A $1000 chair!?? - Mavix M9 Ergo Gaming Chair

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Chairs... chairs never change.... well, kind of, but the price tag increases every day! Mavix is pricey, but it might be a cheaper option than the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair, but is it better??
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Chino themeerkat
Chino themeerkat 8 giorni fa
I love the chair the reviews are great but i still think 999.99$ for a chair is OUTRAGEOUS i can pay all my bills with that amount and still have food money left over
Qiuness 12 giorni fa
Real review Mavix M9 I had the misfortune to buy this American chair: 1. The piston fell through the base to the floor 2 weeks after using it 2. The armrests are plastic and wiggle like it's a 50$ chair 3. The leather on the backrest got loose and it looks like the chair was used for years (after 2 weeks of using) 4. That satisfying click of the backrest is BS. EVERY time you stand up you reset the height of the chair 5. The armrests when you sit down will move forward because the adjustments don't hold ferm.. I contacted them for warranty.. Completely ignored. I had to write the Twitter guy in order for them to get back to me! I'm working on getting my money back since this can only be called a scam considering all the high quality brands out there that are cheaper! I really feel ripped off by them and by Linus.. No homework just present any Chinese product we got for free.. Stay away if you value your money!
Creepy :
Creepy : 13 giorni fa
So is this better then the Logitech embody chair?
Elijah Mejia
Elijah Mejia 17 giorni fa
If leaning back arms have trouble reaching mouse & keyboard & line of sight is off.
Elijah Mejia
Elijah Mejia 17 giorni fa
That's a No No for Forward Head Posture. Will kill my neck.
Elijah Mejia
Elijah Mejia 17 giorni fa
I think the head rest leans too much forward. Neck support is everything & this one looks like it pushes your head too forward.
Mohamed Osama
Mohamed Osama 18 giorni fa
Can f***ing review a f***ing chair for professional gaming and aiming?
Permaslug 20 giorni fa
I've been on the hunt for a good chair for a long time so bought this chair and it is horribly uncomfortable after about an hour or two. I've never been more sore in my life after sitting in a chair. And then they sent me a return kit and it's impossibly tough to package it back up. It's gonna cost me $120 to send it back on top of that. Hopefully this saves someone the hassle of buying this chair. Also, it does not come completely assembled like in this video.
Majax 22 giorni fa
I been buying $250 staples/office max chairs for such a long time. The chair I'm in now literally the leather is just peeling off of it. The padding at the bottom always wears off & it kills my backbone (butt). If anyone can recommend a slightly cheaper chair for someone around 275lb lemme know.
Matthew Dave
Matthew Dave 25 giorni fa
damn 50,000 Philippine pesos. that's a whole lot of chairs
didydidy83 26 giorni fa
Colton is you? you got so fat look like you doin heroin or something lol love from italy
SuperRphoto 27 giorni fa
Colton: "It feels kinda spooky" later Colton: "It doesn't feel super natural" me: "Phew!"
Orxan Adigozalov
Orxan Adigozalov 27 giorni fa
Still more usable than pro stand
Vijwal 29 giorni fa
No thanks, I will rather buy a ps5 and a Nintendo Switch and still have some money left.
5ecret Mese fa
just talk trash about the trash chair.
ChrisMeredith Mese fa
no inward arm rest adjustment is a huge nono for me
Josh Mike
Josh Mike Mese fa
I know what I’m buying with my next Stimmy check
Samuel Fensom
Samuel Fensom Mese fa
What is the seat material? Is the seat padded or mesh? Will it deform/discolour over time? Is it still comfortable after 8-12 hour sittings? (A lot of chairs can be comfy for a couple of hours but struggle in longer periods due to a number of factors) Those arm rests are just solid plastic? Hard?... That lumbar support doesn't look overly adjustable, as lumbar support needs to be correct both in depth and height to be most effective. Both of which is different for everyone, so you're stuck with a set depth depending on the vertical placement A head rest should support your neck more than the back of your head for actual support So far, I wouldn't say this is worth anything near 1k. Would love to see a 6 month update if Colton actually takes it home, hopefully holds up well!
