Nope, I'm still not cool ☹️ - Jlab JBuds Frames

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19 giorni fa

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Sunglasses are great to keep the sun out of your eyes, but... well, they do make you look kind of a douche. Use the JBuds if you want to up that factor a wee bit. And yes, he had them on the wrong way for a bit, but he fixed it.
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ShortCircuit 18 giorni fa
Thanks again to Grammarly for sponsoring today’s video! Check out for 20% off your Grammarly Premium subscription
JLab 14 giorni fa
@Robert McLaren definitely
Griffen Campbell
Griffen Campbell 18 giorni fa
bruh they forgot to pin it
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 18 giorni fa
pin this
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 18 giorni fa
You look fire, Linus
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 18 giorni fa
You look fire, Linus
julien cool
julien cool 6 ore fa
"more of a douchbag" just burst into laugh
MC Player
MC Player Giorno fa
3:35 I was expecting fan made song "Love Me Cheerilee" by WoodenToaster and The Living tombstone...
:O Giorno fa
lmao same :D
Maurice sidi boubacar
Maurice sidi boubacar 2 giorni fa
Good video terrible product
Maurice sidi boubacar
Maurice sidi boubacar 2 giorni fa
It felt like watching bitwit
AE in China
AE in China 3 giorni fa
Very interesting product, one minor problem is that it is not probable to get high-quality sound based on this design.
Tcid EH
Tcid EH 4 giorni fa
My prescription glasses have a auto tint when you shine light on them. And because they look like normal glasses but tinted, I look like a blind person.
KiJay XD
KiJay XD 7 giorni fa
The funny thing is taht he has the right speaker on the left and the left one on the right. U can see the „R“ on the front ( Minute 4:45 ) and they probably have to be turned 180 degrees, so the speakers fire in your ear.
matrixbg 8 giorni fa
I'm half way through the video. Does he ever place them on the correct side? It's triggering :D Edit: He did. Thank God
Nathaniel Alsbrooks
Nathaniel Alsbrooks 8 giorni fa
Dang, was hoping they were good so I could wear these on my reg glasses while I'm working as a substitute teacher
Danny Brandon
Danny Brandon 9 giorni fa
6:08 Why does it say right but is actually on the left side?
Lunch Box
Lunch Box 9 giorni fa
why must these only be used on sunglasses? why not just use them on regular glasses?
Leslie F
Leslie F 9 giorni fa
Linus, on 6:43, you can see that you put right speaker on your left ear, yes, right
Aman Kikani
Aman Kikani 10 giorni fa
I think that these are more meant for people who have prescriptions and cannot use of the shelf glassses
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 10 giorni fa
My Little Pony!!! Yay!!!
TheLadapower 10 giorni fa
Yoo, this should have been mounted the other way around, so the speakers are closer to your ears (i.e. flip the left-right as shown on the box). I don't think it would make much difference but just saying :)
Dr. Hamza د. حمزة
Dr. Hamza د. حمزة 11 giorni fa
linus wondering about looking like a DB while wearing 6 ear rings..
Dave Knight
Dave Knight 11 giorni fa
Why are you overly negative, you start bashing the product without even giving it a chance, or using it correctly. It's like you reviewed it just to make a quick lazy video to get views, unlike your lazy video the people who actually made this product put in some work. Next time at least try make a fair review.
Thunder-Ranch’s.TV 11 giorni fa
He had them backwards! lol 😂 dumb!!
ArmedKevin117 12 giorni fa
@1:53 Um... -5.
Weirdo's World
Weirdo's World 12 giorni fa
Linus 2021: "Ass garbage"
Weirdo's World
Weirdo's World 12 giorni fa
I literally never noticed linus's nose until now. We both have big noses lol
Thomas A. Fine
Thomas A. Fine 12 giorni fa
Only Canadians could see sunglasses as pure vanity. (Okay, to be fair, Alaskans, Siberians, and pasty scientists living at McMurdo Station might also.)
Tyler Journeaux
Tyler Journeaux 13 giorni fa
I really like the concept here, and I'm somebody for whom this product would see everyday use. As a cyclist, I need to wear glasses to protect my eyes, and I love listening to music or podcasts as I ride to work or elsewhere. It would be nice if I didn't have to resort to wrap-around-your-ears Bluetooth earphones (they work fine, and nobody in their right mind would stop you, but depending on where you ride you might risk getting a petty fine for having something in your ears while riding). If I could put these on my glasses that would make cycling marginally safer, and - more importantly - help me avoid any possibility of getting a petty fine for riding with earphones in my ears. What I would need from such a product, though, is 1) better noise cancellation so that nobody but me could hear if I were listening to, say, a podcast with controversial or nsfw content, 2) a high-quality microphone able to pick up what I say clearly on a call even if the wind happens to be relatively strong.
