OnePlus finally did it!!! - 9 & 9 Pro

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23 giorni fa

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OnePlus makes great phones but it seems like they always lacked an amazing camera. They teamed up with Hasselblad, and it looks like they finally fixed their biggest problem!
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nin6246 Giorno fa
A "perfect package"? - Non-removable battery - No SD card slot - No 3.5mm earphone jack - No IR blaster - No front face hardware buttons at the bottom below the screen - Punch hole on front screen - Very high price Yea, "perfect" is one way to describe it.
ez45 Giorno fa
Look.. the OnePlus 8 Pro already had pretty awesome main shooters and the Hasselblad thing is kind of a normie gimmick.
BartholomewJS 4 giorni fa
Everyone who knows the moon landing knows what Hasselblad is...
Kells G
Kells G 5 giorni fa
The photoes looks crispy af,loving it
Kenny Bromme
Kenny Bromme 5 giorni fa
Howcome other 888 powered phones are getting Multi Core Scores above 3700 while my 21 Ultra 888 gets around 3200 lol
sachit pathak
sachit pathak 5 giorni fa
Typical samsung
Demorthus 9 giorni fa
Well... 0:28 if anyone has or has made a Patreon, etc. For the poor guy, I'll donate a few for male enhancements. Genuinely it's not something that sounds scripted but if you take one look at the poor fella he really could use some help... LOL
Can't Kill A Cowboy
Can't Kill A Cowboy 9 giorni fa
I was just looking into upgrades for my beloved LG V20 (a co-worker knocked it over whilst charging, shattering the screen, and I don't trust myself to fix it myself, and for the cost of repair, I might as well upgrade - LG leaving the phone game didn't help much for me trying to make it last forever either), and was torn between the S21 Ultra and the OnePlus 9 Pro. This couldn't have come at a better time!
Suriya CN
Suriya CN 9 giorni fa
I don't know what you're talking about this phone is shit.
Casey Harrington
Casey Harrington 11 giorni fa
Ugh, This phone or the new Asus phone? Coming from a OnePlus 7T Pro Maclaren, life struggles
sachit pathak
sachit pathak 5 giorni fa
Go with one plus if you're not a hard core gamer.
Niklas3697 12 giorni fa
What smartwatch is that?
Sean Sebastian
Sean Sebastian 12 giorni fa
He mentioned cod mobile u da truu gammerrr
Maxusy 13 giorni fa
Chinese crap spyware
vexorian 13 giorni fa
LSW? Easier to just call it the second E.
LightJack05 14 giorni fa
Holepunch = still no upgrade for me. Ich love my 7 pro with the pop-up camera. I just don't get why they don't do that anymore. I just hate holepunches and notches. Same problem with apple. Android is moving to cameras under the display and Apple still has a bathtub in their display.
Mark Nielson
Mark Nielson 15 giorni fa
Why was the sponsor message so much louder? I know that voice changed but this could clearly be fixed in editing.
Hossain Khademian
Hossain Khademian 16 giorni fa
any fingerprints ?
Hunter Pierron
Hunter Pierron 17 giorni fa
OnePlus has always had decent camera's, really only beat by like Samsung S flagships and Google's pixel. You guys make it sound like their camera's have been bad.
Gameboy 1996
Gameboy 1996 17 giorni fa
Even the hasselblad can't fix oneplus camera... Holy shit man
Kaiin Hathaway
Kaiin Hathaway 17 giorni fa
"The samsung video is really choppy" while it's being super smooth and the Oneplus is shaking a bunch
James Webb
James Webb 17 giorni fa
I personally think the wired charging speeds are exciting and worth the price of admission by itself. The Sandstone cases from OnePlus are my all time favorite cases. My one big complaint about OnePlus is that the phones are notoriously under optimized at launch. The performance of the camera is always vastly better 3 to 4 months after launch. I'm sure battery life will improve after launch just as it did with the Galaxy Ultra 21.
