A $200 phone that can do ANYTHING!!! - Pine64 Pinephone

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Since we did the Librem Linux Smartphone, we were FLOODED with comments asking to do the Pinephone. Well, here it is, and of course, we had to get Anthony to check it out.
Check out the Pine64 Pinephone at lmg.gg/YvZBg
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askopte zero
askopte zero 27 giorni fa
Turn on the phone 1st time Immediately throw you to terminal Now that's genuine *Linux* experience
CanadianSwine Ora fa
@Book Worm Do you know why android took off in the first place? It was adopted by Linux enthusiasts. Taking over blackberry's market share. Android version 1,2 and 3 were hardly a splash in the tech world.
CanadianSwine 2 ore fa
@Book Worm Yes I know that. The kernal literally controls the entire computer. So what's your point? Manjaro, Debian ,Fedora are all their own implementation. What makes them different from android? Ya because Microsoft's kernal is utter garbage.
Book Worm
Book Worm 2 ore fa
@CanadianSwine Android is not Linux os. Android uses a Linux KERNEL. Microsoft will also be adopting a Linux kernel in the future.
Andreas Delleske
Andreas Delleske 4 giorni fa
No dmesg?
Joshua Doss
Joshua Doss 6 giorni fa
Omg yes
frank wright
frank wright Ora fa
I like this dude.. lol 😆 decent slimness . SUBD ✅✅✅
Blubus Ora fa
Wait, so there's finally a phone I can actually use to plug into and hack some random servers in the datacenter of my missing father's organization to sabotage a new OS launch before I base jump off a rooftop crane with music from Daft Punk narrating my every move? Deal!
Kam 4 ore fa
I think Pine need to emphasize that last point. This phone isn't meant to replace a daily driver, it's meant to be used as a toy alongside a daily driver.
TheRealFallenDemon 5 ore fa
I got the Manjaro community edition. My main thing is phone calls and Telegram chat to talk to my wife, last time I tried to go full time with it it would cut the 4G and not take calls, so I've got to check to see if that's fixed
Sayed Rezha
Sayed Rezha 9 ore fa
Actually i like this phone because it run desktop os, but it slooooow It's even slower than my xperia play that came 10 years ago Hopefully the creator will fix that phone like using snapdragon cpu, make ram bigger, etc
Tek Powers
Tek Powers 10 ore fa
At what point was I supposed to be interested in buying this thing?
327ewok 13 ore fa
best bald spot ive ever seen
Rylin's rc and gaming
Rylin's rc and gaming 15 ore fa
*but can it run crysis?*
Michael Crumpton
Michael Crumpton 22 ore fa
What advantage does this have over a 5 year old samsung running linux?
Kunal Khargal
Kunal Khargal Giorno fa
Connecting keyboard to setup the phone ....I'm dead😂
Wally Prichard
Wally Prichard Giorno fa
Wonder what kind of games this could play?
Uden Tobh
Uden Tobh Giorno fa
If its Communist Chinese made, forget it!
Eduardo Amelia
Eduardo Amelia Giorno fa
yosecretsquirrel Giorno fa
Pine64. I remember them from the 90's. No thanks, they make stupid comprimises and cover it up with semi functional features. At least they didnt design their own cpu again.
mewserino Giorno fa
Would have liked a quick run thru of calls + text messaging on the various OSes available, but this was a nice rundown of what the phone is capable of. As an old timey linux guy considering switching from ios, this vid was very appreciated, thanks.
Twiggeh 2 giorni fa
The fact that the killswitches are INSIDE the cover just makes them useless for on-the-fly changes. Imagine not wanting mics and cam enabled by default, but then whenever somebody calls you.. You gotta pop the back off, pop the microscopic switches, pop the back on again and THEN answer your phone -_- Then do it again after you've hung up. I just cant see how anybody is gonna use those switches for anything other than permanent settings. Any form of on-the-fly change is too obnoxious for people to do.
E D 2 giorni fa
Always enjoy watching these
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh 2 giorni fa
Damn, this is really impressive, I have a feeling that the Pinephone and its successors are going to become the raspberry pi of the phone market in terms of being awesome for tinkerers!
