Are wired earbuds still good?? - Logitech G333

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Logitech new earbuds the G333 aren't wireless, and in a world where everything is going wireless does it really make sense? Who knows but hey these are pretty great.
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Trumpeter 19
Trumpeter 19 49 minuti fa
Because of the switch
apple 2 ore fa
I would rather deal with wires then to have a more expensive set of earbuds that are worse in sound quality
2011Kestrel 4 ore fa
While wired is better than wireless in nearly every way, I would say their biggest advantage is you never have to worry about them running out of power in the middle of a game, while travelling, etc. That and their portability.
Suminda Niroshan
Suminda Niroshan 8 ore fa
All wireless earphones are basically "planned obsolescence" products.
kadir varea
kadir varea Giorno fa
kablosuz olsa daha iyi olurdu
sageosaka Giorno fa
As someone who much prefers headphones with a wire, it's partly because if I'm on a long commute or listening to something for a long time, a lot of low/midrange ones don't get more than 4 or 5 hours total battery life. Also because pairing is never perfect or easy every time.
An Omnomnomnivore
An Omnomnomnivore 2 giorni fa
They are if you know anything about iems
TokyoWraith 3 giorni fa
earbuds > heavy headset for playing games all day
Omega Drake
Omega Drake 3 giorni fa
You can get pay league of legends and flame you’re team
Abhilasha Anil
Abhilasha Anil 3 giorni fa
For 50 u can get amazing IEM like blon bl03, kz iems , trn tin t2 etc. Awesome chi-fi that compete with 100to 200dollars iems
Omar Irsyad
Omar Irsyad 4 giorni fa
The mic is so clear
Jesús Andrés Rincón Ramirez
Jesús Andrés Rincón Ramirez 4 giorni fa
KZ ZSN Pro...
John H.
John H. 5 giorni fa
It could also be a product for those who don't want the top of their heads end up looking like that of Tyler1's.
assassin 6 giorni fa
Finally a nice wired earbuds from a trusted company. I was very hesitant of buying earbuds especially buying from Amazon so I end up buying headphones and it hurts my head and now since this release I’m so glad..
Mikael Jensen
Mikael Jensen 7 giorni fa
Do you know of af wireless in ear headset thats good for ps5, both for game audio and chat?
Aphoxtic 7 giorni fa
this guy talks about how people likes wireless earbuds too much for a wired earbud video.
Amslapped 8 giorni fa
Good I hate wireless
Kris Morey
Kris Morey 9 giorni fa
Wired headphones slow the descent of you phone as it heads to the floor.
Muhammad Nomad
Muhammad Nomad 9 giorni fa
bro they are gaming earbuds. Where is the gaming test?
Crispy K
Crispy K 10 giorni fa
Of course not, lets all buy those 300$ overpriced fanboy wireless crappy quality headphones that need to be plugged in every day in order to have wireless for a few hours ;) In ear buds are obviously the best ones out there. And wired of course because you can't be bothered to only have 1 earbud working while the other charges since it ran out of battery... Or because your dog or cat ate one of them... Or it's at the bottom of a random pocket, most likely in the washing machine. 25$ JBL or Creative in ear buds with 3.5mm. There's a fine line between "smart" and "stupid".
An Vo
An Vo 10 giorni fa
FYI, I prefer wired earbuds over the clunky chunky headsets, even if it's wireless. It just feels better and if I ever want to EQ it to my taste (using proper EQ software, not the crappy presets one from whatever software), I can do that.
calmination 11 giorni fa
"Drop d tuning is like really fat" lol. Fact check. System of a down's Toxicity is in drop C tuning. You should know better. ;)
Issac Yang
Issac Yang 12 giorni fa
Wired earbuds: Save phone from dropping. Also Wired earbuds: Catches on things making your phone drop.
Esteban Guerrero
Esteban Guerrero 13 giorni fa
Can you guys make a Tronsmart unboxing for twsheadphones??
PSK Research
PSK Research 13 giorni fa
Nothing like having your wireless headphones loosing their charge halfway through listening to a new album, movie, or live broadcast of a concert. And I'm tired of making sure I have a mess of stuff fully charged before I leave the house or office. Long hikes, camping trips, & train/subway rides are no fun after the earbuds loose their charge.