Adam Leslie
Adam Leslie 13 giorni fa
To be honest you don't look too bad in sunglasses
Kris Planker
Kris Planker 13 giorni fa
6:04 "drunken stupor" like former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Chris s
Chris s 14 giorni fa
In one of the shots you can tell he has a right headphone on left ear, come on Linus ffs
Chris s
Chris s 14 giorni fa
That's what you get for commenting before end of video
BerserkFury89 14 giorni fa
When everyone on set watched Linus have the speaker with the letter R on the left side and the speaker with the letter L on the right ear for who knows how long, it makes this feel absolutely on purpose.
James S
James S 14 giorni fa
Linus looks like the guy on a suncream bottle when he has sunglasses on
Iain Waddingham
Iain Waddingham 14 giorni fa
So triggered all the way through that he had them on the wrong way round and back to front 🤣
Emile van der Merwe
Emile van der Merwe 14 giorni fa
I think the sunglass douche perception is really region based. I live in an incredibly hot and sunny region and sunglasses are just a thing. If it's sunny af nobody goes: look at that sunglasses wearing douche
Paul Mansfield
Paul Mansfield 14 giorni fa
I was interested in these to replace my Bose Frames which broke again. Sadly the review suggests they're rubbish. I've had two sets of Bose Frames, the hinges are very weak, the first set broke the left hinge after five months and Bose replaced them without any issue. Simply pulling the arm outwards slightly too hard cracks the plastic over the hinge. I was ultra cautious with the second pair, and they lasted 14 months until they broke a month ago.
Patrako Wiatrako
Patrako Wiatrako 14 giorni fa
Now that's a cheap Roy Orbison rip-off
Boojakascha 14 giorni fa
speakers called the wrong Ho ;-)
logan freedman
logan freedman 14 giorni fa
Linus you reviewed a product and used them backward. This is pretty bad. You are dragging this company through the mud and you didnt even notice the right earbud was on the left side. Check 6:08 yourself to see. Get a better QA team WOW
baked_horse 14 giorni fa
3:30 A moment of Silence for Linus playing a My Little Pony song in a ITpost video, risking a chance for a money crazed company to copyright claim it.
Carlos L
Carlos L 14 giorni fa
No linus you’re wrong, just. Because a gadget makes you look like a douchebag doesn’t mean you’re not
Oliver-Nation 15 giorni fa
It looks so stupid xD
Zunaid Imran
Zunaid Imran 15 giorni fa
now that I am looking at Linus's nose it seems like someone punched him on his face and the nose broke someone else see like that
DrNerdypants 15 giorni fa
Those sunglasses make you look like that guy who’s like “No, I’m not wearing a wire!”, meanwhile he is
agent 551
agent 551 15 giorni fa
i understand the need to stock on GPU but why do you have so many sunglasses!!?
Neil Corbett
Neil Corbett 15 giorni fa
I have pre ordered a pair. I think everyone has missed the biggest selling point for these. As someone who has to wear glasses all the time I find wearing headphones or headsets uncomfortable for video calls when at work. Headsets will also make you look like a douchebag but at least now I will also be able to listen to music in the office without disturbing others, missing out on conversation or breaking H&S policy by wearing earbuds.
Nucklemonkey 15 giorni fa
Can't think of ever buying a jlabs product 😂
friday567 15 giorni fa
Try aftershokz if you want something that works. I have had a couple of pairs and love them.
Ghanashyam Sateesh
Ghanashyam Sateesh 15 giorni fa
Action cams like these would be a good idea
Wisee 101
Wisee 101 15 giorni fa
You can really see that Linus has recharged his funny meter on vacation
Jan Štumberger
Jan Štumberger 16 giorni fa
1:28 dont do crack kids
Anthony Norton
Anthony Norton 16 giorni fa
I got something better for $50 - a video/audio recording pair of sunglasses or prescription lens holders.
