Why did they make this??? - Zeiss ZX1 Android Camera

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Zeiss is fairly well known in the camera world, especially for their lenses. They decided to make a digital camera..... based on the Android OS, but isn't that just a smartphone??? There are useful built-in features like photo-editing software and wireless upload to Instagram + dropbox.
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Alexander Schneider
Alexander Schneider 3 giorni fa
I just hope they have an calibrated display in there. Otherwise it would be insane
Aravind Babu
Aravind Babu 5 giorni fa
The next ricoh gr should come with Android
Guil Dormeus
Guil Dormeus 5 giorni fa
Seriously what’s wrong with Zeiss for making something I want for no reason
Michael Beck
Michael Beck 5 giorni fa
6000? That's a hard no from me...
Alex Hayes
Alex Hayes 6 giorni fa
I think the 35mm lens is probably more prohibitive to taking birds entering water shots than the max 1/2000 shutter speed 🤣
Takuan 6 giorni fa
Lightroom for critical post processing on a camera monitor?? For Instagram sharing? It's like having tractor tires on a Honda Civic driving to the hairdresser.
Nitsan Simantov
Nitsan Simantov 6 giorni fa
I'd be interested if it was a fair price and smaller.
Fahad Al-Riyami
Fahad Al-Riyami 7 giorni fa
I love the idea. It's almost like if Apple made a camera, it would look something like this or the Leica TL2. And it's something that needs to happen to make cameras more appealing in the future. But that price tag is absolutely ridiculous.
Simon Wilbert Kramer
Simon Wilbert Kramer 8 giorni fa
I think many people who concider themselfes photographers or Hobby photographers underestimate how many dads buy kameras and DO use the strap.
James Libby
James Libby 8 giorni fa
I was gonna say $800 is what I’d pay 😂
Zumzifero 9 giorni fa
This is the *right* product from the *wrong* manufacturer at the *wrong* price for the *wrong* public! Imagine an Olympus Pen-F with a proper mix of dials and touchscreen having this kind of connectivity for less then 1500£/€/$
Kevlar Canuck
Kevlar Canuck 10 giorni fa
$6000... Holy chit. 😬. Given the full-frame sized sensor, I have no idea why the lens size/aperture would be so small and without option to optically zoom or change lenses. That just kills the value for me. No Play Store? Also, I like Android, but if it's just to support Facebook etc, that's not enough. I want to download any of the many apps which have full access to the camera driver and can show live effects and/or edit photos afterwards, take HDR photos/videos etc. Also, dude talking like Android 9 is "dated" when it's barely more than a year old lol. Even 7 or 8 would be plenty good in this product.
Devwardhan Kothari
Devwardhan Kothari 12 giorni fa
13:20 lmao cursed
Devwardhan Kothari
Devwardhan Kothari 12 giorni fa
Oof madison had to stand there waiting until andy did his mini review lol
Samuel Schwager
Samuel Schwager 13 giorni fa
Expensive oof
Ja n
Ja n 14 giorni fa
Somebody make a GCAM MOD for this 😯‼️
T Pf
T Pf 14 giorni fa
i would get a Leica Q2 for that price
John Smith
John Smith 14 giorni fa
Fuji x100ish cameras has min mech shutter speed 1/4000, and what stopped Zeiss from implementing that is beyond me (and in $6k camera)
John Smith
John Smith 14 giorni fa
and making non-interchangeable ssd could potentially brick your camera in case of ssd fail, what a great engineering choice
Ardent Vibe
Ardent Vibe 14 giorni fa
These will be shipping with the new cyber truck.
Alfred Barten
Alfred Barten 15 giorni fa
No thanks. Aside from the out-of-this-world price, I never edit on a tiny screen and almost never post directly to social media. Editing is a big part of my creative process, so I do it on. 24 inch monitor (don’t have space for anything larger) before I share. I also prefer a 28mm fixed lens. My MFT cameras are just fine, and I bought al three used for less than $750 total.