Tyler 14 giorni fa
Bro the degeneracy of this title
Nam Khanh Pham
Nam Khanh Pham 14 giorni fa
Can u try out the steelseries tusq
Kurukiddo 14 giorni fa
Do you need a splitter to use the mic on PC?
VK 9 giorni fa
@EinookO please let me know if its better than the hyperx cloud earbuds
EinookO 10 giorni fa
@Kurukiddo lmao me too, these look and sound way better than the hyperx. They will be available near me at the end of this month so i will update you😄
Kurukiddo 10 giorni fa
@EinookO bruh, I’m using the hyperx earbuds as well. But I like the look on these and mic sounds a lot better lol. I’d probably wait for them to be available on amazon 😅
EinookO 10 giorni fa
@Kurukiddo I have it on pre order but I am sure it will be great for fps games. Currently I have the hyperx cloud earbuds and they are really good but these logitech ones have wider soundstage so it will be even better!
Kurukiddo 10 giorni fa
@EinookO did you buy it? if yes, how is it so far? planning to use it for valorant.
ahmed siddiqui
ahmed siddiqui 14 giorni fa
Wired headphones/earphones are still a big thing for people especially audiophiles. It's rare for gamers but they dont really care for sound as long as they can hear footsteps or gun shots
joe 15 giorni fa
you never watched an esports match? literally every player use in ear + an over ear for isolation, that's why they are called gaming headset
Geicko Gecko
Geicko Gecko 16 giorni fa
wow. clickbait title. anyways just get Blon-01s
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips 16 giorni fa
Dude. KZ ZSN Pro X in ear buds. 20 bucks. They sound amazing for the price. Microphone sounds amazing. Loud.
HardKaw Media
HardKaw Media 16 giorni fa
what a dumb titel
Gaudi Utama
Gaudi Utama 16 giorni fa
interesting one. might get it if some of my older ones broke or something. It even got a similar price tag to my current Sony Extra Bass earbuds. And I do kinda like logitech's sound profile after using the G430 for 3-4 years
EL CHURROS 16 giorni fa
for what they are, it seems they're not bad at all, even though I'm more like KZ chu-fi earbuds ft. separate dynamic mic gang
Caio Iamondi
Caio Iamondi 16 giorni fa
I though... I know no, he should probably tested on a PC playing games? Some vs headset to compare side by side. I am the one who just use earbuds cause is waaay more comfortable for me, unfurtunetly all the headsets that I tested gave me headaches, hurt my ears, sweat this kinda stuff
Jan Girke
Jan Girke 16 giorni fa
A bit on the expensive side.
Mike Fleury
Mike Fleury 16 giorni fa
I mean, for laptop gamers this makes a lot of sense. We only have the 3.5mm TRRS audio jack or Bluetooth, and frankly I would pick a wire every time because it really sucks when your headset dies in the middle of a match.
Davnar Ragnar
Davnar Ragnar 17 giorni fa
Pretty much every set of "premium" plugs has the same frequency response. Buy some cans or fork out for in ear monitors (around $400.00 US for a decent pair).
mmmhorsesteaks 17 giorni fa
I still cannot believe they have managed to foist wireless headphones on people. They are like ordinary headphones except worse in mostly any way. Change my mind.
A_Rich_Ginger 17 giorni fa
Wired is better for gaming. For everyday use i use wireless
Nic Lastname
Nic Lastname 17 giorni fa
That mic sounded really good, but I wonder if you accidentally recorded with the phone mic, because it didn't seem to change at all when you moved it closer and further from your mouth...
Nic Lastname
Nic Lastname 10 giorni fa
@EinookO Oh interesting!
EinookO 10 giorni fa
I watched a different review of this product and thats how the mic works. He moved the mic around and it was the same level all the time
Nic Lastname
Nic Lastname 17 giorni fa
"Who's making wired headphones anymore?" uhhh... like every single brand that makes high end headphones lol. Also every brand that makes cheap headphones. Wireless have inferior audio quality (assuming a good cable and the same headphones wired vs wireless obviously). I really hope the title and James' attitude toward the concept of wired headphones is a joke to troll people who are into good audio quality. Otherwise it's legitimately cringy to see something like this from LMG... Seriously "you can get $20 wireless buds"....? They sound like $3 wired buds: Fried ass. Wireless has literally _one_ advantage: convenience... at the loss of some signal quality. Edit: It must have been someone tongue in cheek. James literally made some of the arguments for wired/against wireless multiple times later such as price of it being wireless. He even said "I've heard more expensive wireless headphones that sound worse than these.".