HedronProduction Mese fa
i have Mosh chair that is vary similar
hognof Mese fa
white material + sweaty gamer = badddd timeee
hognof Mese fa
at this point I just want to believe Colton has a room full of gaming chairs that he uses for different occasions
Darmajaya Sugisna
Darmajaya Sugisna Mese fa
So the editor is friendly panda ? 🤔
Wahots Mese fa
Looks like a good chair, but you can also get refurbished Steelcase Leap V2s for upper 400s to lower 500s with extra options such as bigger casters, different color fabrics, or better armrests. Get 'em through a reseller like Crandall, and pocket the extra $500 you save for something else. Same features for half the price!
rokool Mese fa
what the actual fuck shitest most overpriced chair. for this price i would rather buy a used car pull out seats from that car, and use it in my office. i bet that would be more comfortable than 95% of gaming chairs. Gaming chairs are so overpriced trash.
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson Mese fa
Swiveling armrests suck. When your playing fast-paced FPS games, the start moving around, and you have to constantly re-adjust them. Stop putting them on "gaming chairs".
StaySic4Ever Mese fa
Looks and seems very good really. It's pricey, but competitive with other similar ergo chairs.
abe kline
abe kline Mese fa
If you want smooth casters, get razorskate casters. They are a 20$ upgrade and life changing
Sasanth Bollineni
Sasanth Bollineni Mese fa
No one: *LITERALLY NO ONE:* Colton: It’s I! The Chair...man of LMG!! Kneel before ur Lord!!! Linus: Yes master!
Gold Mese fa
Terrible to see the new linus and shortcut videos with you guys wearing mouth diapers really disgusting I hope you guys ever go back to normal
Evus Daes
Evus Daes Mese fa
For anyone looking for a Herman Miller-ish type gaming chair that's cheaper than this and seems to have a very similar OEM design Check the Cougar Argo as it retails for about 500 Dollars-ish. I'm sorry but even big brands like Asus , Cooler Master , Corsair etc. use OEM designs and add like a 2-300 dollar markup on top . This chair seems to be 90 percent based on another existing design and there's no way a newly founded brand is just gonna come up with their own 100% original design. Gaming chairs are overpriced - if you want to check the potential OEM for this chair check out GTchairs on Alibaba
SasskeeperXanth Mese fa
Next step: send the chair over to Gamer's Nexus to get some benchmarking in.
palindari Mese fa
Next up Monstertech Blackbird $700 true gaming chair. Gitt’r DUN!!!
FastRedPonyCar Mese fa
This is just a rebranded X-chair. Just find one of those used... or better yet buy a Steelcase Leap used for less than half what they paid for this. I’ve sat in all the X-chairs and they’re decently comfortable but not at all on par with the quality of my steelcase leap or my Humanscale freedom.
Hashazer Mese fa
This chair is good, but that price is wow
Liquidwill Mese fa
Does anyone know the weight limit if this chair? Went to the website and it's not posted.
Jesse Farnham
Jesse Farnham Mese fa
honestly, if my butt has to be in it 10-18 hrs a day (work from home followed by game from home), the 1000 bucks doesn't seem TOO crazy.
Rannon Mese fa
I'd love it if you made a large comparison between Ergo gaming chairs and Ergo office chairs - Preferably together with someone who knows that stuff! Because I'm looking at chairs and I dunno, I'll probably buy a refurbished office chair but ...
HAL 9000
HAL 9000 Mese fa
Don't buy that chair, anything with a "gaming tag" get's the wedding treatment (IE a 3X price hike). You can get very good office chairs for a 3rd/quarter of the price with, importantly quality foam that isn't going to pancake after 3 months and good lumber support. Don't buy into the bullshit.
108 Kitsune
108 Kitsune Mese fa
999.99 us also known at 1 million canadian
Noah Xavier
Noah Xavier Mese fa
what happen voice recording...