Mark Strong
Mark Strong 17 giorni fa
Note for the editors, can we please set the audio levels between cuts to a set standard. Add spot mid roll is set like a late night TV ad where it wakes the neighbors when listened to at the same volume as normal content.
toby1kenobi1000 17 giorni fa
Ya phone reviews on ltt!
MegaNerevar 18 giorni fa
7 pro was the perfect package before perfect package was perfect package.
danwat1234 18 giorni fa
It's not a perfect package if it has a punch hole selfie camera. Otherwise I like it
Lonely 18 giorni fa
When they were comparing the video on the Samsung and OnePlus, was the Samsung set at 30 Frames per second compared to the 60 Frames which it can do. Which let to the stutters in the video footage.
Chr1sT0fu 18 giorni fa
this dude is so damn annoying
Ollie 18 giorni fa
Should I even bother getting excited for or look forward to this phone being here in Australia any time soon?
Oleksii Baida
Oleksii Baida 18 giorni fa
It IS a carbon cover case. Like in a REAL carbon fiber...
Carlos Finch
Carlos Finch 18 giorni fa
OnePlus 7 Pro is still the best OnePlus phone to date. Full screen, no notch, no hole. Fight me bro!
Javaun Perez
Javaun Perez 18 giorni fa
you trippin. one plus 8 pro. camera is amazing!
DeWorDeR 18 giorni fa
i couldn't care less about camera as every smartphone has decent camera and i barely even use one. Is selfie camera so must that every phone must have one? :D
Akash Hema
Akash Hema 19 giorni fa
Brent Lewis
Brent Lewis 19 giorni fa
1 Hertz, with a z
Shogu 19 giorni fa
Review could be interesting
deprived 19 giorni fa
review the damn thing i wanna get my hands on it
pikapika3 19 giorni fa
Ye meng the camera looks pretty good - sure, but for 2020 standards
Vinay 19 giorni fa
OnePlus: We paid 150 million dollars for Hasslebad partnership.. dBrand: Cool, we are gonna De-Brand it out the box..
Dtr146 19 giorni fa
I bought a Galaxy s10e off of eBay and I'm pretty sure that's the only smartphone I'm going to have for a while. Came from an S9 and it does everything I really need to do.
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 19 giorni fa
Interested in it now hmmm
akanksha srivastava
akanksha srivastava 19 giorni fa
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Devesh Yadav
Devesh Yadav 19 giorni fa
Wtf 😂 he should do more reviews
Zoidberg 19 giorni fa
I hate when powe and volume up/down are on the same side and the same size button.. its like a USB you never guess right the first time.
Joey Keilholz
Joey Keilholz 19 giorni fa
8 pro was pog 9 pro looks so lame (can't really see it cuz still dbrand rip) Make it 8 pro blue again Oneplus you fuckin dingus 8 pro camera was where it got good on the camera. It's better on the 9 but really the 8 pro was when they went 🔥 Flat screen micro SD card headphone jack and quit the expensive branding so you can have better price.ez
Gabe Nydick
Gabe Nydick 19 giorni fa
The two coils are to charge 2 batteries simultaneously.
Nishid Rai
Nishid Rai 19 giorni fa
Not worth the hype!! 8pro takes better macros!! Image improvement is just minor also you can't use telepohoto lens for video . Grab the 8pro n save a ton of Money.
Arnab Biswas
Arnab Biswas 19 giorni fa
People being so hurt on hert
VeryUs Mumblings
VeryUs Mumblings 19 giorni fa
i stopped watching this video at 10:15 because you still didn't turn on the phone
Jeremy Martin
Jeremy Martin 19 giorni fa
Power & volume buttons on opposite sides are perfectly fine. It's probably your only opinion in the whole video I disagreed with. :)
eddson11 19 giorni fa
Wait, what? didn't the oneplus 7 pro rule supreme among smartphone cameras for a good while after it came out??
