Monitors have built-in webcams now!? - Dell Video Conference Monitors

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Monitors are getting bigger but are they getting more useful? Dell decided to make this more functional with a built-in camera, KVM switch, ultra-wide resolution, curved, and you can use TWO PCs at once??? It's like they simply incorporated every monitor's selling point into one product line.
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1R1SH 7 giorni fa
Clearly step 2 is detach arms in the manual. I saw it 😂
investor Ryu
investor Ryu 8 giorni fa
I have an inquiry. What is the sound quality of the microphone built into the monitor?
Florin Oswald
Florin Oswald 16 giorni fa
Does anybody know if the screen, camera, mic,... work with a macbook?
TinkerDuck137 25 giorni fa
"Monitors have built-in webcams now?" iMac users: Yaawwn
Ryan Gregory Magayam
Ryan Gregory Magayam Mese fa
you’re so cute
Beakford Flappering
Beakford Flappering Mese fa
wow. no offence.. but milenials have no idea how weak tey seem i just hope they dont arrogantly try to usurp scial and political power on the back of their apparneltly hardly existanet virtues that the powers flatter them about inorder to used their gullibility pride and stupidity to......... aaaaaaaaaaaand ah
Frosty. Mese fa
dell definitely made a good call making it pop up. looks/feels cooler *and* is easier for us paranoid types to deal with since it's physically blocked when not in use
Frosty. Mese fa
they're not allowed to use knives? are they secretly all toddlers or something?
IamJay Mese fa
I love that they have a PC on a kitchen. Jealous that the specs of that PC are waaayy better than mine.
Danny Chung
Danny Chung Mese fa
The wide note concurringly fence because commission byerly flow amidst a five bucket. milky, female fertile beetle
Louise Ogden
Louise Ogden Mese fa
This is a cool thing but you sound so much like Steve Carell in The Office.
Rannon Mese fa
Man, they really just should've named it USB 3, 3.1 and 3.2 :/ But then, they should've limited USB C to either USB 3 or up or USB 3.1 and up!
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000 Mese fa
a comment to support the channel
adtc Mese fa
I want a webcam with a built-in monitor!
adtc Mese fa
Why does the monitor have an Ethernet port?
adtc Mese fa
Nick Sparrow Studios
Nick Sparrow Studios Mese fa
Mando got spoiled for me too
Jason Tan
Jason Tan Mese fa
May I know if this monitor colour accuracy is good? Is it good quality in terms of graphics? I'm considering either I go for this model, or LG 34 ultrawide, which has 75hz panel, and Free Synch (which I'm not sure how useful it is?!). Any suggestion?
Alexxxa Wild
Alexxxa Wild Mese fa
i love your video
K Sommer
K Sommer Mese fa
You fine gentlemen need to get educated on the dangers of wearing masks. They cause bacterial pneumonia. Go to liberty for REAL truth on this ruse of a pandemic.
Chris C
Chris C Mese fa
Dell had a tempered glass monitor on the market in 2007/8 with a camera and microphone built in. Dell Crystal it was called. Ahead of its time both functionally and aesthetics. Raj owned one in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.
happysmash27 Mese fa
The subtitles are really out of sync, several seconds delayed.
ROHAN RAHMAN 2 mesi fa
They don’t give a battery replacement and trying to convince people that we are just protecting the environment. The more problem in environment is the increasing number of dump mobile phones because the phone has poor battery life and the batteries are not easy to replace. If they already decided not to give a charger but at least should give an extra battery instead of charger… Thank you, From: Rohan Rahman
JKN Productions
JKN Productions 2 mesi fa
I want a webcam with a monitor built in
Infn E
Infn E 2 mesi fa
Why doesn't anyone bring a knife to their unboxing videos? Geez guys come on. You're an unboxing channel....
FARBerserker 2 mesi fa
Riley is an Ass. I like Riley.
America First Paleoconservative
America First Paleoconservative 2 mesi fa
This video was a trainwreck.
WingfootMcNova 2 mesi fa
Does this specific monitor have a name/model number? The links just send you to the websites with a list of search results. I absolutely hate clicking on a website that just relays to a store search engine with results that don't show what I'm looking for.
ThinkerOnTheBus 2 mesi fa
The monitor has a built-in camera. 𝐍𝐨, 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐜𝐨𝐨𝐥❗❗❗
Geo YinYang
Geo YinYang 2 mesi fa
I like the speakers. I use built in speakers regularly and this is fancy. I am intrigued.