James Palermo
James Palermo Mese fa
White chair … could get a lil grunge look goin on tho
Cole :O
Cole :O Mese fa
I thinks it funny that when I’d click on this video a ad pops up for the exact same chair
Neo Mese fa
This chair is a rebranded Chinese oem chair with a $700 mark up. The oem version is like $200-$300
Adam Weaver
Adam Weaver Mese fa
More than my pc is worth, but i guess I'll be comfortable
Whosthere Mese fa
I love how Colton thinks to himself "Is it May-vix or Mav-ix" and just decides to go with both
Kid574 Mese fa
No matter how good a chair is, 1000$ is way too much. For many people that's a whole month of work. It's still a chair in the end.
Gytis Pranskunas
Gytis Pranskunas Mese fa
Better question, IS IT WORTH TO ADD WORD "GAMING" to a fucking CHAIR. A chair is a chair. A CHAIR IS A GOD DAM CHAIR! What it has to do with gaming ?
PadawanPreacher Mese fa
Can you guys get a hold of a SecretLab chair and review it? I can’t seem to find any reviews that I trust.
Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker Mese fa
"I need other people to validate the feelings I am feeling right now" 2:15 or so
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000 Mese fa
a comment to support the channel
Marti77e Mese fa
Same crappy armrest thats in 200dollar chair ? Is there some law that they need to be the same crappy ones.
GivingGamer21 Mese fa
hi love your channel if you wanna play sometime just let me know 😉
Mystery Notes
Mystery Notes Mese fa
Wow I didn't know tectones brother joined LMG
Muhammad Kharismawan
Muhammad Kharismawan Mese fa
the herman miller is there for the brand name and then the long time warranty support. they have the heritage by this point
LucasBread Mese fa
Welcome, to another instalment of, My wallet hates me.
Kevin Campos
Kevin Campos Mese fa
Did Colton lose weight! Mans looking good.
假作真時真亦假 Mese fa
Give me a $1000 and I’ll get you a better $500 chair and keep the remainder. Win win.
PirateSime Mese fa
I don't need to see the video to say NO! ok I watched 9s of it so I could make the comment.
KeppyKep Mese fa
I wasn't going to watch this, until I heard that Madison is in it
Tobi Ko
Tobi Ko Mese fa
Don't buy a chair where your feet can't touch the ground.
Hoàng Giang Nguyễn
Hoàng Giang Nguyễn Mese fa
Last time I checked, there aren't any time-travelling chair yet. So let's not follow the marketing trend, and call it degrees of freedom instead, just how it should be.
Richard Clark
Richard Clark Mese fa
Yay Madison! Btw, only watched this video for her appearance (her first here as an employee?).
Tex Mese fa
I'm buying this chair. Thanks for showing it!
Hooch Mese fa
If you're spending $1000 on a chair, you need to rethink your life.
Min Nyi
Min Nyi Mese fa
colton's house : full of booze and expensive chairs
I prefer a more chill Colton rather than the over the board one that is simply annoying and cringy
peter holtz
peter holtz Mese fa
You ever do a secretlabs chair?
Juho Anttila
Juho Anttila Mese fa
Who would want a logo or text on their furniture, particularly after paying 1k for a chair?
rgracon Mese fa
Rotating armrests are the stupidest thing ever! All it does is turn when you don’t want it to! Stop including it - it is not a feature; it’s a deterrent!
Abteilol Mese fa
Yea no, I'd rather spend more for a HM that actually has good adjustable lumbar support and no janky parts that won't last more than a year or two. Edit: I see that Mavix is actually a scam company built on chinese copyware chairs that are $300. You can literally order this chair without the logos for $300 from the manufacturer. Coltin is stupid for doing yet another video he did zero research on.
Eliran Tuil
Eliran Tuil Mese fa
This chair looks ridiculously uncomfortable.