Randy Fuson
Randy Fuson 15 giorni fa
What ever happened to the Samsung Galaxy camera lineup? I thought they were really cool way back in the early 2010's
Chuan-kang Shih
Chuan-kang Shih 15 giorni fa
“Man, this camera is so wired.“ I surely looks like so.
Yannis Sotiriadis
Yannis Sotiriadis 16 giorni fa
A super expensive street camera. And the sensor is horrible. And it lags like shit.
Cali Fauna
Cali Fauna 16 giorni fa
Man this shit is garbage lmao 6000
anthony` barton
anthony` barton 16 giorni fa
leaf shutter = less sensor shake
MDT 16 giorni fa
You got me subbed budy ☆☆☆☆☆ Objectif reviews are the best ! Grtzz johny geerts aka MDT aka GOLDMONKEY ♧
Kova4a 17 giorni fa
It's weird how no one on YT knows how to pronounce Zeiss properly.
Earle Hart
Earle Hart 17 giorni fa
overpriced brick that looks uglier than a mirthmobille.
DarklingGolem 19 giorni fa
It's more like a glorified point and shoot rather than a mirrorless with a non detachable lens
Leon Blankenhorn
Leon Blankenhorn 20 giorni fa
For its insane price, at least it has a full frame sensor, cameras with one tend to be above 1000$ anyway.
Alex Richard
Alex Richard 21 giorno fa
"Many of you may not have heard of the lens manufacturer Zeiss" Well, sure, like many of us may not have heard of the motor manufacturer Ferrarri.... you, sir, have less faith in humanity than myself which I didn't know was possible
PerfectMachine 22 giorni fa
I actually like the design a lot. It doesn't look really comfortable though. I think the gimmick is that flexibility to edit photos right into the camera, and the price went up because of the building it from ground up, but true, I don't see many people buying this camera.
Mill Burray
Mill Burray 23 giorni fa
it's purely for photographers
Smart Potato
Smart Potato 24 giorni fa
Wait Colton was fired? How when why? What did he do wrong? He seems like a fun guy to me.
Shadman Sudipto
Shadman Sudipto 25 giorni fa
Btw android was originally made for cameras.
mohsin muhammad applied art 5th sem.
mohsin muhammad applied art 5th sem. 26 giorni fa
That is one UGLY cat!
snag180 26 giorni fa
Its ZIESS, all caps all the time!
James Pålsson
James Pålsson 27 giorni fa
Man they should've just made a normal compact. This is perfect for no-one.
Isc 27 giorni fa
Good video, dislike for the zoomer :(
Shivu Sharma
Shivu Sharma 28 giorni fa
you can install playstore like huawei phones
Bruce Chen
Bruce Chen 28 giorni fa
It's crap, correction over priced crap! Leica already did this with the T/TL series and look how that went...
grinchyface Mese fa
This is actually dope. Easy workflow for the type of quick content Instagram users like.
RiceCube Tech
RiceCube Tech Mese fa
This is such a ridiculous product on so many levels. Zeiss, Leica and all these other high end boutique companies are often so out of touch when it comes to their market. I'm amazed these companies still stay in business. but then again most of them just make lenses and partner with other companies rather than make their own bodies anymore.
Jiajian Hou
Jiajian Hou Mese fa
I’ll pay you $300 cad for it.
microBROADCAST Mese fa
The most annoying advert on the interest - imho - Ring doorbell. Otherwise great video!
Devo Mese fa
Almost a good idea. As it stands (and at that price) it's a phenomenally dumb idea. It's like they combined that Samsung camera from years ago with the Sigma dp series. At that price though I could get my dream camera. Insane.
JoyoTube Mese fa
01:03 "We get to the prize in a litte second" ... Price was shown two seconds into the video....