Cosmo 82
Cosmo 82 2 giorni fa
My nerdy hart got happy when it didn't boot up at once😀
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 2 giorni fa
Wow, what a steaming piece of garbage!😄
Peter Ciurea
Peter Ciurea 2 giorni fa
Did you remember to turn the dip switch back on?
Chris R
Chris R 2 giorni fa
KDE has *always* been superior to GNOME lol
Overwatch 2 giorni fa
I was ABOUT to give this phone some SERIOUS shit for having specs lower than my liquidation-sale Android TVs from 2018...until I heard $200... If they could make these for $300-$350 for a ONE generation old midrange CPU/GPU it would be...perfect. And a real Linux kernel would open up the door for SERIOUS attempts at a "laptop" style phone dock. The current gen ones are a good effort, but you still end up with a janky Android desktop experience.
DefinitelyNotWalter 2 giorni fa
This man is beautiful
Psychol 2 giorni fa
This is what I expected nowadays phones to be, imagine having a phone using outside and later pluging in to a monitor and use it as a desktop.
kostantinos Mag
kostantinos Mag 2 giorni fa
Great 🍀👌🍀👌🍀👌🍀👌😉🎧
David Beaulieu
David Beaulieu 2 giorni fa
Seems kinda crappy. Removable battery seems to be its best feature.
Infernalstick 2 giorni fa
The last time I watched an LTT video 2800mAh in a phone battery was a pretty decent amount to have lmao
Turrebo 3 giorni fa
_This phone is for people who just want to play with something._ Like a vibrator, right?
David Weeks
David Weeks 3 giorni fa
I'd like to see how it works as a portable coding tool. Atom, Eclipse, Anjuta, emacs, stuff like that. Docked of course, or perhaps BT keyboard? Most of my research and development work is reading and writing, of which this phone is more than capable. Which gets to cross compiling too, or distcc-type compiling. Lots to do! Thank you for the video.
MOUMEN TPS 700 3 giorni fa
in iraq you can buy realme 7 128G 8RAM with 200$ 😅
KAIZOKU LUFFY 3 giorni fa
Not all fat nerds are necessarily smart.
Jolt 3 giorni fa
im gonna buy this and install arch, i juts want to see if it will work XD
Bradley Miller
Bradley Miller 3 giorni fa
3:34 “He’s making a divet!”
HappyQuails 4 giorni fa
No need to remove the preapplied screen protector as long as it us clear.
emilio sebastian
emilio sebastian 4 giorni fa
I need one god!
ChompChompNomNom 4 giorni fa
Allwinner chips always self destruct after about a year.
Th. H.
Th. H. 4 giorni fa
DAB+ Radio possible? Story EU....
Normal Minecraft Lets Play
Normal Minecraft Lets Play 4 giorni fa
MountainManXXX 4 giorni fa
TY. /
BigBodge 4 giorni fa
honestly I kind of wish (though can see why they didnt) they just skipped the whole UI thing when the phone is clearly struggling to run it and instead just built a blackberry like phone with a lightweight, command line only OS. There are very few people who are both comfortable using linux (let alone a linux phone) but also dont like using the terminal. UI's can be nice when you have the power to spare, but as it stands phones might not and they probably arent needed as much as they're used.
k quat
k quat 4 giorni fa
No 5G or 5Ghz wifi
k quat
k quat 2 giorni fa
@dzvxo ok, lol
dzvxo 2 giorni fa
@k quat figure of speech
k quat
k quat 2 giorni fa
@dzvxo well, then it can't do everything , lol
dzvxo 3 giorni fa
its $150 to $200 from a small brand of course it doesnt have those yet lol
Aha Really
Aha Really 4 giorni fa
These specs... would have been nice in 2010. Is this a joke?
Brett S.
Brett S. 4 giorni fa
Did you mean to say "That CAN'T do anything"?
Stephen Esseenyne
Stephen Esseenyne 4 giorni fa
I could listen, and watch, Tony all day. Master Reviewer.
Krishnaprasad Mokshagundam
Krishnaprasad Mokshagundam 5 giorni fa
2:38 Hope that doesn't damage the port
ToroMoto 5 giorni fa
Can I get this physical hardware phone running lineage? I'd love a phone with a removable battery with the manual switches to disconnect radios and such. Does anyone know if this phone is available with Android?
dzvxo 3 giorni fa
there is glodroid, but its far from usable
Connor Hatch
Connor Hatch 5 giorni fa
Hope he was able to find the vibrator app. He deserves it.
