You can't go wrong with THIS!!! - Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact PC Case

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14 giorni fa

Fractal Designs have been making cases for years now and very popular among the PC community. They updated their Meshify line with the 2 Compact, and it appears to make PC building even easier. Alex decides to take a look and build a PC in it to see how easy it is.
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Dantali0n 6 ore fa
Is it me or is this video a bit darker than usual?
ShR3D0r S3v7n
ShR3D0r S3v7n Giorno fa
I wanna switch out my 011 for this case but it doesnt fit 3.5" hard drives (my game folders are around 3tb) along with my 360mm rad, as dj khaled once said, suffering from sucess
No RGB 😡
Adam Troy Atkins
Adam Troy Atkins 3 giorni fa
I thought they weren't doing case reviews anymore
Anonymous Commentator
Anonymous Commentator 4 giorni fa
Okay so isnt something like the lian li o11 dynamic superior in like every way possible? Better build quality (you can hear the cheap and thin metal from this lol), you can not only fit a 280mm but even THREE 360mm radiators in, its also toolless and has easy to clean filters, design is subjective but i like the o11 way more and they arent even priced different. But the o11 gives you more features like a possible second power supply or way better cable management.
kingtilly 4 giorni fa
Laughs in lancool 2 mesh
Ross Martin
Ross Martin 4 giorni fa
You won't buy Noctua fans but you might have a 12tb drive haha! Great looking case but surely it's competitors are from Phanteks, the Lancool 2 or Corsair 4000? O11 dynamic mini is definitely a different beast and much more suited to liquid cooling.
Денис Давыдюк
Денис Давыдюк 4 giorni fa
Любой корпус, где производитель не ставит вертушки передней панели под стекло, блокируя воздушный поток - уже достоин внимания и аплодисментов. Учитывая, как легко снимается передний пылевой фильтр, этот кейс вообще пушечка
Marcmallow M80
Marcmallow M80 4 giorni fa
I have the original Meshify C in white, and my only complaint was the USB 3.0 header cable is hard to plug in my mobo at the bottom. My EVGA Supernova G2 700w PSU from my last build is technically not supposed to fit, but I was able to pull it off. I have cable extensions though, so that made cable management a lot more difficult.
Michelangelo P
Michelangelo P 5 giorni fa
The one who did the sound correction messed up the bass from his voice...
Ben Ben
Ben Ben 5 giorni fa
thanks. this is the tempered glass light gray ?
Avanix 6 giorni fa
I have the first gen, but this one looks REALLY cool
MDKVideo 6 giorni fa
Can we buy it without the glass panel?
arnuilmees 6 giorni fa
am I the only one who would watch the full hour 'n a half long clip of Alex just installing and (presumably) talking? 😌🥺
MrLingon 6 giorni fa
Please make case unboxings/reviews a thing again, this was very entertaining!
Jeff Peterson
Jeff Peterson 7 giorni fa
love that case tho :O
no life
no life 8 giorni fa
for me top PC case going to be Graphite Series™ 780T White Full-Tower PC Case (Corsair 780T) using for 9 year and going to but it next time to when I build my new PC
InfiniteDarkMass 8 giorni fa
Front looks cool for sure, but am I the only one who likes the thumb screws in the back?
Matthew Doherty
Matthew Doherty 8 giorni fa
no vertical GPU no care. also no GPU anywhere so why need case?
Patrik Grgurić
Patrik Grgurić 8 giorni fa
Terrence Monroe
Terrence Monroe 8 giorni fa
Best case review I've seen in a long time. Kudos. Do more!
Luis Eduardo Lozano
Luis Eduardo Lozano 8 giorni fa
Jared Brown
Jared Brown 8 giorni fa
No RGB? WTF, sold...!
Sven Engels
Sven Engels 8 giorni fa
Glad to see this video get uploaded since I just bought the Meshify 2 White
fiddlefingers 8 giorni fa
I have the fractal meshify s2. It's such a nice case to build in and do maintenance for. Love their cases.