Friano Marelli
Friano Marelli 17 giorni fa
A call. On DISCORD. Not Zoom.... what a bad thing....
Amal Augustine M
Amal Augustine M 18 giorni fa
bladerj 18 giorni fa
this is marketed for gamers because a lot of third world countries use the phones while gaming because gaming headsets are so expensive...
Clinton Wellstead
Clinton Wellstead 18 giorni fa
KZ ZSN Pro X best wired I have ever had.
F3nya 18 giorni fa
Holy shit, the mic sounds amazing.
Hannessomething 18 giorni fa
Yup I'm still one of those weirdos who still has to have the wire I just can't be bothered with pairing and charging, I don't use buds often, usually only occasionally on the train and when I do, I just wanna be able to plug them in and use them. Also I can get alright audio quality for very little money, cuz for those couple of times I need them I don't wanna spend too much.
tibbayr 18 giorni fa
I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising that they’re tuned decently, since logitech owns ultimate ears, so I imagine they got someone from over there to do their work on these
Florian Fischer
Florian Fischer 19 giorni fa
On my pc i want everything wired except my mouse sadly i dont like in ears
jacksinnh 19 giorni fa
"made popular by League of Legends" I mean he isn't wrong
Shawn McDonough
Shawn McDonough 19 giorni fa
The mic is really impressive for $50 headphones
Philippines Unfiltered
Philippines Unfiltered 19 giorni fa
Great mic 👍👍👍
Skylar Snow
Skylar Snow 19 giorni fa
I really hate in ear earphones is there a way to make them more comfortable like a different kind of earphone tip or something?
The Rolling Troll
The Rolling Troll 19 giorni fa
Are you quite sure your phone was using the microphone in the headset? None of my phones recorded headset audio on video recordings, honestly. Unless you used very specific video software (like Cinema FV5 lite) and specified you wanted to use the external mic, it'd just use the built-in microphone, even with headsets plugged in.
The Rolling Troll
The Rolling Troll 19 giorni fa
I got a pair of JBL TWS120's. I do use the EQ on my OnePlus to get rid of a bit of the sharpness, but other than that they are stupidly good sounding. Like; really, REALLY good. Airpods don't get anywhere near them for three times the money. So the fact that this audiophile hears a non-audiophile go 'they don't suck', makes me think they... may suck for 50 bucks compared to 69 bucks wireless earbuds that also have to conquer that audiophile blasphemy that's Bluetooth :D. The LG's look kinda cool though. As for the microphone; None of the phones I ever had used the headset's microphone when recording video. So I'm not sure how you recorded that, but I feel like that may just have been the phone honestly :D.
Lazer_Shat 19 giorni fa
Toxicity slaps
PerfectMachine 20 giorni fa
Wired are better. Case closed. If you can live with a wire, than everything else is better with wired.
Jay Jain
Jay Jain 20 giorni fa
Me watching this video with my samsung stock earbuds.
kdawgmaster 20 giorni fa
" buy logitech G333 In-Ear Monitors on Amazon __________ " doesnt lead to headset :/
T H E _G R I M M
T H E _G R I M M 20 giorni fa
i plug my headphone 24/7, unlike wireless it doesn't stop playing.
Toby Cox
Toby Cox 20 giorni fa
Audio editing with the latency that bluetooth headphones introduce is kind of tricky. In general I dislike the latency from bluetooth unless I'm just listening to music.
Alex Oh
Alex Oh 20 giorni fa
Good for people like me with ear issues and we can't use ANC headphones
Sasa Kanjuh
Sasa Kanjuh 20 giorni fa
Color - Dave2D approved :)
rgnd 20 giorni fa
wired sounds better, low latency, and kinda better than headphones bc u dont get hair dent
Mpamphs Tripokaridos
Mpamphs Tripokaridos 20 giorni fa
For Audiophiles like me there is no wireless good sounding headphone. Other than that ita nice to use wireless options if u know what u get.
Mpamphs Tripokaridos
Mpamphs Tripokaridos 20 giorni fa
Beyerdynamic Soulbyrd are the Best iem for gaming . Trust me i know.
Skinny Jimmy
Skinny Jimmy 20 giorni fa
Disappointed that this video didn't explain how they sound when gaming since these are advertised as gaming earbuds.