Dustin Capehart
Dustin Capehart 5 giorni fa
could you please follow up with newer revisions ?
Tom Gellert
Tom Gellert 5 giorni fa
Wow this guy has a face for radio.
meonline44 6 giorni fa
Its a shame Sailfish OS didn't work, its my daily driver for a year now. And although it sometimes has some hick ups (like ones every 2 or 3 days) it didn't disappoint me, and works great with the android app support. If you like the idea of proper Linux on your phone, you should look in too Sailfish OS.
Foofer Bob
Foofer Bob 6 giorni fa
Can we gush enough about Anthony? I think not.
Foofer Bob
Foofer Bob 6 giorni fa
If I ever develop a product I will make the box super difficult to get open. Then, I will include instructions on how to open the box inside the box!
Roland Rosso
Roland Rosso 6 giorni fa
The six contacts on the back are pogo pins, for accessories: keyboard is in the works, wireless charging back case, IR cameras, etc... it’s a cool tinker device but really cool community to check out. I’m going to try Sailfish OS next on mine which appears to be a decent experience
Galen Currah
Galen Currah 6 giorni fa
In Africa we say, oo-BOON-too.
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas 6 giorni fa
Seems like this might be good for Mark Rober's glitter bomb if the camera, mic, and GPS work well enough.
dzvxo 3 giorni fa
they dont just yet
AJ B 6 giorni fa
Ethernet port is 10/100
Meinbher Pieg
Meinbher Pieg 7 giorni fa
"I'm just gonna go ahead and, peel that right off..." oh yeah, that's the good stuff.
Aashay Nandoskar
Aashay Nandoskar 4 giorni fa
Gasps in Andy!
Fetzie 7 giorni fa
Apple would charge you like 90 bucks just for that dock thing
dzvxo 3 giorni fa
its $25 iirc
Andy Spark
Andy Spark 7 giorni fa
So was the review done running the os from an sd card?
medialync 7 giorni fa
11:45 😂
Liqtor 7 giorni fa
A video with Anthony, fuck yeah. I love linux just as much as the next guy, but the phone isn't a thing that I can be trouble shoot and recompile every two weeks.
Zachary Alexander P.
Zachary Alexander P. 7 giorni fa
Is there a GPS toggle switch?
etyrnal 7 giorni fa
my 200 dollar Asus Zenfone has never failed to keep up with anything I've thrown at it, including video editing..
The Mup
The Mup 7 giorni fa
I really hope this takes off so we have a 3rd option instead of just Apple or Android.
Grandfather_Din_Racket 6 giorni fa
I wonder how long it will take the people of Shenzhen(or elsewhere) to make a FSF-compatible phone that's way better than Apple or Android.
Beaches south of L.A.
Beaches south of L.A. 8 giorni fa
This guy is cool. He's really smart and actually I think he's the glue that keeps LTT ship afloat.
freesf ftrefv
freesf ftrefv 8 giorni fa
Holly dooky stains this phone is the future!
Drew Summers
Drew Summers 8 giorni fa
Nobody else is going to mention how he struggled so much with taking the battery out the wrong way just to rip off the tool the helps you with that lol
Tim Hofstetter
Tim Hofstetter 8 giorni fa
You can get equally capable phones for less than (US$100...
dzvxo 3 giorni fa
this is more about the hardware and software philosophy than raw performance, your average $100 phone wont have schematics and such an active software community
Raima888s 8 giorni fa
Is there another phone with a faster processor and a good user experience without sacrificing the privacy features?
Fugly Monk
Fugly Monk 8 giorni fa
can you please go for a regular run/walk.. no offence but i want to see you live forever :) xo
Julian Potter Music
Julian Potter Music 8 giorni fa
"ohhh, that's a camera" "does it work?" "oh it works 🥲"
Charles Skeen
Charles Skeen 8 giorni fa
I won't end up buying this device. Thanks for wasting your money to save my money
dzvxo 3 giorni fa
this is a beta product, itll take a while to be consumer-ready
Scott Morgan
Scott Morgan 8 giorni fa
oo-boon'-too is correct.