Gabriel Karczewski
Gabriel Karczewski 9 giorni fa
That comment about putting Noctua fans in there... that’s basically what I did in the original one. This is just the perfect case for someone who values functionality over form.
2nd Bloxx
2nd Bloxx 9 giorni fa
I have toe non compact version of this case, and I have to say I just absolutely love it! You can put so many hard drives in it xD
Robert Farrington
Robert Farrington 9 giorni fa
The broad wren densply park because kite seemingly fail barring a victorious range. bewildered, lumpy cabinet
刘志航 9 giorni fa
that gpu sag, I really hope cases start to working on that.
Alexblackish -
Alexblackish - 9 giorni fa
nice high quality ad
Demorthus 9 giorni fa
Edit 1: @7:20 never knew Exos was pronounced the same as Samsung's *Exynos*, who added that "i" in the naming convention?! Shame on you!.. Ah, Canadian reading/speaking literacy, but what can ya say.. (besides sorry, since WW2) laugh with endearment :') I LOVE when they mention "Scandinavian" design. Because, it's essentially their motto for what's basically something non existent!! 🤣🤣 Who the fuck has seen or heard of anything that has a *Scandinavian* design... 😂 So sad.. No offense but, with peace & love Scandinavians have yet to this day ever make anything noticeable nor worthy of conscious thought to remember LOL.
Erik 9 giorni fa
That's a sick pc. You should give it to me😜😉😊
Ross K
Ross K 9 giorni fa
Haha - the comment about how old school cases would cut youon the unfinished edges! That takes me back! I swear they coated those things with anticoagulant too! Just building along and then - hey, why is there blood all over the place in here?
Benedek Tóth
Benedek Tóth 9 giorni fa
I built a dual 360 water cooled system in a normal sized Meshify S2. It was everything but easy.
fumetsushinju 9 giorni fa
I love that the front and side panels can be removed w/o tools! However, I wouldn't buy this case until I found a long-term home for it where it wouldn't be moved for 5-10 years. If I had to move apartments/houses with that computer case, I'd be too worried about the side panels coming loose and scraping or damaging the components inside the case.
Uzishan 9 giorni fa
Yup. Still gonna stick to the old trusty 750D from corsair
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson 10 giorni fa
The white version is taking WAY too long to be available. Also, the area at the bottom where the front mesh filter is opening up to reveal the bay for Power Supplies should have been made with a bigger opening to fit a 5.25" bay and add some hot swaps.
Not You Again
Not You Again 10 giorni fa
April fools? Because it actually sucks? Man, that paid advertising really went down the drain by making it a video on April 1st lol!
cryptearth 10 giorni fa
well - it misses about 8-10 3.5" bays ...
MH Media
MH Media 10 giorni fa
i couldnt be more pissed about buying a meshify c in january... :(
Aorus Mini-ITX RiG
Aorus Mini-ITX RiG 10 giorni fa
2:54 today we have an intel, eem it's hooot 😂😄😅 I diieeeed 😁😉🤣
apostolis anastasiou
apostolis anastasiou 10 giorni fa
Have the previous version of the case. It's best attribute is the air cooling. It's case is open from both front and back without glass in front (looking at you Fazn) just to make it look cool. And it's front is already beautiful and cool Buy the case, it's the best out there for the price.
Of Hearts King
Of Hearts King 10 giorni fa
I find this case like 2mm too short for my ma620p, that or I'm mounting something wrong
Jon Colverson
Jon Colverson 10 giorni fa
This is super helpful because I'm deciding whether to go for a compact or full-size case. I think having to be a bit careful with part selection and everything being a bit tight will annoy me slightly more than having the wasted space in a larger case, so I think I'm gunna go full-size.
HANUNIJA 11 giorni fa
Do not take the corona vaccine! Warn others. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
HyldenSlayer 11 giorni fa
I just got that case for my build i love it!
