviews 1 out of ten if you know
Dragonboy 18 giorni fa
SE-X Hmm.
HANUNIJA 18 giorni fa
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wedge9998 18 giorni fa
He sounds like Razor and Blade from Hackers. That is a compliment, if it wasn’t clear.
Shawn Stewart
Shawn Stewart 18 giorni fa
Did anyone noticed the identity number written on parcel 😂 @ 0:35
Kai Slate
Kai Slate 18 giorni fa
That linus deskpad and scale cover tho...
Kai Slate
Kai Slate 18 giorni fa
Please compare this camera in lowlight against the a7sii
Patrick Pecoraro
Patrick Pecoraro 18 giorni fa
Close the blade when you are done with the knife please.
onlysublime 18 giorni fa
it's not a cinema camera. it doesn't have a lot of cinema camera features. it doesn't have shutter angle which is bizarre. no timecode. no dci 4k. no true 24 fps (it has 23.98). no built in ND filters.
DAMEWORTH 18 giorni fa
As others are saying, Brandon could do a whole camera show, he seems to know his stuff.
Andrew Z Media
Andrew Z Media 18 giorni fa
I often record in very warm/hot (desert, outdoors or in vehicles) environments in which I either handle the camera directly or leave it on a tripod for hours so I've been rather hesitant about the A7S3. This vid has cleared up a lot of questions I had about the FX3 vs A7S3 and effectively finalized my choice to buy the FX3 as a smaller shooter, especially with the far greater emphasis on video since video is my main thing.
Kitty-kat Bang! Bang!
Kitty-kat Bang! Bang! 18 giorni fa
$4000 is an insane amount of money for anything anyone would call "entry lvl" Playskool Showcam is entry lvl.
Jeffrey McLain
Jeffrey McLain 18 giorni fa
More Brandon all the time please =)
costafilh0 18 giorni fa
Nice to see Brandon learning those amazing Linus Drop Tips!
Chef bg
Chef bg 18 giorni fa
u dont need an external monitor if u got a sony phone which can be used as an ext monitor for their cameras :P
Hardware 570
Hardware 570 18 giorni fa
Who the hell buys a $4000+ camera when they're "just getting into video"? Unless you're already an established photographer that isn't a stranger to expensive cameras. I would have thought maybe the Canon M50 or the Sony A6000 for a "just getting into video" level camera lol. Or like a GoPro, or your phone's camera maybe lol. I wish my CURRENT camera was that nice, let alone the one I started off learning to make videos with lol.
gameflux 18 giorni fa
Cool !
anthony ng
anthony ng 18 giorni fa
no more camera review after red?
Friedrich 18 giorni fa
6:46 what happened?
Cody Red
Cody Red 19 giorni fa
this camera costs more than my car =(
Coffeeboy06 19 giorni fa
We need a fx3 vs bmpcc 6k versus
Keshmen Consult
Keshmen Consult 19 giorni fa
Need to improve on the SEGUE TO OUR SPONSOR
B Gross
B Gross 19 giorni fa
Please check out the latest phones for best camera including the OnePlus 9 and 9 pro. I'm looking for a new phone as my wife's pixel 3a keeps putting my OnePlus 5t to shame.
Jaeger 19 giorni fa
Did we all notice what the box had written on it at the start of the video? Just me? Okay Cool 🤣
Emilio Roman
Emilio Roman 19 giorni fa
The fan lowers the noise on the sensor, especially on long shoots.
Kevin Go
Kevin Go 19 giorni fa
Challange ....... a dsli camera that has, no video capability, multi lens 5 to 20 megapixals. As in a good no frills camera. Why, because that's all I need. Another challenge ....... would be a modern day equivalent of the nokia 5510 , simply, makes phone calls and plays music files. We don't all want the high end,, wishing does not make it happen. Love all the reviews LTT does.
Doderio Larkisso
Doderio Larkisso 19 giorni fa
>a single 365 day year
ZamanCineGroup 19 giorni fa
Anyone else think that Brandon is just one wholesome nice guy?
johnnyisagoodbird 19 giorni fa
Why did you put RELEASED in capitals? I feel like the emPHAsis is weird
Wilsonice 19 giorni fa
It's not camera anymore it's a B-DAMAN
Ben Braithwaite
Ben Braithwaite 19 giorni fa
Of all the words that could be capitalized in the title, why did they choose release? 🤔
Devwardhan Kothari
Devwardhan Kothari 19 giorni fa
One of the reasons i love shortcircuit is that for each kind of tech. They have a person who is excited and intersted and experienced to cover it.
ARMD 19 giorni fa
who slapped you bro
lekoman 19 giorni fa
Shouldn’t it be “Sony released ANOTHER camera???”
Alan L M R
Alan L M R 19 giorni fa
Um I know we're here for the camera but.... Brandon looks good ON camera XP
noger boher
noger boher 19 giorni fa
Why am I watching this, I'm a photographer...
Mike Messiah
Mike Messiah 19 giorni fa
Naaah, not worth it when A7sIII is still around.
