Everything I've ever WANTED!! - ASUS PG329Q Monitor

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Thanks to ASUS ROG for sponsoring today's video! Check out the ASUS PG329Q Monitor at bit.ly/3ppb3Tj
Gaming monitors are in short supply these days but you shouldn't just jump on anything if there is availability! The ASUS ROG PG329Q 1440p monitor is a pretty top-tier choice.
ROG Swift PG329Q is certified NVIDIA G−SYNC Compatible to deliver a seamless, tear-free gaming experience by enabling VRR by default on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-Series and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20-Series graphics cards.
Buy ASUS PG329Q Monitor on Amazon (PAID LINK) at geni.us/E1kvI
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Antti 11 ore fa
Does anybody know if this monitor wobbles? I've considered either buying this or the 32' G7 and the G7 apparently wobbles a bit, also my desk has small wobble so does this Asus have good stand to prevent that wobble?
M L 15 ore fa
This or the LG27gl850?
94Radon Giorno fa
This one vs Samsung Odyssey G7??? Which one is better???
AnimicsYT 5 ore fa
g7 honestly that panel looks amazing
Csporto 23
Csporto 23 Giorno fa
Nutty thing is 2021 they dont make a 4k version. Not yet at least. With those same specs and hdr.
SmokeyMcPuffns 2 giorni fa
I'm satisfied with my MSI Optix MAG272cqr for just about 400.
K K 2 giorni fa
That’s expensive for $700. That’s should’ve been under $300
someone Ora fa
A Farangi
A Farangi 2 giorni fa
You try so hard to be funny but you are not sheesh
WHITE LION 3 giorni fa
Everything this guy is sent for FREE is "Everything [HE'S] ever wanted!]" 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
auroraflash 4 giorni fa
It’s perfect for $700. 4K would be $1000+ and thus more in the 3090 range
NickPaulsen 4 giorni fa
How is this monitor when it comes to video editing ?
Ernest Aliev
Ernest Aliev 4 giorni fa
1440p at 175hz, kinda not impressive. The aw2721d is better and it has plenty of competition
TheCollector316 5 giorni fa
Too bad there's no 4K/60 mode. I want to buy a new 32" monitor, but I don't want less than 4K. It's actually pretty hard to find a good monitor that is 32", 4K, and HDR for $700 or less. I keep finding monitors with simulated HDR. Booooo
#G'c 5 giorni fa
Asus has terrible QC on these monitors! I returned 4 of them (3 for dead pixels and 1 for abnormally huge bleed). It is also limited to 120hz at 10bit. I moved on to Acer XB323UGP as it provides 10bit at 170hz with DP 1.4 and has much better build quality and port locations, while using the same panel Asus uses.
Sukvinder Powar
Sukvinder Powar 7 giorni fa
Is this the one that used to be 5000$
lee agombar
lee agombar 7 giorni fa
I was looking for a good PS5 Monitor for shooters but no luck. Is it worth waiting for the HDMI 2.1 Monitors?
Conor Kenny
Conor Kenny 7 giorni fa
Does this have a 2.1 hdmi port
Keepit1 Thouznd
Keepit1 Thouznd 8 giorni fa
bruh.. you can almost build a pc for the same price lol
ZiZo3434 8 giorni fa
Alienware and Samsung are already producing 240hz 1440p HDR 600 since 2020 for around the same price, or cheaper for the Samsung . Just because it has asus rog slapped on it doesn't justify the inferior specs.
Indra Kurniawan
Indra Kurniawan 12 giorni fa
Why you always play Doom Eternal for testing?
Hossam Magdy
Hossam Magdy 12 giorni fa
we want the 4k hdmi 2.1 monitor :(
Edzel Rey Salmite
Edzel Rey Salmite 12 giorni fa
may i know whats that itx case pls?
Edgardo 12 giorni fa
This or samsung g7 32inch?