Patrick Cronin
Patrick Cronin 19 giorni fa
the only thing I don't like on my OnePlus 7 Pro is the lack of wireless charging. I found the camera better on the op7p than my iphone xs. I hate that they went to pin hole front camera.
coleeto2 19 giorni fa
I like the power and volume down button being on opposite sides, it makes screenshot easier! And then can use the headphone volume buttons. ^am I the only one??
Charles Kelly
Charles Kelly 19 giorni fa
The cameras have been pretty good in OnePlus phones for a few years now. Not as good as the flagships (which cost more), but they certainly don't suck.
Hwyeb Nick.c
Hwyeb Nick.c 19 giorni fa
I've been trying to get a wireless one plus charger for 12 months now when one plus 8 came out last year without success. Their helpline was terrible..............
shneaper1 20 giorni fa
A review would be sick.
Parth Bijalwan
Parth Bijalwan 20 giorni fa
I don't like his unboxing.
checkup21 20 giorni fa
"1 Hert" - LTT pumping out new units again like there's no tomorrow.
agent 551
agent 551 20 giorni fa
"Mine will be able to read email in your mailbox. " WTF
Anish Singh
Anish Singh 20 giorni fa
"One Plus finally did it!" Yep, they started with major gimmicks, like the hassleblad .
Mark Rippon
Mark Rippon 20 giorni fa
Is he wearing the new oneplus watch ???
K2o 20 giorni fa
A singular Hertz is still Hertz, named after Heinrich Hertz. Wiki here -
_ Deman
_ Deman 20 giorni fa
the wireless charger has two coils to charge the two separate batteries inside the phone at the same time.
Mathijs Ootjers
Mathijs Ootjers 20 giorni fa
No longer waterproof?
r0b3rtdq 20 giorni fa
Yes plz do a review
Edwin Chia
Edwin Chia 20 giorni fa
OnePlus, one plus what?
Emre Sağır
Emre Sağır 20 giorni fa
Daaamn never knew Jake was this good at stalling 😀
P 20 giorni fa
That New Phone Smell, Fancy Packaging, Random Gifts And Novelties. It's how they created a trillion dollar consumer automotive industry. And it's why a typical consumer vehicle costs the typical consumer $20k to $40k to $80k or more - it's a big ticket item, financing available - instead of the $5k the thing actually costs to make and distribute.
RausB 20 giorni fa
That hert
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 20 giorni fa
The singular of "hertz" is still "hertz". It's the name of a guy, who's name was Hertz.
Paras Soodan
Paras Soodan 20 giorni fa
still nah, just good cameras still not great
MrMarty77 20 giorni fa
So Oneplus made a Galaxy s10 without a headphone jack?
martin bishop
martin bishop 20 giorni fa
fix the lopsided moobs shave the 70`s porn Tash and un-slap your hair bro. other than that you rock :)
Spencer Leeper
Spencer Leeper 20 giorni fa
So the most important feature is the camera... again. how exciting
Dominater 9937
Dominater 9937 20 giorni fa
There is nothing like an earphone in the box these days
Mauricio Montoya
Mauricio Montoya 20 giorni fa
If you are not going to show the original look of the phones, it would be better to say "Hey! here's a D-BRAND Edition" it's kinda silly to see an "Unboxing video" for two phones with almost $300 price difference to look almost the same inside the box and out of the box... Just my two cents
Matthew Collier
Matthew Collier 20 giorni fa
Honestly Oneplus charging is underrated imo, they've done a great job with it
Matias Gonzalez
Matias Gonzalez 20 giorni fa
What’s the watch he’s wearing?
Schoolish 20 giorni fa
Why does everyone hate Jake?
Amjad V K
Amjad V K 20 giorni fa
Try Playing Asia server on Pubg Mobile . You would get way better players😅
thijs wittemans
thijs wittemans 20 giorni fa
Holy Cat balls. the beeping in the background. it tingle's my spidey senses it's like the camera's are using sonar to track Jake.