Dan Gir
Dan Gir Mese fa
it's a deluxe Sony RX1R 2
Chris Mese fa
They get an Asian guy like Kai and Locke and I’m all in but can he do it with British accent
Chris Mese fa
I can see it at 3k but not 6k. Personally I’d rather do the Leica q2 at its current price. At least it has history. This we don’t know well yet. Especially with how long it’s internal memory or body will last
Micah Yamanaka
Micah Yamanaka Mese fa
This really should have been a consumer grade camera, In the sub 3k range... huge miss
A K Gamer
A K Gamer Mese fa
The phone industry is becoming more like camera industry Android which is made for camera has realised its purpose now😎
Jan Badertscher
Jan Badertscher Mese fa
35 is definitely NOT a "good portrait focal length" lol. That's classic street photography and maybe a bit landscape. Portrait is 50, 85 or even 135mm
Bryan Ensign
Bryan Ensign Mese fa
Why buy this over the Sony ZV-1 with a Zeiss lens for 1/5th the price? For Instagram that won't be supported in a few years? Dunno how they thought this was a great idea at that price point. Great video guys. Love your content.
Joe X Deleted
Joe X Deleted Mese fa
$6,000 you can literally go buy a pixel4a for 350 bucks and probably have comparative or decent photos plus it's a phone plus it's updated to the most recent version of Android
Liam Hebden
Liam Hebden Mese fa
this thing doesn't make sense
Daniel Haug
Daniel Haug Mese fa
Hard to justify, considering Leica's Q2 cameras are at about the same price point with much better usable features like built-in Macro, SD card slot and NO ANDROID.
Volodymyr Petrov
Volodymyr Petrov Mese fa
This camera is made for people who know what they want from a camera. For pros it's nice, but android is outdated and expensive of course. But it doesn't really have a competition really because it's so unique.
Frank Feng
Frank Feng Mese fa
I wouldn't pay anything more than Sony A7c, which also allows switching lenses. The bottom line is, a camera like this is built for image capturing, not for editing or delivery.
Trent Julien
Trent Julien Mese fa
I had a retail business back in 2012 We used a Samsung Android galaxy camera It was awesome we could get amazing pics and post them straight away. It had better quality than any phone camera. I think today you get more than good enough pics and video from a phone. Can't see this camera being a hit in 2021
角谷和恵 Mese fa
The curly paper retrospectively sail because limit typically smell worth a willing chauffeur. stiff, last shop
JB Mese fa
There is no reason to buy this over literally any mirrorless camera out today. It’s way too big, way too expensive, way too weird. Way too niche. Also, it’s like it was designed by a room full of people who have heard both the words millennials and tech in the same sentence and that was the entire meeting. Many pats on the back were had, and much scotch was sipped, and all before 12:30! Now, that’s a good meeting. Lol.
Francisco D'Angelo
Francisco D'Angelo Mese fa
Pure crap
Charles Talhelm
Charles Talhelm Mese fa
Stuff like this scares me because the spirit of it is a great idea but it's not a great execution, I'm worried camera manufacturers would say "well we tried it!" and then never make another better version. I think a camera that has the ability to quickly upload directly to the cloud and social media is great.
Mattia Falappi
Mattia Falappi Mese fa
A contax reboot is a dream,the zx1 is to strange,it can't compete as an alternative to leica q2
Minnow Mese fa
Oooooo, why isn't Madison on screen more? She's a babe.
Lai Parco
Lai Parco Mese fa
This is the beginning. I think camera manufactures should have done this sooner. In this day and age, no matter how good your equipment is, if you can't share it instantly, not a lot of people will buy it. Yes, you can edit and make it better. But this will make having something to show right then and there much easier.
Stank Buddha
Stank Buddha Mese fa
no 4g and no live streams is a big =(
Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson Mese fa
is it a constant f2? I really don't like that
Branch Out Films
Branch Out Films Mese fa
Good job on the video 👍
Kyle Hagerty
Kyle Hagerty Mese fa
It looks cool but I hate it
TheLPCousins Mese fa
TheLPCousins Mese fa
1/2000 ?????????? Is this a joke? F2 will be blown out in direct sunlight wtfff
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina Mese fa
This seems like a halo product, to showcase what the brand can do wholly in-house. The prime example of this would be the Audi R8.
Hans Baier
Hans Baier Mese fa
Upside of leaf shutter are insane flash sync speeds.
José Martín Ramírez Carrasco
José Martín Ramírez Carrasco Mese fa
My iPhone 12: hold my beer.