László Pusztai
László Pusztai 11 giorni fa
I was just watching this case at GN, and here comes Alex and convinces me to go with this case :D
Wayne VanWeerthuizen
Wayne VanWeerthuizen 11 giorni fa
Yes, one could go wrong with that. I find it frustrating how many cases these days lack 5 1/4 inch external drive bays. Optical drives are still quite useful in 2021, for multimedia content and for making data backups. It's also disappointing that the front of this case has only two USB ports. That just isn't enough. And again the lack of external drive bays compounds the problem, as the normal way to add additional front USB ports to a case is to install a panel that fits into a 3.5 or 5.25 inch external drive bay. When I was shopping for a case for my own new PC, I was really annoyed at how many flawed designs I had to search through before finding one from Corsair that would actually meet all my requirements. Shopping online for a decent case was the least fun part of my PC building experience; it was just tedious trying to find any decent options among all the garbage cases that have flooded the market over the last few years.
ExpectDragons 11 giorni fa
I went with the Fractal Meshify C, great case can't go wrong, got the recommendation from Hardware Canucks
Mike Coshan
Mike Coshan 11 giorni fa
I didn’t realise that smelling power supplies was actual a thing in pc building now. ....I’m way out of practice then
ScareCrow 11 giorni fa
Lowkey hate my Arctic 280mm AIO, too big for most cases that otherwise fit regular a 360mm AIO. At least I plan to replace it with custom water cooling
Dave Morris
Dave Morris 11 giorni fa
Its like a 4000D.
Scott Jettón
Scott Jettón 11 giorni fa
Find us a case for a OEM for sff computers.. good luck.. 😂😆😂😆
Evenrik_22 11 giorni fa
You can go wrong because if the gpu is big enough it won't fit. Which is why i cheaped out and got a msi ventus 3x oc 3080, Before buying a new case anyways. But any other gpu would not fit into my fractal design c
Billy Everyteen
Billy Everyteen 11 giorni fa
Why is the Linus Media Group team so obsessed with RGB?
pls don't ban me again you libtards
pls don't ban me again you libtards 11 giorni fa
I have the Fractal Meshify S2 and it's AMAZING. Could only imagine this being just as great if you want the smaller form factor.
GodzillaJesus 11 giorni fa
James 11 giorni fa
Fractal makes the best "blank boxes" to build in. They don't do fancy at all but for function over form they're pretty hard to beat
Howdymynameishow 11 giorni fa
the april fools is that it you can go wrong with it by getting too big of an AIO cooler
FluffyMyato 11 giorni fa
1:10 i never.thought id see a canadian (?) Do something like that. Is that common knowledge or something?
Zaher 11 giorni fa
GPU Sag City
Markus Lee
Markus Lee 11 giorni fa
You forgot to review the cable holder on the back dude
TheSkepticSkwerl 11 giorni fa
That setup would likely cool better without the back 120. It can't move as much air as the cpu cooler so it causes slowdown. It may not seem like a big deal. But every degree on a ryzen matters. Intel is better in that regard.
Semir Slezovic
Semir Slezovic 12 giorni fa
How is this vs the p400a ?
curmudgeon 12 giorni fa
1:03 a screw pops out. in case you're wondering where that screw went
Jordan Ngo
Jordan Ngo 12 giorni fa
red sata cable...
James Hernandez
James Hernandez 12 giorni fa
I wonder what the temps are
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 12 giorni fa
Oh! For F*cks sake! Again with the stupid water coolers? Just put an air cooler. A minute later. YES! You have seen the light!
fnglert 12 giorni fa
With that GPU and cooler you can barely see the motherboard.
Tore Braathen
Tore Braathen 12 giorni fa
Now how much of this the April Fools joke? All of it? It really should tell somewhere for people who watch it at some point that is not instantly...
GOVIND DS 12 giorni fa
We like to see which we can't afford
Elm N
Elm N 12 giorni fa
The Arctic cooler's VRM fans work perfectly for me in my SFF ITX build. On a large case with a lot of airflow or in motherboards with active VRM cooling, it might be a gimmick, but in an SFF case with a motherboard without active VRM coolers, this really works.