Geo YinYang
Geo YinYang 2 mesi fa
Looking closer at the specs. Over $1100 . Just not worth it. 720 web cam, only 60 hrtz, 1080p panel. (Ya its curved and the size is far.) That price is more than the its worth. The 27inch one is a bit more fair. but this Lovlely, dont get me wrong its looks great and would fit perfectly in may setups. But the price compaired to the 27 or 24 inch flat. I dont see the value.
Geo YinYang
Geo YinYang 2 mesi fa
Ethernet on the monitor? WHY?
FarXz Technologies
FarXz Technologies 2 mesi fa
eye monitor
kdawg3484 2 mesi fa
I have to admire Riley's ability to make even a gimmick monitor review entertaining.
arne malte
arne malte 2 mesi fa
Microsoft Teams Button, a Reason not to buy this Monitor. There are more than enough good alternatives to Microsoft Teams. I try to use as few Microsoft Products as possible, i still remember how often i couldn't play with friends because Games for Windows Live wasn't working, how many games lost their Multiplayer when Microsoft decided to end it, bought a Microsoft Lumia and Microsoft canceled it, or back when i was using Skype and Microsoft decided it's a good Idea to spread SCAM/Fraud advertising ("this man made 10000$ in one day, learn how" etc.) or all the Bloatware Microsoft bombs me with in Windows 10/ brings out new Software with barely any function, but installs it without asking/option to remove.
Lucian B
Lucian B 2 mesi fa
I would like to follow you on bitchute or odysee
Ahad Rauf
Ahad Rauf 2 mesi fa
I'd love if that Teams shortcut could be remapped to Zoom
Priyanshu Agarwal
Priyanshu Agarwal 2 mesi fa
This man taught me how to give a speech in classroom , I gained confidence from here.❤️
dra 2 mesi fa
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GamerZ Logic
GamerZ Logic 2 mesi fa
*Who remembers Riley's nickname? XD where the OG fans at? Here's a hint, he was a very important military personal in the early halo games. Most likely the most well-known halo game.*
Airton Lima
Airton Lima 2 mesi fa
So, subtitles are way off from 0:59 onwards. would you guys mind fixing it? Thanks
Oliver Polden
Oliver Polden 2 mesi fa
1:25 The higher your voice, the more acceptable it is to bullshit.
Greg Scafidi Productions
Greg Scafidi Productions 2 mesi fa
Thunderbolt Display via Alpine Ridge card works great too. (webcam, speakers, poor microphone, firewire, usb, ethernet, etc.) Would definitely consider switching though, better native support for non thunderbolt displays on Nvidia graphics.
Rajiv Iyer
Rajiv Iyer 2 mesi fa
Riley is an unofficial ambassador of Mandalorian
Faggot 2 mesi fa
why is the CC all wrong lol
フシミショ 2 mesi fa
So the subtitles appear before he speaks the sentence. Thats spoilers for you.
Steve James
Steve James 2 mesi fa
That's cool, maybe they'll add in speakers eventually too.
WhoAmIWill 2 mesi fa
Wow these closed captions are not lined up whatsoever
00mandrew 2 mesi fa
Got some greasy paw prints on your cabs in that kitchen, yo
Jun Hao Lim
Jun Hao Lim 2 mesi fa
The subtitles got off sync after about a minute in
Space Gaming
Space Gaming 2 mesi fa
Atom Ai
Atom Ai 2 mesi fa
Teams is nothing like Skype. What kind of "IT" folks do you have working there? FIre him please
Hayden Shumaker
Hayden Shumaker 2 mesi fa
he said he wouldn't get a curved ultrawide but I'm pretty sure he got one in the intel extreme tech upgrade
Motoko86 2 mesi fa
0:50 more like "Dell we go" amirite?
Hasith Kashyapa
Hasith Kashyapa 2 mesi fa
Linus 2.0 😅😂😂
Michael Petrarca
Michael Petrarca 2 mesi fa
George Orwell foretold cameras in displays when he wrote his book 1984, funny how a work of fiction is becoming fact.
James Scholes
James Scholes 2 mesi fa
They've done this popup camera in their AIOs like the 5480 for a while now. It's really nice to see them properly doubling down on work focussed features though.
Adam Ithiel
Adam Ithiel 2 mesi fa
That outro 🤦
S. Smith
S. Smith 2 mesi fa
Linus like a bird inspectin' for bugs... Found no bugs and NOPE'd out.
Shreyas Rd
Shreyas Rd 2 mesi fa
Can someone plss send me the link to the wallpaper in the thumbnail
Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta Mese fa
This was the best i could find
Gordon Scott
Gordon Scott 2 mesi fa
I've got 3x 24" Viewsonic VG2437-mc monitors in my house (son has 2x, wife has the other), and they have a webcam built in, so it's not exactly a new thing.