Super Jetplane
Super Jetplane Mese fa
i think they accidentally added an extra zero on the price.
Im a Pear
Im a Pear Mese fa
i had nokia n series phone, so i've known zeiss for a long time now
Mitch Rico
Mitch Rico Mese fa
That peak design strap is a real eyesore. I would expect a nice thin leather strap for that camera.
Alok Somani
Alok Somani Mese fa
Picture quality looks fantastic, but definitely not the right price. They're not going to get the Leica customers, so they shouldn't charge Leica prices. To me, this is a full frame X100V that runs on Android, so I would say about $3200 is the max that would make sense.
Jeff Laitila
Jeff Laitila Mese fa
One word, Chapstick.
Richard Chan
Richard Chan Mese fa
Can you teach me how to capture a bird diving into the water with a 35mm lens?
Deeman Mese fa
Maybe you should consider STOP SHILLING! You lose any cred!
Felipe Guajardo
Felipe Guajardo Mese fa
RepairGuyDK Mese fa
6K!, are you f*ck.... Kidding me. Zeiss is on drugs, and the camera 📸 is trash. And so are their recent lenses. They can't make anything good anymore. Zeiss, your time is up, you can find the door yourself.... Bye... 👍
Niccolò Parodi
Niccolò Parodi Mese fa
Leica q2 + top tier smartphone = 6000$ what a bad price point lol
Cuong Ly
Cuong Ly Mese fa
Market will tell the real value of this camera.
Davide Castagno
Davide Castagno Mese fa
I fell like this camera is a stupid idea from someone in the zeiss innovation department had, and that from some reasons no one had the courage to say its fucking stupid and shouldn't be done... And there it is
Stephan Mese fa
I would NEVER buy a camera which is a weird "all knobs turned up to eleven" phone-camera. Will it get regular android updates? No? Will the apps function 4 years from now? Probably not? For me this has the vibes of buying a cheap c-line smart phone which is much faster outdated and even though it came with decent specs is then a constant reminder of how fast something expensive can get old.
Shang-Hsien Yang
Shang-Hsien Yang Mese fa
I'd pay $500 more and get the a1.
Ariel Graciano Didimustanto
Ariel Graciano Didimustanto Mese fa
Lmao what happened to colton
Christopher Gonzalez
Christopher Gonzalez Mese fa
every company that does this type of product dont make it well. being 6000 i might as well buy a expensive sony camera
brizbizel Mese fa
just because it is Zeiss, doesn't mean it is competitive or good regarding alternatives on the market...top 2k although even 2k pushes it... :D With 6k you can buy better and more versatile products without compromising quality/features/comfort or even ease of use.
Scott Dance
Scott Dance Mese fa
I wouldn’t buy it, but I can see a travel photographer buying this to keep their kit light.
Rhys Tedstone
Rhys Tedstone Mese fa
Honestly, I wouldn't really edit a photo then immediately share it, as most social media apps just don't maintain the quality. Usually a quick edit with the apps themselves can look fine. I guess if you wanted to try and "streamline" your workflow it would be useful, but the whole "Capture, Edit, Share" motto seems like a gimmick. Also, phones have become so powerful and portable these days, a camera which would connect to a phone, instead of integrating these features, would probably benefit more people for a LOT less money. But hey, I'm a 17 with no job.
Jon Murphy
Jon Murphy Mese fa
my nokia has zeiss lenses
JohnDoesTech Mese fa
This is like the sony zv-1
grndzro Mese fa
So I can't use my Super Tacumar lenses with it....that's a dealbreaker.
Paradox Shift
Paradox Shift Mese fa
13:54 That install will haunt me forever.
The AzurePictures
The AzurePictures Mese fa
Android camera yes... not interchagle lens a big bummer.. back slider while on evf it is canon stuff..
ReefMimic Mese fa
Just remember, all the lenses for cameras, scopes, spotting scopes, range finders , etc come from the same place in china . Some better than others but in the end your just spending the extra $ on the name brand. Leica being a good example us.leica-camera.com/
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