Sp3EdStR 16 giorni fa
Seems like Linus had a little too much fun making this video 😂
Box Cigar
Box Cigar 16 giorni fa
The call is a perfect representation to how wives reacts to unexpected calls.
AWal 16 giorni fa
Sim Gretina "Is Spike" Remix > Original Mix any day.
Ġobon 16 giorni fa
After GME, Yvonne doesn't trust a call anytime she's put on speaker phone, honestly can't blame her 😂
Into_The_Sun 16 giorni fa
Soundglasses? Sunspeakers? Just not cool sunglasses so my answer in NO.
Joshua Pullin
Joshua Pullin 16 giorni fa
1:06 So Linus is the voices in Charlie the Unicorn 😲
PikachuDeSinaloa c
PikachuDeSinaloa c 16 giorni fa
Anything jlab will die on first time charge
zOlid 16 giorni fa
He had them on the wrong side, so they where ported to the front, instead of back to his ears..... He switched the left and right speaker.
gameflux 16 giorni fa
No thank you !
Hans Lourens
Hans Lourens 16 giorni fa
Linus is the voice for Charlie and the Unicorns?
GrayBlood1331 16 giorni fa
I think Linus looks pretty fly in those shades 😎
CallMeAdil 16 giorni fa
Cool Man Linus!"
drunkrabbitxx 16 giorni fa
Has he always been acting like this? I'm so not comfortable of watching how hectic he is.
mylemon blue
mylemon blue 16 giorni fa
I just came for the Grammarly....kidding! Love the shades dude. ❤️
Ξανδρος Peaches
Ξανδρος Peaches 16 giorni fa
I wouldn't ever buy these, at least not until wireless can replace my wired setup fully (quality dap, dac, amp, IEMs), but as someone who has worn glasses, both prescription (though I've switched to contacts the past few years) and sun glasses, their entire life, I absolutely hate this concept, as it takes up a good portion of periphery and would cause a pseudo- tunnel vision; the exact same reason why I despise thick-framed sunglasses. Personally, if these things were ever to become a trend, I'd rather have an extended ear hook that these clip onto. Not only does it fix the periphery problem, but it also fixes an issue of weight distribution, as front-heavy glasses are uncomfortable. Hanging these off the ear hooks would also give the thing a better look as most of the bulk would be hidden and/or unnoticeable; and an IEM version would have the buds hang below, and slightly behind based on the design of the inversed ear hook, your ears when you pull them out and not hang from the front of your glasses if an IEM version of the Jbud Frames existed. A full sunglasses version, with everything put into the frame, should work the same way. The fact that these are open speakers and not IEMs is a bit fucking stupid, honestly. Realistic demographic of use is going to be your typical douche, especially as the bleed is worse than fully open-backed headphones; for the type of people who think it's appropriate to listen to music from a phone speaker at full blast in public, if they don't have one of those shitty little bluetooth speakers. Unrealistic demographic of use might be cyclists, just how a lot of bone conduction headsets are marketed towards cyclists, as you're not plugging or covering your ears in any way while listening to music; though they'll have the exact same issues, terrible quality and nothing to counter wind noise. Amazing that these are being displayed during spring break season, the exact time of the year these will be overused.
Wongo Bongo
Wongo Bongo 16 giorni fa
Spends thousands of dollars to make a gold Xmas controller "I didn't do anything wrong, why would you assume that?"
David 16 giorni fa
Yeah I agree, I don’t like the person you are when you’re wearing sunglasses inside. Poor open box but still a thumbs up.
The Unknown Samurai
The Unknown Samurai 16 giorni fa
I was insulted at first ,but oh my god Linus you do look like a douchebag with those glasses on....shit! maybe you're right
Dream Scape
Dream Scape 16 giorni fa
"There is literally no human way to wear sunglasses without looking like a douchebag" I have to disagree, it's all in who's wearing them (how they act, body language, you get it). No need to feel bad about wearing sunglasses, man.
MultiMediaMan 16 giorni fa
Just get the $199 Bose Frames... Look for a deal if you need to.
chance catucci
chance catucci 16 giorni fa
Buy BOSE FRAMES instead! You'll be much happier.
summerkaymike 16 giorni fa
Never got the douchebag insult, me personal my dream would be to be a douchebag i couldn't imagine anything more i would want to be 🤔.
TheMadman'sNotes 16 giorni fa
Live in SoCal. Then revisit your stance on sunglasses. 😂
Gavin Woodgate
Gavin Woodgate 16 giorni fa
“Quality speaker” *bashes it against the table* 😂
Bleppyboi 16 giorni fa
Linus is Brony confirmed?
