Which $150 smartphone? - Poco M3 & Nuu Mobile G5

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Android phones' prices can range in price from $2000+ and all the way down to $200. Let's see what Poco and Nuu Mobile can offer at the lower price range.
Buy POCO M3 Smartphone
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Buy Nuu Mobile G5 Smartphone
On Amazon (Paid Link): geni.us/huBQeX4
On Walmart (Paid Link): geni.us/xAEexCA
On BHPhoto (Paid Link): geni.us/6mTfxUj
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Soumyadeep Basak
Soumyadeep Basak 3 giorni fa
Linus never surfed alibaba.com
zieg feld
zieg feld 4 giorni fa
Don't buy one of the M3s I had 3 of them and none of them lasted a week
Raul Sosa
Raul Sosa 4 giorni fa
I dont see the need for paying 1000+ bucks for a phone for send txt, pics and youtube
Bhushan _
Bhushan _ 7 giorni fa
Poco marketing team: We want you to review our device. Linus: How about I compare it with the crappiest phone I can find?
ConcealedCarrier 8 giorni fa
I bought a refurbished Moto G Power on eBay for $80. It doesn't even have a data/phone plan and I still tote it around more than my iPhone 12. I'm a relative newcomer but Android is just better.
MrTenDollarMan 14 giorni fa
Snapdragon 855. Adreno 640. FHD+ screen, 128GB internal storage, 8GB Ram, 3.5 audio Jack, Wireless charging, Lightning Fast charging ( charger was inside the box) for 270,00 euros. European version, so no Ads as well.Xiaomi Mi9t Pro. Who is iPhone, again????
L1M_YT 15 giorni fa
Thomas Kenyon
Thomas Kenyon 16 giorni fa
Xaiomi put IR on most of their phones and MIUI comes with a universal remote app built in.
Baggy Trousers
Baggy Trousers 16 giorni fa
Kogan Agora XI (11). $149 AUD (&113.40 USD) 6.2" 1520x720 IPS display, SPRD9863 octa core, dual sim, expandable storage, 3.5mm jack, fingerprint scanner, 3800mAh battery, 3gb ram, 13MP+2MP rear, 8MP front, NFC etc. Comes with a tempered glass screen protector and case (Dunno about charger or earphones). From the same company to build the second EVER android phone back in 2008. May be fine, may be s***. Not my job to review stuff. www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-agora-xi/
Dan Filip
Dan Filip 16 giorni fa
A better processor on poco m3 instead of selfie camera end fingerprint sensor one average camera on the back end it was on my taste.
Rohit 16 giorni fa
The only thing that I can do for the iPhone and the iPhone version has not enough for the iPad to play with it but it’s a terrible game and I can’t play this much better and I think it would have been a great way for a couple more hours and it was fun and I watched the game and the game was awesome but I can’t even play it
Holly 17 giorni fa
m3 currently for under 100€ xD i rly try to get my dad to buy that and not some overprieced stuff for the 5 calls he does a year xD
Toufiqur Rahman
Toufiqur Rahman 17 giorni fa
I just bought Poco m3 after watching it.
Toufiqur Rahman
Toufiqur Rahman 17 giorni fa
I just bought Poco m3 after watching it.
Strawberry Chaeng
Strawberry Chaeng 17 giorni fa
got a redmi note 8 for $119 so idk about that nuu mobile G5
Devon Farmer
Devon Farmer 18 giorni fa
I wonder how much of your user data is sent to the ccp
Tadzik 19 giorni fa
Just buy xiaomi redmi 9.
DANISH ILYAS 21 giorno fa
Does that phone have a samsung dex ripoff ? Idk
Ronda Hawkins
Ronda Hawkins 21 giorno fa
The forgetful landmine interestedly invent because yoke cranially attempt astride a divergent oak. efficient, moldy dessert
Vinicius Bertevello
Vinicius Bertevello 22 giorni fa
It's REALLY funny to see a Power User saying that a budget phone is "usable" or "amazing" xD One full day using only the Poco M3 would give Linus a seizure of some sort.