Micheal Bee
Micheal Bee 8 giorni fa
I hope the company lasts because this is very close to being a lightweight daily driver. Add a keyboard, and hook the phone to a monitor, and it's almost fine for email, browsing, and ssh. Thanks for the great review.
unlokia 8 giorni fa
This thing exists merely as a token pacifier for the freetards. _"There, you wanted a Linux phone, take it"_ You wanted freedom, you now have it: ~ Freedom from quality ~ Freedom from fluidity and good design Just get an iPhone, srsly.
dzvxo 3 giorni fa
gotta start somewhere... a cheap device to make it accessible for developers to begin work on mobile linux. iphones are frustrating devices for anyone who wants control over their device.
Pathological liar
Pathological liar 8 giorni fa
10/10 has a headphone jack
goody657 8 giorni fa
Looks shit
HadlerLeco 9 giorni fa
Lol. You should have your own sketch show bro.
Deathto Spi
Deathto Spi 9 giorni fa
Now this is the phone if my dreams!
Tomas Utaras
Tomas Utaras 9 giorni fa
Privacy orientated, don't use it and no privacy issues.
Anthony Perrone
Anthony Perrone 9 giorni fa
You want to play with something and It has a Vibrator....A match made in Heaven!!!
Kyle 9 giorni fa
just pre-ordered the "beta" version, stoked to have a phone running arch
shibotto 6 giorni fa
Shawn M
Shawn M 9 giorni fa
so is it ready for normie use or are they still working out kinks?
Shawn M
Shawn M 2 giorni fa
@dzvxo thank you sir
dzvxo 3 giorni fa
still in beta
Jonathan Levi
Jonathan Levi 9 giorni fa
Ah...I bet Ubuntu touch is using Xorg, not the super new Wayland Compositors Phosh or Plasma.
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks 9 giorni fa
This phone is garbage
Stephan Weinberger
Stephan Weinberger 9 giorni fa
The phone is actually more like 170-180$ if you count the usb dock...
dzvxo 3 giorni fa
the convergence edition comes with the dock, $199. you can purchase it separately if you get the regular model for $25
Abid Ali
Abid Ali 9 giorni fa
Anthony my man, please share the contents of your sdcard, a single download for all of the 30 images, for the love of FOSS please.
Flakes 10 giorni fa
I mean the idea: great. But in 2021 ... to still have such a bad user experience. No. Just no.
dzvxo 3 giorni fa
beta software
The Professional
The Professional 10 giorni fa
Anthony is the best that's why there is 43k likes and just 848 dislikes
Alexey Woronov
Alexey Woronov 10 giorni fa
It is possible to install Ubuntu Touch on more interesting phones, with more memory, you can pick them up at devices.ubuntu-touch.io. But such installations will use part of Android - Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), and there will be no hardware peripheral switches, but the full stack is still available from Purism products, although perhaps UBports will eventually be able to write drivers for other phones and abandon Android HAL in XLC.
sortofsmarter 10 giorni fa
better than a burner phone..lol
Michael Shaw
Michael Shaw 10 giorni fa
Can it wolf down a sandwich?
Aquarian Dawn
Aquarian Dawn 10 giorni fa
Screw slimness: give us decent batteries.
Aquarian Dawn
Aquarian Dawn 8 giorni fa
@freesf ftrefv decent batteries and sturdier screens. But they want to sell phones that won't last long. Durability means we buy less phones.
freesf ftrefv
freesf ftrefv 8 giorni fa
I'll take a fat phone with a super huge battery in it all day
Gerard Bakker
Gerard Bakker 10 giorni fa
As if Android isn't enough of a dog's breakfast now we have Linux on a phone. Sigh.
redeyesinc 10 giorni fa
nokia n800 gang
Johg Ranger
Johg Ranger 10 giorni fa
You know something is wrong when a raspberry pi would run it faster.
shockwaverc13 8 giorni fa
raspberry pi consumes more and heats more
FB Kensar HD
FB Kensar HD 10 giorni fa
I miss nokia N9 and meego os
Michael Waters
Michael Waters 10 giorni fa
I adore Anthony.
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