Angela's Flangeberry
Angela's Flangeberry 13 giorni fa
150W to run a montior? people have lost the plot
Dirt Road Remedy
Dirt Road Remedy 13 giorni fa
Just to clarify, he says the Q only has HDMI 2.0 connectors right? I read from another source that Q has 2.1, while QX has 2.0 connectors? Please help for us console players looking for that sweet sweet HDMI 2.1
Meborez 16 giorni fa
here in germany it got hard finding a monitor for the special needs. like, i search for something with 4k or 3840x1600 (21:9) resolution in about 32" for 4k or 37.5" for the widescreent, but with gsync ultimate for the best image quality. perfect would be ips or OLED, but hey, the LG OLED C9 i own is not perfect enough for gaming. why? because nvidia or LG fucked up in terms of compatibility. you want hdr with 120Hz Vsync? pah, you get frame errors, black screen, tearing and whatnot. so, i hope for the near future to find THE monitor for me. and hopefully it supports a ps5 (for exclusives). after looking at nvidias website there are just a few monitors who fit to my wishes, but they are either damn expensive or don't exist yet. (but already got announced someday)
trueОБЗОR 16 giorni fa
Why does this guy shoot his video at 30fps? What the fuking shame
Obesuh 16 giorni fa
Is there a smaller sized monitor that’s exactly like this one??
Kamil Grzegorzewski
Kamil Grzegorzewski 16 giorni fa
heh.. Sponsored videos are not worth watching.. even if its made by Linus
Drago Radick
Drago Radick 18 giorni fa
If you dont want to see the pixels move the monitor further away from your face.
Generik Name
Generik Name 18 giorni fa
Aaaaand it’s out of stock everywhere
Boonedale 18 giorni fa
What GPU do you have running for this?
WRECKERMANDAN 18 giorni fa
Ive been looking for a curved 4K monitor for my asus M15 laptop around this size. I want to stay within asus. Match matchy. 🤷‍♂️ What would you recomend?
Red King
Red King 19 giorni fa
More like 1700$
doc B
doc B 19 giorni fa
is asus ever releasing the PG32UQ ? that will be 4k no compromise.
Dax Gelton
Dax Gelton 19 giorni fa
Can we just appreciate that he is using the turbo on the (best) monitor and not a different one
dirty cheeseburgers
dirty cheeseburgers 20 giorni fa
yfw when youre still gaming on a dell 3008wfp any 1600p bros out there?
Akshat 22 giorni fa
bro i know 4k is not necessary but for if you are a serious gamer 4k is a necessity as it gives a clear image. i think if we save up 100 dollars we can buy the lg 4k 144hz monitow
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 23 giorni fa
That loose hair on his face physically pissed me off.
MinecraftMiner59Mineboymineslow 23 giorni fa
imagine using 2k 2021 haha
Sora Keys
Sora Keys 24 giorni fa
I'm debating between this and the LG 34GP83A-B 34.0" and I'm not sure which route to go.
Mem Mem
Mem Mem 24 giorni fa
One question how many hz does de hdmi gives ?
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter 25 giorni fa
The look on his face when justifying his abuse his hilarious
steve293 26 giorni fa
For those interested. PC is a Maingear Turbo. They did a video on it
Dragon Systems
Dragon Systems 26 giorni fa
And.... its out of stock EVERYWHERE... how does that even happen with everyone complaining that they cant get a 3080??
Uncle Zard
Uncle Zard 26 giorni fa
I have been wondering for awhile why I can’t buy this monitor for anywhere near market value... now I know... because you all have inflated the price of this monitor 2-300%. Everyone is sold out and the companies that aren’t are 100$ less than msrp and are most likely scams. This is so sad that a single ITpost video can cause that much damage to the monitor market..
Ανδρέας Λάιος
Ανδρέας Λάιος 29 giorni fa
g7 odissey only
Davit Davit
Davit Davit 29 giorni fa
so 1440p on 32 inch have same quality like 24 inch 1080p monitor :D ?
IKS Mese fa
Do you see too many tipsy bartender Linus?
Mark Alderson
Mark Alderson Mese fa
"I remember the original 30" Apple Cinema Display"... I'm watching this review on that exact monitor! Apple Cinema HD [Monitor] (29.7"vis, s/n CY6210TZUG1, May 2006). She's served me well, only 1 dead pixel since I bought it in 2006! I think it's a sign that I must buy this ASUS as a replacement, or in fact maybe I'll pair it with the ACD and go dual 30"+ :D
tooque Mese fa
Can you compare it to the xg27aq ?
Blake Olinger
Blake Olinger Mese fa
lol you actually kept the main gear water cooled pc
Noisy_Boooy Mese fa
Is 2.1 hdmi ?
Brandon Huffman
Brandon Huffman Mese fa
"Am I a joke to you?" -Samsung Odyssey G7
Luca Dall'Olio
Luca Dall'Olio Mese fa
Touching Evil
Touching Evil Mese fa
I want this but the 4k version
DementedCyclops Mese fa
What would you say is the best gaming monitor?