Adam Vargo
Adam Vargo 19 giorni fa
Please do an intro to photography! Or can someone recommend a good intro series?
FBI 19 giorni fa
Mirrorless cinema camera meets DSLR form factor... the world is a strange place nowadays. GG Sony.
Moin Ratyal
Moin Ratyal 19 giorni fa
Love how the box says SEX
Pax Templar
Pax Templar 19 giorni fa
I hear that music and I think of Uncle Roger!
voltare2amstereo 19 giorni fa
That's not a knife
OregonDucks007 19 giorni fa
do Lumix G85-G95 or sony A6*** line up
San Jacobs
San Jacobs 19 giorni fa
I never understand this sort of capitalization. "Sony released ANOTHER camera!" Would've made sense, but "Sony RELEASED another camera"? Uh, yeah? What's so special about RELEASING a camera? That's what they always do when they... You know, release a camera?
Resize Films
Resize Films 19 giorni fa
Shutter angle will certainly be added through a firmware update soon. Amazing camera.
bazinga 19 giorni fa
A little bit late for this review?
mrbean15000 19 giorni fa
review andy's camera
Aksiyon Bizde
Aksiyon Bizde 19 giorni fa
Gennaro 20 giorni fa
Will the Watercooling of the RED Camera?
Julian Cumming
Julian Cumming 20 giorni fa
Shouldnt the word 'another' be in caps?
ShowXTech 20 giorni fa
Would be nice if they title would actually contain the product name...
David Rawalia
David Rawalia 20 giorni fa
no integrated nds? :/
David 20 giorni fa
I understand emphasizing "RELEASED" gets more clicks, but regardless, it bugs me that "another" wasn't the word in all-caps. My OCD grammar brain is freaking out.
Michael Claesson
Michael Claesson 19 giorni fa
Haha, I know right?! Glad I found your comment so that I know I'm not the only crazy person.. ;-)
DrunkTruck 20 giorni fa
DrunkTruck 20 giorni fa
@Enter usernane here bru cool.
Enter usernane here
Enter usernane here 20 giorni fa
I have a sony handycam from 2009
True Teller
True Teller 20 giorni fa
Next video- Brandon has been banned from ltt channel becoz He was using a knife
Drizzt Do'Urden
Drizzt Do'Urden 20 giorni fa
Brandon: uoh 06:13 Linus: The force is strong in this one
E Gran
E Gran 20 giorni fa
useless camera when you have A7S3 wit h cenema tone now !!!
alex ds
alex ds 20 giorni fa
Are you going to cover the new 61MP Sigma camera? It's a pretty interesting thing.
TheCodefather 20 giorni fa
When's that Oura ring review coming
ncf 20 giorni fa
kai w from digirevtv when?
Abdullah AL Mahir
Abdullah AL Mahir 20 giorni fa
Why there's Sex witten on the box...
Aly Elshamy
Aly Elshamy 20 giorni fa
A small suggestion Why don't you guys start mentioning who the products you unbox are targeted for; like for an example: it is for pros, amateurs, beginners, etc. Also whether it is considered a high-end, low-end, or mid-tear; specially in less common products like cameras (relatively to other things) Just an idea Like your stuff
Troy Walt
Troy Walt 20 giorni fa
I don't understand the point of shutter angle, if anyone can help me with that, because you can configure a function to be for example 120 fps at 1/240 and another function with 24 fps at 1/48 so what's the benefit of shutter angle? many thanks
Ian Tarry
Ian Tarry 20 giorni fa
Well to be honest despite Sony releasing so many cameras it appears that this was a worthwhile release.
Chris Conley
Chris Conley 20 giorni fa
I just traded a few things and got a A7s III and I had fear this video would make me sad but alas it didnt.... also as much as I want to hate the K3M its always worked across every single sony camera I've owned or used.
thatjokerperson 20 giorni fa
Brandon should do a price point for cameras at like $500, $1500, and $4500 and see which is the best for a beginner, intermediate, and pro
PanCakesAreFat 20 giorni fa
I sold 3 of these when it released at Bestbuy. Such a great feeling.
Ishtiaque Hossain Ayon
Ishtiaque Hossain Ayon 20 giorni fa
You guys should have Camera channel ;)
gaurav jain
gaurav jain 20 giorni fa
It looks like Brandon was slapped before recording
Azmaan MN
Azmaan MN 20 giorni fa
What is the best photo camera under 2000
inzanefu 20 giorni fa
the background music / voices / noise in this video drove me nuts. not loud enough to obviously be part of the video, but loud enough to be immensely distracting. I thought my neighbors were fighting / producing music / being asses during the whole time^^ edit: otherwise, great video, folks. keep it up! :)
George Shapiro
George Shapiro 20 giorni fa
Linus's face is on the scale... why? Who did that?
Bortolazzo 20 giorni fa
Fx3 has shutter angle, potato jet talks about that on his video
M M 20 giorni fa
Please review the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 6k pro
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