Amin Amirkhani
Amin Amirkhani 22 giorni fa
I have the Poco X3 it's an absolute bang for a buck Performance is really good for a 220$ smartphone but it's riddled with ads and bloatware's, but if you are tech savy you can disable them pretty easy
Peter Kráľ
Peter Kráľ 22 giorni fa
If you think about Poco M3, lookout Redmi 9T, which is the same mobile with NFC...
bowedfloor 23 giorni fa
lol, my crusty expansion
Paulo Pabillano
Paulo Pabillano 23 giorni fa
watching this on xiaomi 9t the twin brother xD
Sjoer van der Ploeg
Sjoer van der Ploeg 24 giorni fa
If only it came with the five dollar wireless charging addition, that is such a letdown in 2021 as I have basically not plugged in my phone since I pulled it out of the box! (besides hooking it up to debug over USB, practically all charging happens wirelessly)
Sjoer van der Ploeg
Sjoer van der Ploeg 21 giorno fa
It is just convenient, I've got a charging plate next to my bed and next to my TV and I just put the phone on it whenever. The charging is pretty fast, fast enough for me as I don't use my phone when I'm at home?
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 21 giorno fa
I dnt understand what benefit people see in wireless charging other than it looks cool. The charging is slow and also you can't use the phone when you are charging.
Christopher Andreason
Christopher Andreason 24 giorni fa
#LinuxTexhTips what your smartphone as default?
Abhinand Hari
Abhinand Hari 24 giorni fa
I have been using the phone for quite some time. I love the phone- the only noticeable issue is the UI lag when u open the app manager. Everything is great to ok(camera dept is just ok for the pricing) Also I didn't get bracelets , everything else yeah. pfft. Plus I didnt see 4gb versions in India, theres only 6 gb versions here(64 and 128)
Nadia 24 giorni fa
Motorola phones are great products for budget phones too. I bought a G7 Power a year and a half ago and it works wonderfully. USB-C charging, headphone jack, decent camera, decent speakers, not lagging at all and a battery life of a day and a half without battery saving mode on.
NicGlol 24 giorni fa
calling a 200 dollar phone a 160 dollar phone because you got it on sale is disingenuous
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson 24 giorni fa
Can you use the Poco in the US? Just curious, seems like I heard some brands do not have access to PLAY store in the US.
Alex Ale
Alex Ale 24 giorni fa
Poco M3. Better looks, reliability and I am afraid of 5G.
Paco Sánchez
Paco Sánchez 25 giorni fa
I got my mom a Poco M3, it has been a game changer. She's so happy about her new device (she used to have a MiA1)
DeloreanzGamingTV 25 giorni fa
I got the Motorola One Ace 5G for $190
Arnoldmichael Arnolsmichael
Arnoldmichael Arnolsmichael 25 giorni fa
Truther-apy Truther-apy
Truther-apy Truther-apy 26 giorni fa
alcatel has better ones
pendeyo 26 giorni fa
Just get a Motorola G30
Chairforce gamer
Chairforce gamer 26 giorni fa
They should make a twice yearly series of the best phones at different price points.
Tejas Tyagi
Tejas Tyagi 27 giorni fa
Why does this phone look so much like my moto g 5g(the nuu)
Nickpask 27 giorni fa
Xiaomi redmi 9 wins lmao
Joshua Giesler
Joshua Giesler 27 giorni fa
Moto G series. Just saying.
Joshua Giesler
Joshua Giesler 27 giorni fa
Watching this, it makes it very clear to me that Linus has limited cheap phone experience. The Moto G series has always had FM radio, and has always required headphones.
Hawaiian_ Typhoon
Hawaiian_ Typhoon 27 giorni fa
I think the best Budget Phone for $150 is the Samsung A02s. It's has Samsung's One UI Experience and a decent Snapdragon Processor, the SD 450. It also has a large 5,000 mAh Battery
IZI 28 giorni fa
wasabibird 29 giorni fa
Pls review poco x3 nfc hehe
Joshua Albano
Joshua Albano Mese fa
unbox the redmi note 10
kern Boris
kern Boris Mese fa
kern Boris
kern Boris Mese fa
Jeremy Del Valle
Jeremy Del Valle Mese fa
I was going to buy until I saw it was not $130
권순용 Mese fa
The Nuu looks an awful lot like the Galaxy A21s
redmi note 10 pro is lit please make a video on it
m00n Mese fa
how many channels does he have?
YahiaB Mese fa
That G5 does NOT deserve 200$ More like 120$
Clever wolfano
Clever wolfano Mese fa
Well I mean the bracelets are there because not every adult buys a 130 dollar phone. Maybe teens prefer that option.