Kyle Hornyak
Kyle Hornyak Mese fa
Linus: if i didnt abuse it then how would you know if it could stand up to abuse Me: throws a corei9 10900k at the wall
Tomas Elvingsson
Tomas Elvingsson Mese fa
Please reach out to MSI and compare this one with their PS321QR monitor.
Roger Cimon
Roger Cimon Mese fa
Asus is crap!
aldeen1982 Mese fa
The Problem is: You definitely need some glasses, man ! Two years ago you said 4k is dumb, which wasn´t true. And now you say you can barely see any pixel on a 2k 32 inch Monitor? Your words can´t often be taken serious. Because this is just bull***** :D. We are in 2021 with the 30xx Nvidia Series Graphics Card. You can push 4k easily above 100fps in every shooter. And 99,5% of all gamers won´t play better with 175 vs 100 fps or 120. But 4k is soooo much better than 2k especially on a 32 inch monitor.
C-chan!! Mese fa
Is he going to change his monitor again?
Leo Martinez
Leo Martinez Mese fa
You sound like immadness
Allgames Studio
Allgames Studio Mese fa
Too bad it has 2k resolution at 32 diagonals, normally it needed 4k resolution
Instinctive Firearm Reviews
Instinctive Firearm Reviews Mese fa
Seems the G7 monitor is better? You seemed more excited about that panel. Also G7 27in or 32? Does the 27in have better PPI?
Kevin Valencia
Kevin Valencia Mese fa
I love that beanie
HappyMvx Mese fa
Thought it was a pg32uq
Mario Gutierrez
Mario Gutierrez Mese fa
Lost me at “HDR” 600... -_-
Ramon Padilla
Ramon Padilla Mese fa
“If You Build It They Will Come”
Jamie Fitzpatrick
Jamie Fitzpatrick Mese fa
So im a console peasant and a complete noob when it comes to monitors. I recently got an xbox series x and wanted to upgrade from my 4k 70hrz tv to a 32" 1440p 120hrz+ monitor. I was originally going to buy the 32" Samsung odyssey g7 but from what iv read ips panels are better than VA which lead me to this video. So my question is would this monitor be ideal for my xsx or does anyone have any other recommendations.? Thank you
Leo Mese fa
Sure tease the hdmi test then don’t talk anymore about it
iDoItForTheMemories Mese fa
What PC case is that?
Everth Silva
Everth Silva Mese fa
Why DOOM Eternal.
Vince LeMans
Vince LeMans Mese fa
Looks like an amazing monitor but I’m not gonna lie I have a 1440p 144hz g-synch gigabyte 27 inch and it’s already looking kinda big on my desk.. a 32 is like gaming on a tv but I guess that’s the point for some Personally I find 24’ the sweet spot
web critic
web critic Mese fa
34 inch 5k2k ultrawide. true HDR(OLED or 2500 dimming zones or whatever...something good...not like the crappy hdr on this asus display) GSYNC 144hz
Edward Neuman
Edward Neuman Mese fa
I would have been ROFL if those legs broke.
Meesun Mese fa
That mini ITX is nice who built that???
RedTony Mese fa
Which one should I get the Odyssey g7 or this one?
Blynder Mese fa
This would be perfect if it was 240hz or 280hz
Serdar Araslan
Serdar Araslan Mese fa
order mine from bnh and still waiting god knows when they gone shipped to me
Terry Lee
Terry Lee Mese fa
With every new generation of graphics cards, I'm thinking we are so close to having cards that are capable of driving 4K resolution with a minimum of 60 FPS with the highest graphics preset. But by the time we get the next generation of games, they turn up the amount of content they put inside the game, so when we get our fancy 4K monitor and new graphics card, it turns out the games got even more demanding by then, leaving us still behind the capability of driving 4K with a minimum of 60 at the highest graphics preset. We keep progressing, but at the same time the games get even more demanding! I'm curious how long this can keep up. When the Nvidia 4000 series of cards release, will we still have the same issue? or the RX 7000 cards? At least newer cards will be able to drive 4K above steady 60 with the highest graphics preset on the games that getting released in 2021 and earlier.
daicekube Mese fa
Linus, could you PUHLEASE loose that dang beanie?
Kaz Mese fa
0:38 "I will accept [...] absolutely zero compromises" * review an IPS panel. You alrealy lost, IPS is a shitty compromise in term of response time.
Jason Hurdlow
Jason Hurdlow Mese fa
These new fast IPS panels are not the same thing as the IPS of the past.