WhiteDraqon 12 giorni fa
The feels I got while watching this amazingness when I got couple months ago Meshify C, now I want Meshify C2.....
Kaspar Kuldkepp
Kaspar Kuldkepp 12 giorni fa
btw, you must install all the rubber dampeners to the harddrive holes, or it will make insane noise. even where u won't put any screws in.
Bernardo Villalobos
Bernardo Villalobos 12 giorni fa
Drinking game, everytime he says "easy" you drink...... After 3 mins you will be wasted.!
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan 12 giorni fa
There are two Fractal cases in this house.
Ankit Prakash
Ankit Prakash 12 giorni fa
This was a very nice video. Thanks!
mxthunder2 12 giorni fa
I have multiple meshify C's. didnt know they had a new version.
Seeed 12 giorni fa
screwdriver? 12 giorni fa
Fractal Design ftw, got an R4 for one my NASes and a Define S2 for my main rig. The S2 is huge, makes my 3090 look small :P
Pi Pony
Pi Pony 11 giorni fa
Wealthy person
Justin Gan
Justin Gan 12 giorni fa
Kevin Fields
Kevin Fields 12 giorni fa
No RGB? I'm in! Wait - $175? UGH. I'm too old school my wallet won't let me do that! :D
Othman Hawasly
Othman Hawasly 12 giorni fa
8:52 That's the best feature of this case!
TheUnPlayable 12 giorni fa
The gpu sag is real.
Majere613 12 giorni fa
Given that this machine seems to have been built by putting in whatever parts were in arms' reach of Alex, I'm going to call it the Katamari PC.
Teo Vrzić
Teo Vrzić 12 giorni fa
I bought meshify c 2 weeks ago
trung nguyen
trung nguyen 12 giorni fa
The wandering chalk subsequently command because narcissus especially interest beyond a disturbed baboon. charming, overconfident pie
Stijn Schreutelkamp
Stijn Schreutelkamp 12 giorni fa
Hello Linus, Can you bring some attention to the louis rossmann right to repair gofundme please? It is a worthy cause. Thank you.
J.c Random
J.c Random 12 giorni fa
did you say no RGB !!!! perfect !!!
ImA Cookie
ImA Cookie 12 giorni fa
Just bought and swapped my PC into this case it's great
Keep Fighting
Keep Fighting 12 giorni fa
i built in the meshify c 1 one year ago. Phenominal experience. paired with an asus board made the whole process worry free.
Chris Hufnagel
Chris Hufnagel 12 giorni fa
I have the AC 280 AIO. It's a beast... had to mount on the front to make it fit. Top mounting was a no go on the be quiet 500dx.
Nathan G
Nathan G 12 giorni fa
When LTT builds with intel you know it's either 1. a sponsored video, or 2. for convenience. Glad this one is the latter.
Colby Bastian
Colby Bastian 12 giorni fa
The april fool's joke was thinking this was still $110. it's 160 rn o.O
Joey Keilholz
Joey Keilholz 12 giorni fa
As Flossy Carter would say, "As Bob Barker would say, "The price is right.""
Jason Luong
Jason Luong 12 giorni fa
I need the regular size Fractal Meshify 2
Rytis 12 giorni fa
GPUs got so big and heavy that at this point cases need to include like a stand for them
Ernesto Haylett
Ernesto Haylett 12 giorni fa
The private minibus relevantly pour because soprano clearly thaw times a expensive narcissus. vengeful, black-and-white plot
Abdulrahman Alanezi
Abdulrahman Alanezi 12 giorni fa
This PC is gonna be awesome
Abdulrahman Alanezi
Abdulrahman Alanezi 12 giorni fa
I also LOVE that it has no rgb
whiteandnerdytuba 12 giorni fa
I remember ya’ll saying no more pc cases
Z09801 12 giorni fa
Even with newer case with no sharp edges. I still manage to get cuts when working on my Computers.
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