How did they curve it like that? - OPPO Find X3 Pro

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The OPPO Find X3 Pro smartphone is one of the smoothest phones we've seen, but hopefully, it's not too smooth that it can be easily dropped...
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COMBO Mese fa
What year was this video? Linus looks different.
Garro 16 giorni fa
@Groza But 3 years ago it was baby Linus reviewing stuff...
Dengue Virus
Dengue Virus 25 giorni fa
Mere pass j2 hain obhi toota.
⃠ dog toy vs ƃuᴉɯɐƃ ɹǝʇdɯɐɥ
⃠ dog toy vs ƃuᴉɯɐƃ ɹǝʇdɯɐɥ Mese fa
Linuel Messi Tech Tips
⃠ dog toy vs ƃuᴉɯɐƃ ɹǝʇdɯɐɥ
⃠ dog toy vs ƃuᴉɯɐƃ ɹǝʇdɯɐɥ Mese fa
@Ultimate Gaming Long time ago. happy new year 2077!
Thang Chanh
Thang Chanh Mese fa
man finally got a hair cut
curio 21 ora fa
I need someone do what mi11 ultra did and add an additional 10x zoom with the same 48MP sensor, move the 5x to 3.5x zoom. That would be the camera/phone to buy
jeff damicog
jeff damicog 4 giorni fa
My motto: "It's too good to put a layer between you and the enjoyment"
Steltek 5 giorni fa
This is an amazing smartphone. I just got mine today. Built quality of the hardware is awesome!
Brian Sz
Brian Sz 6 giorni fa
Is there a compact camera with as good as 'telephoto level' as the phone about or better? (ideally with wide lens & good at taking photos at night)
Nightweaver Sans
Nightweaver Sans 9 giorni fa
Linus forgot about the microscope function
张自立 9 giorni fa
contour /ˈkɑːn.tʊr/ the shape of a mass of land or other object, especially its surface or the shape formed by its outer edge
Akcja XD
Akcja XD 10 giorni fa
"Where is Apple with this stuff?" Yeah... I'm asking same thing myself. Even PC companies are way more innovative than Apple including Microsoft. This Microsoft that Jobs used to make fun of...
Phillippe Herr
Phillippe Herr 11 giorni fa
OnePlus 9 Pro & Oppo Find X3 Pro are the hottest smartphones, they can defeat Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Glossy glass vs. matte glass. Glossy glass is the best finish.
hari kumar
hari kumar 14 giorni fa
What's up with this curve glass hype? Doesn't make sense to me.
Ayan Mukherjee.
Ayan Mukherjee. 14 giorni fa
What u did not test the macro ????
Crack 4 Fun
Crack 4 Fun 16 giorni fa
Scripted 💩 .. I have never seen Linus to praise something this much unless oppo paid heavy amount 😏 .. it would've been a better review if you posted an honest review
Sabo 1412
Sabo 1412 17 giorni fa
Unboxing table is bit distraction to bold color takes off focus from phone
Kev L
Kev L 17 giorni fa
Stick with computers Linus!
Ahmad on YT
Ahmad on YT 18 giorni fa
2021 and he still have note 9 in his pocket
Daniel Bogdan Prisecaru
Daniel Bogdan Prisecaru 19 giorni fa
If Darth Vader had a phone...
Nasa Naz
Nasa Naz 19 giorni fa
We love u
Shane Horne
Shane Horne 19 giorni fa
Oppo is my favourite android phone
John Schwanz
John Schwanz 20 giorni fa
4:54 I’ll be clipping that
sheikh shakib
sheikh shakib 21 giorno fa
Reedy777 22 giorni fa
That looks like the worst drop once phone design
Abe Cross
Abe Cross 22 giorni fa
Leaving all the bells and whistles aside, how many would want to have all you data , bank details in a Chinese phone which may be pulled up by them remotely if they wish.
Fun Times
Fun Times 22 giorni fa
Can I just say as an OPPO Find X2 Pro owner for nearly a year now while only ever using the VOOC charger and it still chargers in under 40 minutes. Just if you wondered about the longevity. It charges so fast and the battery can still last 2 days quite comfortably with a few hours ITpost, 1 hour call each day. I say this for people who worry that the fast charging will reduce over time.
Linux Streamer
Linux Streamer 23 giorni fa
so this video was taken after the luke video because of those stones on the left side
I dunno what to call this
I dunno what to call this 23 giorni fa
Linus you didn't do the micro photography, it's sick on this phone!
sunny steve
sunny steve 23 giorni fa
Very cool phone, time to buy xiaomi then
Nitin Baid
Nitin Baid 23 giorni fa
you didnt test the microscope camera
Pete 23 giorni fa
That phone is pretty cool looking i would definitely try it
gameflux 24 giorni fa
Cool !
Philipp 24 giorni fa
888 processor with impossible curve? did yot-sottoth design this?