Spongebob - Chan
Spongebob - Chan Mese fa
that pricing is basically what 70% of filipinos have to spend on their phone
You should check out the latest redmi note 10 series , 120hz Amoled at sub 200dollars
Dare David
Dare David Mese fa
For those who are considering buying the poco m3, *DON'T* Get the poco x3/pocox3 nfc instead. It is $200 but it has the best specs for a non 5g phone.
Kyle Taylor
Kyle Taylor Mese fa
Why don't you ever talk about how each one is only good for one type of carrier? that ended up deciding which one to buy for me.
Shahanur Sakib
Shahanur Sakib Mese fa
how a nuu review turned to poco review......
Sibam Dash
Sibam Dash Mese fa
I ate govee just today... What's up Indian
I saw his video first time. I thought of kane Williamson😂
dexe gaming
dexe gaming Mese fa
Amazing I poco M3 user..👍👍
Inspire True
Inspire True Mese fa
Poco m3 coats 152 dollar here in india and it doesn't include all the goodies
Inspire True
Inspire True Mese fa
I have poco m2 and it's working good
Spike Mese fa
Ever heard of realme 5i? 100$ and basically has the same things as these 2 but Snapdragon 665 chipset and 5000mAh battery
Spike Mese fa
@Thicc Noodles well i use it for the same things and im a competitive player soo i spend 6-10 hours daily grinding and im the heaviest user among my family and friends . I think your brother's phone is not fully setted up and maybe e uses third party apps and stuff and there are soo many other things to consider soo its hard without seeing whats the problem but i just wanna say i haven't had any problems with this device
Spike Mese fa
@Thicc Noodles by twicking i meant customising i turned off and lowered some unnecessary settings and that did the trick its dosent heat up performance is smooth its faster and im 1000% sure it doesn't harm the phone and i have a relative who has the poco m3 and mine is clearly better in comparison
Thicc Noodles
Thicc Noodles Mese fa
@Spike you will notice the difference when you have them both in hand.
Thicc Noodles
Thicc Noodles Mese fa
@Spike twicking your phone will shorten it's lifespan in the long term so i don't recommend doing that. (And maybe u have aircon in your house)(and i think you don't know what stutter is no offense)
Thicc Noodles
Thicc Noodles Mese fa
@Spike he only uses it for online school and grinding in codm and he has pretty much low settings on codm. (I live in the Philippines so phones don't go on sale often so pretty much same price)
Daniel Soto
Daniel Soto Mese fa
Reviews needs to use gcam as part of the evaluation for cheap phones and more on xiaomi phones as default camera app is kinda shitty
Jonathan Cano
Jonathan Cano Mese fa
Linus must meet xiaomi's poco X3. 120hz for cheap. Incredible but works
Sarcastic Lemon
Sarcastic Lemon Mese fa
Bruh I also bought the Poco M3 but I didn't get the bracelet and screen protector
Hasin Eagman
Hasin Eagman Mese fa
They are exclusive for Europe
Prathamesh Agrawal
Prathamesh Agrawal Mese fa
I don't know man I am poor and this video felt like an hurt😂
Hunter Reea
Hunter Reea Mese fa
im about to get one plus nord n10 and then i see the poco m3 and think what do i wanna buy
DidemSakura Mese fa
Poco m3 is actually not a phone you use for taking pictures or videos. We chose this specific phone for gaming cause of its 6000 mah battery.
Rejoy K Roy
Rejoy K Roy Mese fa
In india it ships with 6gigs of ram
Greendays Mese fa
The poco x3 is on par with the iphone 11 in terms of camera for only 30$ more of the m3
SquidZ Mese fa
Since when did Sami Zayn became a tech reviewer?
Ben Del
Ben Del Mese fa
Maybe I got a defective unit? I just got screamed at for an hour by straight talks indian tech support because it turns out the poco on newegg isn't unlocked. The kinda guy like me who buys a 200 dollar phone already cant afford the time and stress this caused me. If you're looking at this phone don't use the newegg link even though its the cheapest.
Joel Velazquez
Joel Velazquez Mese fa
@7:28 I also have a confession. Everytime I hear LTT store I think of El titty store. So you might imagine how I felt going into the actual website...