T3rminaV3locity 20 giorni fa
Finally a phone that could make me swap from samsung lol
Yevhenii Batiievskyi
Yevhenii Batiievskyi 20 giorni fa
Flagship killer for a flagship price.) oneplus r.i.p.
gameflux 20 giorni fa
Cool !
OJ Raza
OJ Raza 20 giorni fa
learn swed it is hasselblad
K R 21 giorno fa
Who cares about the camera? What a useless thing to spend money on.
lidular 21 giorno fa
Why do you keep saying that the camera kinda suck on the old oneplus? they are perfectly adequate. Since when did you have to be the best of the best in order to not suck. the camera is like b+ to A-
haloboy456 21 giorno fa
Were OnePlus device is on par with Samsung or Google, perhaps not completely, but if they outright suck? While the video of the OnePlus 3 series was questionable and performance sometimes once you at least hit the OnePlus 6 and 6T you're getting decent performers that are really consistent GCam mods make it better, but they didn't just outright suck to get some really strong images out of them. Some gadget guy forever lol
Derek M
Derek M 21 giorno fa
Gotta say goodbye to OnePlus. Iv loved my Oneplus 5, but they won't get their phones certified by any carriers in the U.S. besides T-Mobile for 5g service. I'd consider buying, maybe, if they rip out the 5G and lower the price accordingly. And yes I know it will work 4g LTE, but then why am I paying for a 5G phone. Just like ordering a pizza and only getting half of what you paid for. But I'll just sit back and wait to see what's coming up for Pixel I guess. Won't ever do Samsung again and can't stand Apple. So 👎
pass time
pass time 21 giorno fa
his put on even more weight.
PaperRoman 21 giorno fa
Why the heck ain't anyone talking about the new Chrome 89 update !? It's a a huge jump in browsing!
Qwerty-Space 21 giorno fa
Looking forward to getting the OP10 when they get rid of the hole punch!
Takla Hiro BUTHAN
Takla Hiro BUTHAN 21 giorno fa
When it's always DBrand LTT can't really judge the looks of the device itself 😅😂
Colen 21 giorno fa
Lol. Ice cream 🤣🤣🤣
TheWereCat 21 giorno fa
15:28 already cracked display at the bottom? (the phone in hand)
techyrock 21 giorno fa
OMG he won't shut up,I barely saw few minutes of phone
Scypheroth 21 giorno fa
I must b old or not the demographic of this world: -i dont care about charging my phone in 10 mins i only charge it once and that is at bed -i dont care about cameras i have a CAMERA for that, my cell is my cellphone not a camera.... -speed dont mean nothing to me as why? My old s8 still runs anything a phone is ment to run just fine.....why do phones need to get faster when they dont need to? -phones keep getting expensive as fuck....what happen to oneplus being cheap phones.....i paid $450canadian for my oneplus7t pro mclaren for fuck sakes -i dont need curved screens! They look like shit, server no extra functionality and finding a screen protector that fits n stays on is impossible not to mention it makes another weak point in the phone for it to land on. thouse r some of the point off the top of my head....personally the Samsung Galaxy S8 was THE PERFECT phone had everything and phoen ever needed....all they need to do it look at the S8 and remake a phone EXACTLY like that "minus the crappy ass curved screen" with modern size increase EXACTLY the same without the curved screen and a price tag of under $600 canadian....they would have a award winning phone on there hands....
Scypheroth 21 giorno fa
i still havent met one person in my life that said there gonna buy a phone specifically for the camera....hell i haven't met one person that said the camera me the camera is the least most important part of a PHONE.... I myself will not be upgrading for another 3 years as i dont see any need to from my oneplus 7t pro
Qazzie 05
Qazzie 05 21 giorno fa
11:25 "1 hert" XD
jur4x 21 giorno fa
Not sure why people make so much out of chargers in the box. I haven't used included chargers for few years now.
STNB One 21 giorno fa
Thanks to hasselblad we have the photos from the apollo missions
RR212 21 giorno fa
really bad video
Intel just can't beat AMD anymore...
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