INTR1NSIC RULES 20 giorni fa
Honestly wearing my wireless headphones can get annoying and tiring after a while, sometimes I just wanna game or watch videos without an annoying device strapped to my head. I’m a Logitech Stan so I want these for the novelty but if they were decent wireless gaming ear buds I would cop instantly.
Kincaid 20 giorni fa
Still hate james, now he just got zitty creamy skin 😂😂 #FireTheNegativity #jamesSuck
Y HA 21 giorno fa
Why not bother with better gear like Sennheiser or alike instead of cheap brands like Logitech ?
Janzer 21 giorno fa
Wireless will never be worth it until they have zero delay
The Dimetrodon
The Dimetrodon 21 giorno fa
I wonder if these are better than the free headphones you get with your phone...probably.
Counter Customs
Counter Customs 21 giorno fa
Get him to try some KZs and don't tell him the price they cost.
Toxic Neko
Toxic Neko 21 giorno fa
Wdym "are wired earbuds still good?"... wired was and will alwqys be better than wireless. Look at KZ. They makr cheap and REALLY amazing
StormagedonBOD 21 giorno fa
This is perfect for budget gamers.
Sally k
Sally k 21 giorno fa
i want wired because i hate dead batteries, i use earbuds at work 10hrs a day every day. plug and play all the way.
Omatek 21 giorno fa
I hope he was joking in this video
Dupants 21 giorno fa
That's actually a really good mic wow
MakoRuu 21 giorno fa
Fifty dollars for some headphones, fucking hell.
Quacker Souls
Quacker Souls 21 giorno fa
i got my ptron headphones for 10$ and it's good enough it got dual driver as well
Quacker Souls
Quacker Souls 21 giorno fa
I've been using wired headphones for years
Fathan Zain
Fathan Zain 21 giorno fa
Tbh for me this earphone arent worth it for the price. I'd rather buy 30 ish dollar for better sound signature personally
Miguel Trosel
Miguel Trosel 21 giorno fa
I personally feel uncomfortable with over ears because it just irritates my head when I wear them for long times, so wired headphones are pretty much the best solution for me when gaming
Miguel Trosel
Miguel Trosel 21 giorno fa
I personally feel uncomfortable with over ears because it just irritates my head when I wear them for long times, so wired headphones are pretty much the best solution for me when gaming
Dylan David Vindas Lopez
Dylan David Vindas Lopez 21 giorno fa
Wireless headphones suck, they are expensive AF and sound quality is not as good as a good wired earbuds.
Jeff Dickey
Jeff Dickey 21 giorno fa
I use wired earphones at work cuz we have no other options. Ill have to check these out.
Nik M
Nik M 21 giorno fa
Trick question... ALL earbuds are bad, absolute trash. They're filthy, unsafe, uncomfortable as fuck, and cans at the same price will always have superior sound. And don't act like runners and people on the move can't use cans, neck loop models exist for them. STOP FUCKING BUYING EARBUDS, NO, BAD PEOPLE, SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!
Lazar 21 giorno fa
“Play league of legends and speak to your team” 🤣 Man i wish...
Athul K
Athul K 21 giorno fa
Guyzz... review some cheaper chi-fi iems, those are bang for buck..
Starving Rtist
Starving Rtist 21 giorno fa
I'd also check out Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro if you want the best performance for around $50.
Starving Rtist
Starving Rtist 21 giorno fa
Redux is not what they claim to be... the GPU's are scalper price. $800-900 for a 3070....
Daki Souls
Daki Souls 21 giorno fa
james is so smaht
Meatbyproducts 21 giorno fa
Wired is better!
de brebeuf
de brebeuf 21 giorno fa
If you want $50 earbuds, get the TinT2s.
Solfen 21 giorno fa
Why would you buy these over something like the Tin T2 Plus, or Blon BL03?
SlimSam 21 giorno fa
"Are wired earbuds still good??" Ask any audiophile about IEMs and ask if any of them are good. They will probably call you crazy. IEMs especially Moondrop Starfield sounds fucking amazing, especially considering it's pricetag. $100 for an IEM is like a steal.
I still don’t get to like é wireless ones and I don’t feel like I’m gonna for a while ✋😑
Taurtan 21 giorno fa
Yeah, wired headphones are sort of for gamers. I'm not about to constantly pair my wireless to my Retroid Pocket 2, phone, laptop, and Nintendo Switch.
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