Guys u won't believe this Redmi note10 Price - 160 $ ( base variant) 6.43 fhd+ AMOLED display Snapdragon 678 ( As good as the 720g ) can play COD at very high graphics 48 mp Sony cam sensor 4 gb ram 64 gb storage 5000Amh battery
GerninjaPlayZ 忍者
GerninjaPlayZ 忍者 Mese fa
His so spoiled
Tanish Nitin Patil
Tanish Nitin Patil Mese fa
10:27 And I thought my new heaphones were not working properly
Mystic Mese fa
when there is a 4K option available but ur watching at 360p
manish rawat
manish rawat Mese fa
Hate Chinese products
Angel Hernandez R
Angel Hernandez R Mese fa
Debería dejar de decir "barato" "mierda". ¿Sabe? No todo el mundo gana dólares.
link link link
link link link Mese fa
Linus looks like a jobless jew
Robin E
Robin E Mese fa
Why have I never seen a Motorola smartphone on a big tech channel?Still waiting for a non-notch/holepunch Moto G, but the current ones with the pop-up camera seemed promising. Didn't have a chance to check one out, stores have been closed since November here in Germany...
Eye of Sauron
Eye of Sauron Mese fa
This guy sounds like that pc tech guy here in youtube that knows a lot about gpu. forgot his name.
Me Mese fa
U know, realme exists....
Uncle Marwee
Uncle Marwee Mese fa
Fakeme phones are cheaper.
Geric John M. Olivar
Geric John M. Olivar Mese fa
U know, they're just blatant copy paste company against Xiaomi. Right?
Your Uncle
Your Uncle Mese fa
I have one of this too! I use this phone for emergency i can charge other phones by using otg and damn that battery is fucking beast!
X Æ A-12 Them
X Æ A-12 Them Mese fa
The poco reminds me of the yellow Lumia phone back in 2013.
jay magisa
jay magisa Mese fa
poco phones just like redmi phones are very budget friendly phones that you can use for games too
Far iz
Far iz Mese fa
The yellow colour thats dope
pol buruwa
pol buruwa Mese fa
Get a LG g7 for 120$
Gogi Ibanez RG
Gogi Ibanez RG Mese fa
Very bad viewing angles on Poco, i had to return it back to the store because of that. Shame. Touch screen is very quick. Speakers are decent with clear highs and stronge midrange but lack of bass. S9 plus is more meaty with nicer bass but with slightly less volume. When charging and watching ITpost or playing games Poco gets hot pretty well but nothing dramatic. I dont mess with one speaker sistem smartphones for two years. Only stereo is the way. 🤗👍
KeelFly Mese fa
Are you totally clueless? Looks like it based on your nonsense. Poco is the top under $200 device. And they got some premium photo devices for under $700
Jomon palayur
Jomon palayur Mese fa
you should probably try more budget phones... you'll be surprised
Jomon palayur
Jomon palayur Mese fa
8:26 really, how many phones have you used... under a 200 dollars
Delcio Mese fa
I guess I should have bought 10 of these instead of my S21 Ultra.
Vipin Rane
Vipin Rane Mese fa
Are these chinese phones a thing in US? Cause I've heard frm my elder brother who's in US that the bandwidth of these chinese phones doesn't support there!
Vipin Rane
Vipin Rane Mese fa
@Uncle Marwee bt they suck👎 specification wise
Vipin Rane
Vipin Rane Mese fa
@Uncle Marwee I see...
Uncle Marwee
Uncle Marwee Mese fa
Umidigi phones support most US bands.
MatZ Mese fa
I'm not sure about that, but it'd be a pretty bad idea launching a global version of a smartphone that is incompatible with US
Johaan Vinay Singh
Johaan Vinay Singh Mese fa
Manufacturing doesn't cost but inovation does.
Garry Hall-Hollis
Garry Hall-Hollis Mese fa
Linus thanks for the review I brought Poco m3 189 Aussie dollars loving it so far
Josh Berman
Josh Berman Mese fa
no rest until we get a LinusBrokeTips channel!
Josh Berman
Josh Berman Mese fa
compliments of Rolando Bueso
হিপো ক্রেট
হিপো ক্রেট Mese fa
You are an idiot
Solider Armatang
Solider Armatang Mese fa
Any Canadian links? We exist too!
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