MSchicht Mese fa
Matt Spooner
Matt Spooner Mese fa
Why does Colton have the same expression in every thumbnail
Isac Joseph
Isac Joseph Mese fa
Madison’s back baby !!!!
derMemory Mese fa
Nothing's better than a nice thick office leather executive office chair
Connor R
Connor R Mese fa
Is Colton wearing a sarb035?
It’s a Pearson
It’s a Pearson Mese fa
Should’ve gotten the chair with intel’s money
KadeTheSpade Mese fa
Dynamax material, you say? *Pokémon intensifies*
Lightning Gamer
Lightning Gamer Mese fa
I like it but not at that price tag... 😬 I feel it’s overpriced
David Mark
David Mark Mese fa
"Editor: Friendly Panda"
Spastek Mese fa
You guys should get anthony to give his opinion on chairs for us big folk.
Stashu Stashu
Stashu Stashu Mese fa
my job was mad i was 6 minutes early and ltt got him a pair of shoes.. im jealous.
patjcoan Mese fa
I bought that same chair, didnt love it swapped to the embody and never looked back
patjcoan Mese fa
@EVOLICIOUS Well i originally bought the "x chair" which is what this ones based off of
Well a $300 garbage chinese copyware fake office chair is probably gonna be better than literally the best office chair manufactures in the world, lmfao.
Yas H
Yas H Mese fa
I think Colton is hilarious and enjoy him in the videos he's in, but ever since the Herman Miller Embody chair video, I wish he wasn't the chair guy. These really don't feel that informative for a category that is growing in interest every month.
glbernini0 Mese fa
If you are going to spend a $1000 on a chair go to a Relax The Back store!!!! Buy a used Lifeform for alot less locally.
Chris Peek
Chris Peek Mese fa
"endemic gamers" - ? adjective 1. (of a disease or condition) regularly found among particular people or in a certain area. "complacency is endemic in industry today" 2. (of a plant or animal) native and restricted to a certain place. "a marsupial endemic to northeastern Australia" noun an endemic plant or animal. "there are three types of island endemics"
ThetaX55 Mese fa
I really don't want to spend more then 100 bucks on a dam chair. I did find a good chair on best buy for $150 on the black friday. doesn't have a headrest which bothers me. But gotta deal with it. But it does look confy i bet. It's overpriced thou. You would expect speakers and maybe a coffee maker on it for $1000....
HolaKyle Mese fa
Idontcarewhy Mese fa
it has all of the features of the 250 chair i got from staples, plus armrests that move in and out for some reason. nice looking chair, but ill keep my $250 one
Nathan Auvil
Nathan Auvil Mese fa
Didn’t even skip the ad, hit pause because I know there is no chair worth more than most people’s computer. These videos I just can’t understand.
Jeff Wayne
Jeff Wayne Mese fa
That white won't age well.
Stephen Bishop
Stephen Bishop Mese fa
What I like about short circuit is its accessible items unboxed, don't become unbox "look what overpriced thing I'm shilling today" therapy.
Stephen Bishop
Stephen Bishop Mese fa
sorry but what why and I'd go to red lobster 50 times and sit on the floor. FLOOR GANG
Arch Mese fa
Wait so is this chair "Big oof" or not??
dandajzz Mese fa
I have heard you say about 400$ chair that its not expensive and regular chair price. Yet you are shocked to see rotatable armrests? My 200$ chair has is ff! O.o
0M9H4X Mese fa
It's a rebranded humanscale chair in white color - but the humanscale is like 500-700 USD so they are just reselling it at a profit. do some research before you recommend random sponsored chairs, this is a serious topic with health implications and big bucks being spent. Let's do our best to educate instead of sell ok LMG
Rene Knight
Rene Knight Mese fa
What people don't seem to understand with the price of a propper ergo chair, once you buy it. You have a chair for the rest of your life. I have a handmedown ergo chair that costs 1700$ if you want to buy one new and its the most comfortable chair i've ever sat in, but its 17 years old!
AceChipmunk Mese fa
Feizio Valentino
Feizio Valentino Mese fa
Now, he becomes a chairman.
Ton618 Mese fa
Nice chair for maybe $300.
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