Elyas gaming
Elyas gaming 2 mesi fa
Anyone found that ethernet port SUS?
dont_got_a_name 2 mesi fa
Nice video, Riley.
Rami Kattan
Rami Kattan 2 mesi fa
This is not new, my 23" Dell monitor from 10 years ago (SP2309w) has a built-in webcam and microphone 🤔 It is not Windows hello or fancy thing, but works just fine
jess m
jess m 2 mesi fa
That thumbnail 😭
John J. Johnson
John J. Johnson 2 mesi fa
It's 2021, where's the wireless monitors at? Come on Riley...
explanoit 2 mesi fa
Your captions are off by like 15 seconds
Jo 2 mesi fa
I want to hear the story behind the sentance... “I need something to open the box, though, with.” lol That’s some goooood wordage right there!
i. j
i. j 2 mesi fa
Is linus wearing a p***y hat ????
Shawn Coverini
Shawn Coverini 2 mesi fa
The lag though is real lol
PSDI Music Promotion
PSDI Music Promotion 2 mesi fa
now? ya'll forget about old HP CRTs?
Brian Obey
Brian Obey 2 mesi fa
Nice push broom, Ned Flanders!
David 2 mesi fa
Monitors have had these for donkeys.
Allen Nop
Allen Nop 2 mesi fa
Or.... Webcam's have built in Monitors now 😂🤣
Theo Lubbe
Theo Lubbe 2 mesi fa
'now'? One has been able to get monitors with built in webcams since the late 2000s at the least.... See the Lenovo Thinkvision L2251x as an example.
Austin Farley
Austin Farley 2 mesi fa
If it wasn't for that Teams button, I'd consider it. But it's probably about 50/50 that I'll use it for non-teams purposes leaving a useless button there.
Johannes Athmer
Johannes Athmer 2 mesi fa
Monitors with built-in webcams aren't really new. HP released the EliteDisplay S340c with an integrated webcam years ago …
yonoseespanol 2 mesi fa
LMAO CAMouflage
Jason Morales
Jason Morales 2 mesi fa
WTF kinda review is this? Where are the specs?
Matthew 2 mesi fa
Oi you got a loiscense for that there katchen knnive?
gameflux 2 mesi fa
No thank you !
Cavick 2 mesi fa
I like Riley but damn he was not focused this video. It was all over the place.
Validole 2 mesi fa
Linus is an old man.
Gabriel Hynek
Gabriel Hynek 2 mesi fa
1:40 you're wrong, Linus skipped the bass
Carlos De Bernard
Carlos De Bernard 2 mesi fa
oh a real camera. nice dell.!!! now 144hz
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar 2 mesi fa
Mayank Jairaj
Mayank Jairaj 2 mesi fa
9:40 A wild Linus appears
OmerM92 2 mesi fa
“It’s a free country! Depending on where you are” 😂
Thomasmu 2 mesi fa
Wow... i bought an Asus monitor back in 09 that had a built-in camera.
Nerdy Movie Nights
Nerdy Movie Nights 2 mesi fa
HP has had webcams in a lot of their business class monitors for like 3 years now. Get with the times, Dell.
Abdanamah Gaming
Abdanamah Gaming 2 mesi fa
They have built in cams? They Should've had them 3 years earlier.
Ivi Ivi
Ivi Ivi 2 mesi fa
My teacher has monitor with camera since 2016
Pale Male
Pale Male 2 mesi fa
Smart move Dell, having these in monitors will save IT guys like me from endlessly scrounging webcams and speakers and mics for friends and family and kids in lockdown
Kenneth Lindgren
Kenneth Lindgren 2 mesi fa
Guys HP did this several years ago 😅 And with 100hz freesync 👍🏼 The webcam in that thing is a mess though 🤮
Robert Plant
Robert Plant 2 mesi fa
The captions were out of sync but hey I really enjoyed this episode
Reece Ali
Reece Ali 2 mesi fa
Riley: nope, not gonna spoil! *30 seconds and one thumbnail later* Riley: I'm sorry
robotomo 2 mesi fa
My current near 12 year old monitor (Dell sp2309w) has a webcam... Of questionable quality.
Saswat Sarangi
Saswat Sarangi 2 mesi fa
You're a viewer
thriwren 2 mesi fa
popo007 2 mesi fa
6:18. Not sure what triggers Siri to responds on this part 🤣
Pratyush Jayachandran
Pratyush Jayachandran 2 mesi fa
Pop up up and down webcam
XOOM CHANNEL 2 mesi fa
they could add in as an option since there is alot of gaps in the body
This phone has a 15,000 RPM cooling fan!!!
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