Rushboard Technologies
Rushboard Technologies Mese fa
I wouldn't mind the feature treatment applied to their 43-inch model, but if you have a desk setup, I can see the appeal.
Disturbed Mese fa
This or G7 though.
Terence Mese fa
'To a pleb like me to the eye, dang it's looking pretty good' Linus 2021
Aran Singh
Aran Singh Mese fa
Would this downscale 4k to 1440p on ps5?
Ariful Haque
Ariful Haque Mese fa
Keep up the good work man I love your reviews, you make me laugh a lot as well. I'm just waiting for an 4k/8k OLED TV with 240Hz for gaming
DefiantGG Mese fa
Can i run this with a 1080ti? thinking of displayport standards and i mean full 10bit color and all that jazz
DefiantGG Mese fa
Is this monitor better than the Samsung Odyssey G7? 32 inch 240hz version to be exact, since this one costs more where i live than the Samsung one by like 20%
DefiantGG Mese fa
Is this the best monitor in its specific class? if not can someone tell me the names of some that are equivalent? asking since its fairly expensive here and a lot of the others are muuch cheaper with similar specs, but still too many tradeoffs for me. thanks in advance
Mistur joestur
Mistur joestur Mese fa
DefiantGG Mese fa
Alright i know this is a vague question but i really need answers. I currently use a 24 inch alienware 240hz monitor running at 1080p. I picked this for the colors (tn i know but its a good tn) the response times but most importantly the refresh rate because im very sensitive to it. I cant tell the difference between 170 and 240 i must admit so i dont mind that. but im currently running a 1080ti and an i9 9900k, plan on buying a 3080 but its not anytime soon (not due to shortage but because 1080ti is still good) Now my question is this, HDR i think is great on tv's and sounds awesome, i can turn on g-sync anyway so thats expected, but the resolution is what "scares" me, while using a mouse i want at LEAST 100fps in any game, if i cant reach it *cough* cyberpunk *cough* i use a controller which im also fine with. But will the 1440p nuke my performance like I expect to unplayable levels following my requirements and rig posted here? or will it be fine (like i know it is for most game) and be able to enjoy a larger monitor which i want, and great colors (i think linus reacted so seems likely) ofc the hdr but just an overall good experience, the only reason i havent bought one yet is 1 they are not free, i can afford one but im not gonna buy it on an impulse, 2 the resolution intimidates me. Sorry for the long message, and i understand if you dont want to answer. Im quite tech savvy but i have no direct experience with "high" resolution gaming. Dont take the 3080 into account when answering btw because its not within a year probably. again sorry for the rant. :) and thanks in advance. :)
DefiantGG Mese fa
also i should mention i just noticed it wont be in stock anywhere near me for over a month so is there any alternative thats just as good or would i be screwing myself over?
Servando Garcia
Servando Garcia Mese fa
May I remind Linus of a monitor he has already covered before, the Samsung Odyssey G7 which is also 32", also 1440p, also HDR600, also 1 ms response, also has G-Sync, also costs $700 (as of this post)... and it can go up to 240 Hz, more than the 175 of this monitor. Perhaps the fact that this is an IPS flat panel and the Samsung is a curved VA makes a big difference?
Only U Cambodia
Only U Cambodia Mese fa
Nice Monitor
SubyWill Mese fa
Would this work for an Xbox series x?
ThePipeMonk Mese fa
I'm sorry Linus you say this for every 9 out of 10 items you review.
Larger Fire
Larger Fire Mese fa
i, for one enjoy the homeless tech tips look :)
l3udLight12 Mese fa
The Acer Predator XB323U GP is a better option than the Asus PG329Q
gaming RPG i FPS
gaming RPG i FPS Mese fa
Real gamers monitor, time for upgrade my pg248q asus rog 🤑🤑
Rannon Mese fa
3:30 I've noticed the same (not that I'm eagle-eyed) I'm happy with my 32.5" (1440p) screen but I might not keep it for as long as I kept my 1080p (24"?) one, now when I feel like I there might be a viable option in 5 years or so. AKA when 4k monitors and graphics card able to support them well are down to a manageable price (or at least I hope so - and I'm seriously hoping that we'll see 16:10 desktop monitors at that time, not that I'm holding my breath). Hell, I might even get the VR set-up I'm waiting for (waiting for as I'm waiting for it to mature, not having ordered something that'll never turned up! ;) till then! :D
Every other monitor is DEAD to me - LG CX OLED 48"
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