JLab 16 giorni fa
Glad you got the backwards thing figured out lol ... you'll have much better sound when the speakers are aimed at your ears ;-) which it looks like you figure out 6:50. They are IPX4 waterproof rated too ;-). Cheers!
19-BCA-031 [Jimit Shukla]
19-BCA-031 [Jimit Shukla] 16 giorni fa
Great video after long 💖
Micheal Fredd
Micheal Fredd 16 giorni fa
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Irma Martinez
Irma Martinez 16 giorni fa
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Kenan Grace
Kenan Grace 16 giorni fa
Trading crypto with Expert John Stephen has been a game changer for me
Blind to Billionaire
Blind to Billionaire 16 giorni fa
@Micheal Fredd Really you know him I even thought I'm the only one he has helped walk through the fear and falls of forex Trading
Upshod 16 giorni fa
Wow, just surprised to see that his a registered trader on IAPD Site
Micheal Fredd
Micheal Fredd 16 giorni fa
@Stephen Gardner Okay, I use the assistance of an expert John Stephen and his strategies are just the best and ensures good returns
Thomas Frost
Thomas Frost 16 giorni fa
I think Linus is allergic to holidays. He obviously became really hyperactive. Bad things happen if you take some time off and relax for the first time in years... #NoMoreWorkcationInMexico
Magnus Holm Petersen
Magnus Holm Petersen 16 giorni fa
Either the camera is flipped or hes wearing them the wrong way, cause there's no way they intend for the speakers to face the other way of the ear
The hair on your screen
The hair on your screen 16 giorni fa
this whole review had one subtitle: why the fuck am I here right now? I employ people to review garbage like this.
Kyle Schilling
Kyle Schilling 16 giorni fa
Now I can have ballistic eye protection AND speakers to go with it!
Alejandro del Hierro
Alejandro del Hierro 16 giorni fa
Linus without sunglasses: normal Linus Tech Tips Linus with sunglasses: Linus Douch Tips
CollinsLeeMusic 16 giorni fa
idk if the view is flipped, but it looks like he was wearing the R speaker on his left side and vice versa. 6:04
André Silva
André Silva 16 giorni fa
I mean, why buy earphones when you can buy speakers that you can only use when wearing sunglasses.
Efreeti 16 giorni fa
Linus had a trust fund, confirmed.
Muzalli Sam
Muzalli Sam 16 giorni fa
did nobody told linus he had the left and right backwards?
Chad Franzen
Chad Franzen 16 giorni fa
According to the picture of the side of the box at 5:46, he's got them on backwards. Edit...and he finally figured that out at hahahahahahahahaha
Lautaro Quiroga
Lautaro Quiroga 16 giorni fa
I thought Grammarly was on the news a year or 2 ago for security breaches and keylogging stuff, no?
Kai Dahlhaus
Kai Dahlhaus 16 giorni fa
Why does Linus look like a music producer person with sunglasses?
Danny Aakjær
Danny Aakjær 16 giorni fa
Some can Carry wayfare some cannot. Wondering Who Linus migth be...
Mahir Fredericks
Mahir Fredericks 16 giorni fa
lol what? when did it become douchey to wear sunglasses?😂
strife 16 giorni fa
Well it's nice knowing that linus still plays with his dolls
Powerwolf 16 giorni fa
"We can hear it more when its on your head" Linus, is your empty head working as a resonance body?
TomBass411 16 giorni fa
This is a strange episode of DankPods.
Emmet Coughlan
Emmet Coughlan 16 giorni fa
This vacation just proved the main channel really should be named Anthony Tech Tips at this stage.
Leon Sparrow
Leon Sparrow 17 giorni fa
Terrible product, lazy review!
Esoteric Bear
Esoteric Bear 17 giorni fa
I want a bone conducting version of it. I work in a very loud factory, that requires ear protection. I could put them on my safety glasses.
Dan McGuire
Dan McGuire 17 giorni fa
What did you do wrong? I bought more GME.
MK Design
MK Design 17 giorni fa
1:15 Linus playing adult-stuff
Tacit knowledge
Tacit knowledge 17 giorni fa
is it just me or the older and bigger this channel gets the more hit and miss it is.
Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez 17 giorni fa
Is he wearing left on right and vice versa?
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