Kamaal Katariya
Kamaal Katariya 24 giorni fa
Damn he forgot the microscope
PA- PYRO 24 giorni fa
Always ALWAYS put your phone in a case
Grayson Carter
Grayson Carter 24 giorni fa
I find it funny when you ask where is apple with this stuff? Apple will build the exact same phone for 5-6 years at different sizes and minimal soc upgrades every year. This has been their M. O. Forever. Then they will have them built in a chinese sweat shop at a cost of less than $300 and charge you anywhere from 2-3 times that. Honestly I don't understand the attraction to iphones anyway, I've tried a few generations 6,x, and 11 pro max and the software is so limited along with being pretty slow even compared to a 3 year old galaxy note 8 which I also won't use samsung anymore either.. I know everyone loves the "ecosystem" but why would that be enough to get you to pay for the crap they sell?
Robert Ljunggren
Robert Ljunggren 24 giorni fa
I have no idea what’s so cool about the camera bump, might not be so visible through ITpost / recording
Anthony Du
Anthony Du 25 giorni fa
That looks hella ugly, for the first minute it looks sleek, after five minutes I just feel dizzy cause it’s reflecting and distorting light everywhere with its curve.
Sally k
Sally k 25 giorni fa
"where is apple with this stuff" they are still stuck in 2012 and thinking they have no competition. boom.
D BIEN 25 giorni fa
ok we get it..stop over reacting ..we know that is dope ..and we would not get hands on it
Helseno'sSabers 25 giorni fa
The link doesn't work can you not get this phone in America?
Vivian Mendonsa
Vivian Mendonsa 25 giorni fa
What about the micro camera??
Veritaserum90 25 giorni fa
This bump looks stupid at best.
Ligma 25 giorni fa
what is cool about that ? that shiny glass looks ugly imo
MS 512
MS 512 25 giorni fa
Damn. I wish this was released before S21ultra.
Swaggy McSwaggerDude
Swaggy McSwaggerDude 26 giorni fa
I hate that Linus looks better than me now... i cant relate to him anymore.
sakthi rev-
sakthi rev- 26 giorni fa
Wait a minute ! Who is this guy ..... Why Linus dubbing for this guy
informitas 0
informitas 0 26 giorni fa
It's a bump... am im missing something?
jazzmickge1 26 giorni fa
Why are you not a fan of hole punch Linus? Surely its better than a 2010 big arse notch like Apple is still pulling off today? And Apple's Notch is a F*ing problem compaired to hole punch. (Apple is not the only trouble maker here I know, but they're the biggest) and that is; If Im in portrait on full screen mode the software doesn't take the notch into account so you loose text or image information, such as text in a speech bubble in a game. Smarter devices at least black bar the top of the phone in portrait mode so this doesn't spoil your experience (unless Apple is waiting, as usual, to bring this as a Superb update and pass it off of their own inspirational idea). At least in this senario, with a hole punch you only loose a couple of letters so you can still make out what it is your reading.
rhymin simon
rhymin simon 26 giorni fa
puh is that a ugly phone...
Dylanfoxay gameh
Dylanfoxay gameh 27 giorni fa
6:08 aight boys, the updated linus face meme is here xD
James Lamb
James Lamb 27 giorni fa
I don't think they're literally smashing 65w in to the battery. I think it's similar to the X2 Pro, where the battery is split in two and each battery is being charged at the same time by about 30w a piece.
Ooooo linus bro is here i didn't know
Faze Money
Faze Money 28 giorni fa
i do not think that linus
Alex Tomi
Alex Tomi 28 giorni fa
What about the microscope 🔬 camera 🤷
Yogesh Nagar
Yogesh Nagar 28 giorni fa
imagine same hardware in google pixel
M. Faiz Salman
M. Faiz Salman 28 giorni fa
god damn it linus just say HOLY SHIT you are not coco melon so they wont cancel you for saying holy shit where you just cant help it
Shiva K
Shiva K 28 giorni fa
Have you seen this Andy Andy-No🤣🤣 But he is in front of the mobile😛
Chibi TheEdgehog
Chibi TheEdgehog 28 giorni fa
"Where is apple with this stuff?" Same place they always are, waiting to jump on the idea when everyone else has moved on then act like they invented it
RobinWrath16 28 giorni fa
Iphone: did you copied me? Oppo: yes indeed Iphone: ok i will copy you too anytime soon.
X-gamer Pro-HD
X-gamer Pro-HD 28 giorni fa
That annoys me how they copied the iPhone.
Deadpool 28 giorni fa
Linus unboxing an Oppo phone ? That too full of praises ? Damn that Oppo guys must have paid him a hell lot of money.
AmusiaPrussia 29 giorni fa
Repairability is gonna be a bitch on this thing
Ravith Ganhewa
Ravith Ganhewa 29 giorni fa
Do a review on it
Ravith Ganhewa
Ravith Ganhewa 29 giorni fa
We didnt get to see linus using the microscope camera
Rajin R
Rajin R 29 giorni fa
Juan Manuel Sifuentes
Juan Manuel Sifuentes 29 giorni fa
i think this is payed
Expert 29 giorni fa
boring channel
Dr octo
Dr octo 29 giorni fa
That's the best reaction to seeing a phone for the 1st time that I have ever seen! Brilliant 👍🏾good work!
DoctorF1984 29 giorni fa
The camera bump looks like a edged tumor. I am interested in what happens if this phone falls on a edge of this bump.
Scypheroth Mese fa
vynal screen protectors are the best ones.....they fit perfectly and are selkf healing.....yes u get a feeling but who rather a protected screen than a exsposed one that can be scratched by anything in your pocket. if i could id get vynal one for my oneplus 7t pro as the glass ones keep bubbling up. never had this issue with vynal ones
Vince Aggrippino
Vince Aggrippino Mese fa
Overreact much? Haven't you ever seen a glassblower work? Glass can be curved any which way they decide to and there's nothing special about it.
RH Mese fa
Apple will join 2 years later as usual
Dhruv Rana
Dhruv Rana Mese fa
5:06 Linus: where is Apple with this stuff! Apple: is iPhone 11’s back a joke to you.
Zane Wong
Zane Wong Mese fa
1:12 If that's a fake smile, Linus can win Oscar.
Wave Treader Media Productions
Wave Treader Media Productions Mese fa
Man! you totally missed the microscope thingy😁
1991shadowheart Mese fa
5% : Cool product bro! 5% : Fast charge sponsor! 90% : *LINUS GOT A HAIRCUT!* 100% : Smoothboi phone.
arnek 8
arnek 8 Mese fa
Dont use condoms i guess. 5:46
Daniel Curtis
Daniel Curtis Mese fa
It's also 4k. USD.
latrofu Mese fa
Malik Allen
Malik Allen Mese fa
I'm holding my cracked screen global Oppo find X watching this video and I need this ... Giveaway?
Andrew Magdaleno
Andrew Magdaleno Mese fa
Why no segue?
Cetheral Mese fa
Android Phones probably push super fast charging because by the time battery wears to a really bad point the phone either already lost software support or you probably upgraded with how much cheaper and better valued they are compared to the iphone
RdL Mese fa
he used the new camera to zoom instead of making a microscopic photo upclose cus thats what its for
sammeo Mese fa
Wow that bump just make the note 20 bump looks like a 18th century stone.
C Mese fa
How did you miss the microscope!?!?!?! This phone has a microscope
Technical_Gaming07 Mese fa
That's not a bump That's a contour 🤯😂
Tomiply Mese fa
Aww man, he didn't even try the microscope camera.
Sri Ram
Sri Ram 29 giorni fa
That's what I was thinking too. It's the USP of this mobile, how can he forget that.
dy Mese fa
Apple Fans: "Iphone is more expensive because they have quality." Oppo: *Are you Sure about that?*
ALEX A Mese fa
So ugly. And why do you hate Apple so much.
⃠ dog toy vs ƃuᴉɯɐƃ ɹǝʇdɯɐɥ
⃠ dog toy vs ƃuᴉɯɐƃ ɹǝʇdɯɐɥ Mese fa
Lionel Messi tech tips
Roobar Mese fa
Was this a review or just unboxing? Because you completely miss one of the main features of this phone: the microscope camera!
dream side gamer
dream side gamer Mese fa
It's crazy how he didn't even said once that oppo just copied iPhone's camera design
apex predator
apex predator Mese fa
You are not a professional reviewer I think
Ruel Celerio
Ruel Celerio Mese fa
Is it just me, or is Linus getting more drooly-handsome every day?
Dale Kim
Dale Kim Mese fa
The dreary juice amazingly fill because dungeon peripherally offer barring a chubby liquor. actually, abrasive coil
Maverick Tannhäuser
Maverick Tannhäuser Mese fa
When OPPO first came into the cell phone market, it was the garbage section that no one would ever set eyes on. How did they get here?
"where's apple with this stuff?" Apple is stuck in 2010 still trying to figure out what "innovation" means.
BigFat Mese fa
music so loud.
DerTikimann Mese fa
Not testing the microscope? what a shame.
W8n4Singularity Mese fa
I am also underwhelmed by Samsung's included screen protector. They are very good quality, but please at least take the time to properly align the screen protectors! Sorry to say my shaky hands can do a better job. Additionally, finding a decent replacement screen protector for a curved glass display is not easy. Seriously, they just need to understand what people want is a flat screen and a flat back. People actually do like to type with their phone lying flat on a desk. If the cameras need to stick out, add a larger CPU heatsink and battery.
Жүгдэрхурц Цэрэн-Очир
Жүгдэрхурц Цэрэн-Очир Mese fa
not a single mention about microscope that phone has
Stephen Joy
Stephen Joy Mese fa
The curved glass isn't even the highlight of this phone. It's the Microscopic camera!
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